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eCMS is one of the best enterprise content management systems. It is a fully integrated cloud-based project management and enterprise resource planning (ERP) platform for construction organizations. eCMS delivers an integrated suite of software to enable commercial construction enterprises with operations and financial administration, including accounting, project costing, human resources, CRM, asset management, business analytics, workflow management, and much more. 

eCMS also includes tools for managing customers, such as an in-built CRM, content upload and storage, and forms management for converting paper documents to electronic forms. It also offers user-defined email archiving to keep historical contact, and analytics for metrics like project costs, equipment usage, time per project, etc. 

Its cloud-based implementation provides customers with secure access to their data and mobile, browser-based tools for viewing data on the go. As a result, you can automate many non-productive tasks that eat up necessary employee time to save time and money. 

Key Features 

Integrated HR App 

Users may manage personnel and related workflows with the integrated human resources (HR) application, including data capture and storage, employee self-service access to payslips, time tracking, and expense tracking. Similarly, the asset management tool can collect data on the complete asset lifespan, the inventory catalog, maintenance concerns, repairs, safety reports, and inspections and handle equipment-related accounting. 

Asset Management 

This platform includes all of the tools you'll need to manage an asset's complete lifecycle and financials. For example, you can create charge rates depending on equipment class and number, then compare and track your assets by location, cost recovery, and maintenance. Risk management, capital planning, performance management, and financial accounting are just a few of the asset management services. 

Project Collaboration 

A successful construction project requires open lines of communication, and eCMS provides the tools to facilitate collaboration across the project. Streamlined workflows and standardized processes will help you synchronize all parts of your project. In addition, the Project Collaborator app assists users in managing field operations while also providing a single solution for managing the lifespan of a product. 

eCMS Software Cost 

eCMS software cost starts at $10000. For additional details on the pricing, make your way to the pricing section and request a pricing quote.  

eCMS Software Demo 

If you want to understand more about the eCMS construction software, visit the demo section and look at their free eCMS software demo. 

eCMS Construction Software Reviews 

The eCMS enterprise content software reviews are overwhelmingly positive, with users citing customer support as one of the software’s finest qualities. Users have also identified user-friendliness, flexibility, and clarity of directions as some of the main deciding factors in choosing this software.  

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Our Thoughts 

eCMS is one of the top enterprise content management software. The robust cloud-based platform uses financial and project management tools to help you organize and streamline your day-to-day operations. Contractors of all sizes can acquire actionable insights by using information management software to delve into their data.

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