CGM eMDs Software

What Is eMDs EHR? 


eMDs is a cloud-based EHR and practice management software designed for medical practices of all sizes. It offers patient scheduling, documentation management, e-prescribing, billing and claims, and lab integration features. 

The software can be customized to enhance patient care across several specialties, including internal medicine, neurology, ophthalmology, and more. Its detailed features can be useful in efficient practice management and in reducing the time spent on patient charting. 

What Is eMDs EHR Best For? 

eMDs is known for reducing the overall amount of time spent on entering data. It reduces clicks by utilizing various automation features and intuitive design elements that streamline workflows. 

It allows providers to customize templates for clinical notes, progress notes, and other clinical documentation, which can be quickly populated with information from previous notes or other sources. This reduces the need for manual data entry and eliminates unnecessary data maneuvering. 

eMDs EHR Pricing 

The software’s pricing is flexible and customized based on the size of a practice or the number of users. The standard pricing plans start at $399/month. 

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eMDs EHR Integrations 

The software integrates with several third-party applications to enhance clinical management. However, the vendor does not disclose the names of the third-party integrations. 

You can contact our customer support for more information by clicking Watch Demo. 

How Does eMDs EHR Work? 

Here is how you can get started with eMDs after installation: 

  • Set up basic information such as the practice name, address, and phone number 
  • Configure user accounts and security settings. 
  • Set up providers and staff by creating profiles for both 
  • Assign user roles and permissions 
  • Add patient profiles and enter their demographic information, medical history, and insurance information 
  • Set up templates for clinical notes, progress notes, and other clinical documentation 
  • Set up billing codes and fee schedules, as well as configure insurance plans 

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Who Is eMDs EHR For? 

eMDs offers practice management solutions to clinicians and other hospital staff to streamline clinical workflows. It offers features for revenue cycle management, enhanced patient care, patient records management, and scheduling features. 

eMDs supports several specialties, including: 

  • Internal medicine 
  • Family medicine 
  • OB/GYN 
  • Dermatology 
  • Cardiology 
  • Neurology, etc. 

eMDs EHR Features 

  • Medical Billing 
    This feature is an integrated part of the EHR software that helps medical practices manage their medical billing cycle from start to finish. The feature allows practitioners to create accurate and detailed claims, submit them electronically, and track the status in real time.  
    The medical billing feature also performs automated eligibility checks and provides upfront cost estimates to patients, ensuring they are aware of their financial responsibility before any services are rendered. 
  • Appointment Scheduling 
    eMDs EMR scheduling tools are designed to help medical practices easily manage their appointments and avoid scheduling conflicts. The customizable scheduling feature allows practices to set up different appointment types with predefined lengths, creating a streamlined and efficient schedule.  
    It also lets practices view their schedules by day, week, or month, making it easy to manage and reschedule appointments as needed. Automated reminders are also provided to patients and providers to ensure that appointments are not missed or forgotten. 
  • Reports And Analytics 
    eMDs provides various tools for analyzing and reporting practice performance, helping providers make informed decisions and improve their operations. It offers a variety of standard reporting functions, such as appointment reports, collections reports, and payment reports. 

Is eMDs EHR Right For You? 

eMDs is a practice management solution supporting patient care and enhancing clinical workflows. It is used by administrative staff in hospitals, practicing clinicians, and nursing staff for practice management. eMDs EHR is useful for administrative staff in a small practice, as well as a large clinic. 

The software offers detailed customization, so your EHR is specifically designed to meet the requirements of your practice. eMDs practice management solutions support patient care, medical billing, and scheduling. 

Check out these eMDs software reviews to decide based on what other users have to say! 

eMDs Pricing 

eMDs pricing may differ depending on your organization type and needs. Please click the Get Pricing button below to get a customized pricing guide. 

CGM eMDs Software Features






Patient Portal


Compliance Tracking


Practice Management Software


Patient Demographics


Lab Integration


Employee Management


Appointment Scheduling


Voice Recognition


Mobile App


Telemedicine Software


Appointment Reminders


Reporting and Analytics


Medical Billing Service


  • Customizable
  • User-friendly
  • Mobile app available for Android and iOS devices


  • Steep learning curve
  • Can experience technical issues

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How much does eMDs software cost?

eMDs' pricing is not disclosed, but you can click on Get Pricing for a customized subscription plan.

Is CGM eMDs software cloud-based?

Yes, CGM eMDs software is a cloud-based practice management platform.

What are the main features of eMDs software?

eMDs offers practice management solutions, including billing, scheduling, and revenue cycle management.

What level of support does eMDs software offer?

eMDs offers these support options: FAQs/forum, phone, email, help desk, chat, and knowledge base.

Who are the main users of eMDs software?

The main users of eMDs are clinical staff, nurses, and medical management staff members.

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CGM eMDs Software reviews

Overall Rating

16 Reviews


Time-saving Charting and Billing with Optimantra

June 2023


Medical Practice

I have been able to save a significant ount of time with the charting and billing process using Optimantra. The software allows for customization, which is particularly beneficial for my Osteopathy practice. The ability to tailor the charting templates according to my specific needs has improved efficiency and workflow.
One drawback is that patients often complain about the length of the health history and review of systems forms, considering them to be too long. Additionally, while having the option for patients to input their credit card information before an appointment is convenient, it requires them to re-enter the information each time they make an appointment. It would be more preferable if the software could save and remember the credit card details for future appointments.

