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Corecon is a fully-featured cloud-based construction management software suite developed for expanding construction and engineering organizations. It offers modules for contract administration, procurement, time tracking, communication, document management, quality control, scheduling, and external team cooperation. In addition, the solution enables total visibility into every aspect of a firm's operations. Corecon construction software is accessible via a browser or mobile device.  

The cloud-based solution has various dashboards that provide users with visibility into all aspects of the project. Construction companies can also use the dashboard to automate activities. 

Corecon also provides the TeamLink Interface, which provides a self-service portal for storing and sharing project data to both Corecon subscribers and outside project team participants. You can also integrate CoreconLink with a company's existing accounting system or Microsoft Outlook. 

Key Features 


You may use Corecon's estimating tools to take on even the most difficult bid. The software allows you to maintain consistency from estimate to estimate by leveraging industry standard cost databases such as RS Means or by creating your own. Furthermore, you can use Work Breakdown Structures to arrange and classify estimate components in an infinite number of ways.  


Corecon software allows you to assemble your building project crew from nearly any location! Solutions that connect organizations to consumers, partners, and employees promote business success in today's mobile workforce. Using Corecon software, you can manage project documentation, contracts, and budgets from any location, at any time, using a browser or the free portable solution developed for Palm, Blackberry, Windows Mobile, or the Apple iPhone. 

Project Management Financials 

One of the primary reasons contracting organizations look for a new accounting system is job costing. Many businesses are happy with their accounting software for regular accounting activities. However, when it comes to handling project-related financials, such as subcontracts, change orders, AIA invoicing, and budget management, these systems fall short. If your company is struggling with these functions, Corecon is the solution! 

Corecon's project management financial features are adaptable and powerful enough to satisfy the needs of any type and size of business.  

Corecon Cost 

The Corecon pricing starts at $25 per month per user. This means that 5 users will have to pay $125 per month.  

Corecon Software Demo 

The Corecon construction software offers a free demo that helps you evaluate the software in real-time. The demo allows you to dig deeper into the software and its features to make an informed decision. Head over to the demo section to schedule a Corecon software demo.  

Corecon Software Reviews  

Corecon reviews are a proof that users are delighted with the software and its functionalities. Furthermore, users praise the softwares’ convenience and user-friendly interface. You can read more Corecon reviews in the review section below! 

Our Thoughts  

Corecon's cloud-based software suite assists engineering and construction organizations in more efficiently managing their projects. The program enables workers with varied roles and responsibilities to collaborate whether they are at the office or on the jobsite. Corecon provides cutting-edge technology to enhance the profitability of one's projects and make all departments work more efficiently, with built-in wizards that automate complex operations or full executive dashboards to assess project finances. 

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