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ClockShark is the industry's best-performing timesheet application that offers seamless job management and team communication services. Simply put, it is a well-structured app that earned a rightful place in the field service and construction industry.  

ClockShark software lets employees clock in and clock out with a single click. Managing the employee's payroll is also a piece of cake as this software eliminates the need for manual work. In addition, it boosts the office’s productivity with seamless integrations with payroll and accounting apps. 

ClockShark Key Features: 


Track when your employees clock-in and clock-out with GPSFence. It creates an accurate geofence around the job sites and alerts employees to clock-in. Employees are accountable to notify their managers before starting work.  

Time-off management: 

Now your staff doesn’t have to go through the nerve-wracking process to apply for sick leaves etc. ClockShark being an automated system that enables employees to fill in requests using their handheld gadgets. And your managers can approve the leaves effortlessly.  

Customer Manager: 

ClockShark software comes with a built-in CRM. This way, you will have all your customer profiles aligned at a centralized dashboard. This saves employees the hassle of gathering data, and they can focus on more crucial tasks to complete all projects timely.  

Reports Generation: 

Having all data saved at a unified center, you can run reports instantly without hassle. Moreover, ClockShark offers a customizable reporting tool so you can run reports on any set filter like job costing, etc. This way, you can get a detailed overview of your employee's performance for good.  

ClockShark Pricing: 

ClockShark comes with a budget-friendly cost structure. The price details of ClockShark are listed on its official website. In addition, ClockShark has listed the feature details of all its three pricing plans for businesses so they can easily decide on which one to choose. The cherry on the top is that this platform offers two free billable months on an annual subscription.  

ClockShark Reviews: 

ClockShark reviews help visualize the true capabilities of this automated timesheet solution. With endless support from the customer, the platform has won over 100 awards from review rating websites like Capterra and G2. Reviews of ClockShark reveal that clients praise it for its high usability, superior customer support, ease of use, best implementation services, and more.  

ClockShark Demo: 

A free demo is offered by ClockShark with all its pricing plans, so you can see for free how the software functions. Schedule a consultation demo with ClockShark and evaluate if this software is the right pick for you.  

Our Thoughts: 

ClockShark is a skillfully designed application that eliminates the need for manual timesheets. Services such as audit log, time reporting, geofencing, job costing, and QuickBooks integration add value to this software's credibility. Having all these services under one platform gets your jobs done faster and with utmost accuracy.  

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