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Here is a cloud-based project management platform that connects distributed teams and contractors with their clients. Easy Projects allows businesses to develop a budget and meet deadlines while maintaining complete visibility on all project-related tasks. Organizations have the option to view, analyze and improve project profitability and progress. They have the necessary tools to identify bottlenecks in the tasks and analyze any risks associated with labor costs using detailed reporting so as to avoid potential delays. 

Easy Projects comes with customized tools to facilitate the planning and execution related to all scales of projects. Teams can take part in resource planning, prioritize tasks and maximize efficiency because they know which employee has the time to handle new assignments. The platform is suitable for midsized businesses and project teams because it includes features that will enhance their security, reporting, and productivity. 

Teams no longer have to miss any deadlines and can improve their collaboration by managing inter-project dependencies. Easy Projects includes Gantt charts, Kanban boards, project calendars, and resource visualizations with straightforward customization options. The options are not limited to project managers and are extended to all users so they can efficiently manage their tasks and plan for future activities. The software simulates critical paths and dependencies in a way that project managers can anticipate delays and make changes to meet the deadline. 

For professional service providers, Easy Projects has a comprehensive list of financial tools that help manage spending and stay within budget. There are expense billing and tracking features that ensure that there are no major and unexpected costs. Time tracking helps users accurately log their activity on the timesheet and managers can review billable hours. 

Easy Projects Pricing: The Pro packages start at $24 per user and are charged monthly. There are discounts available based on volume and term of usage. Easy Projects also offers a free trial to those interested in buying. 

Easy Projects Pros: The software makes it easier to manage multiple projects side by side. It facilitates creative teams and gives them the opportunity to collaborate using a centralized intuitive platform. Users have access to all aspects of the project including budget, timesheets, resources and reporting tools. Easy Projects empowers team managers to manage resources and make predictions with the help of accurate data analysis. Managers can view the availability of their team members and assign tasks in a way that does not overburden them. 

Easy Projects Cons: Their interface is clunky and requires major updates. The software allows guests users to collaborate but their dashboards are very difficult to make sense of. 

Highlighted Features 

Resource Planning: Project managers, stakeholders, and team members have access to the available resources and their updated status. The extended visibility allows them to manage them better and streamline all relevant tasks. There is a Resource Loading Simulator that assists with capacity planning and users can accurately forecast availability for future purposes. The tool organizes team efforts according to their skills and availability. They have the ability to ensure there are no conflicts in the schedule when assigning tasks. 

Cross Collaboration: There are collaboration features included in the platform which boost efficiency and productivity amongst teams. There is no longer a need for leaders to micromanage and they can send messages to their members from within the app. Easy Projects allows task level or project level correspondence through the Activity Center and all messages are saved for documentation. 

Guest Accounts: Easy Projects allows guest access to clients or external stakeholders wherever required. They can use the portal to view documents, files and track progress. Guest users have the ability to leave feedback and review work without an additional license.

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