OptiMantra: Flexible and Cost-effective EHR

March 2023


Medical Practice

OptiMantra offers great flexibility and a wide range of features comparable to more expensive Electronic Health Records (EHRs). The software is easy to use for both office staff and practitioners, with minimal learning curve. The availability of numerous instructional videos aids in utilizing the product effectively. The support provided by the company is helpful and responsive. Migrating from a different EHR system to OptiMantra was a smooth process.
Occasionally, there are glitches in the software. For instance, when accessing the States database for scheduled medications, a new window opens and it can be challenging to navigate back to the script without the window closing.

Optimantra - Easy to Use and Time-Saving

November 2022


Hospital & Health Care

The price point of Optimantra is excellent, providing great value for the features it offers. The software is incredibly easy to use and set up, making the transition smooth. The support te is helpful in assisting with customization and ensuring the charting meets individual preferences. I particularly appreciate that the software formats the IV osmolarity, eliminating the need for second-guessing.
So far, I have not encountered any issues or drawbacks with Optimantra. The progr has been performing exceptionally well and fulfills my needs.

Highly Customizable Software with Excellent Customer Service

November 2022


Medical Practice

I impressed with the level of customization offered by Optimantra. The ability to create and share templates, as well as use other templates, is a valuable feature. The software simplifies insurance billing and provides an easy-to-use interface for sending and tracking claims. In case of any issues, the knowledge base page provides helpful information, and the customer service te is responsive and quick to find solutions. I appreciate the softwares feature that creates a link for easy scheduling on websites and sends reminders via email or text to minimize no-shows.
I encountered some challenges with payment processing companies integrated with Optimantra. Their customer service and fees were not satisfactory, so I had to opt for a separate card processing software. Additionally, when clients/patients visit the clinic solely for purchasing inventory products, the checkout process could be faster and more strelined. Creating a superbill each time can be time-consuming, and it would be beneficial to have a more efficient method for handling non-patient transactions.

Optimantra - Efficient Charting for Acupuncturists

October 2022


Health, Wellness and Fitness

Optimantra offers specific chart note setups designed for acupuncturists and other integrative doctors. This customization reduces the time required for recording each entry, improving efficiency in patient care. The softwares ability to streline charting processes is highly appreciated.
It would be beneficial to minimize the number of mouse clicks needed when navigating through superbills and chart notes. Simplifying these processes would further enhance the user experience.

Optimantra - Highly Configurable and Helpful for Patient Engagement

October 2022


Health, Wellness and Fitness

I find the configurability of the intake and charting sections in Optimantra to be a valuable feature. It allows me to customize the software based on the type of patient Im treating. The robust treatment plans and patient portal enable easy information sharing while ensuring HIPAA compliance. The tasks and CRM functionality help me engage with patients and stay on top of follow-ups.
As a platform with numerous features, it took me a few days to figure out the optimal setup to suit my practices needs. However, once I filiarized myself with the software, it bece a powerful tool.

The EMDs system is a combination of Electronic Health Record and Practice Management software.

September 2022


Medical Practice

I like almost everything about the system because it has all the necessary features for our practice to operate.

Optimantra - Easy Implementation and Versatility

July 2022


Hospital & Health Care

Implementing Optimantra was a straightforward process, and it proved to be a versatile solution for our multi-faceted clinic. The software covers various aspects of our operations, from basic tasks like charting, booking, and billing to more advanced functionalities such as inventory control and progr management. It offers comprehensive customization options and fulfills our diverse clinic needs.
While the software offers a range of templates for charting, I believe there could be more options, especially for specialized areas like EKGs and vision tests. Additionally, it can be challenging to chart certain functional testing performed in the clinic.

Optimantra - Highly Customizable and Supportive EMR

July 2022



As an external consultant, I have worked with several practices implementing Optimantra, and its customization capabilities have impressed me. The software allows for individual intakes, charting templates, and email/text templates, as well as flexible calendar configurations. The availability of a robust template library has been instrumental in helping clinics get started. Optimantras integration with e-prescribing, insurance billing, and various labs facilitates strelined workflow management and centralized tracking.
I have not encountered or heard of any major issues with the product. The Optimantra te has been responsive, regularly delivering new features and updates to address any concerns.

Optimantra - Intuitive and Responsive Software

March 2022


Health, Wellness and Fitness

Optimantra is incredibly intuitive, allowing for plug-and-play functionality. Even individuals without medical knowledge, like my 19-year-old sons, were able to contribute to our fily business and assist with office work and data entry with minimal guidance. Compared to other EHR software, such as D, Optimantra was significantly easier to use. The software selessly imported our existing chart information, and we were able to start billing claims within a week. The customer service provided by Optimantra is responsive and helpful, with quick responses to inquiries and a comprehensive self-serve knowledge base.
It is challenging to find something to dislike about this software. If I had to nitpick, I would mention that the date formats on claims can sometimes be inconsistent, with some using the yyyy/mm/dd format and others using mm/dd/yyyy. However, this may be more related to claim formatting than the software itself. Overall, it is a minor issue, and the software could potentially address it by ensuring consistent formatting.

Optimantra - Improved Workflow and Customer Service

October 2021


Medical Practice

Optimantra has automated our office workflow to a significant extent, allowing us to dedicate more time to patient care and customer service. The support te at Optimantra is highly responsive, readily available through their Feedback and Ticket features.
I cannot list any cons at this time. We have not encountered any issues or drawbacks with Optimantra.

Optimantra - Feature-rich and Cost-effective

August 2021



Optimantra stands out with its wide range of features, including billing, inventory management, and scheduling. Considering the features it offers, the software is reasonably priced compared to similar options in the market. Additionally, the customer service provided by Optimantra is exceptional.
It would be advantageous to have additional features added to the software to further enhance its capabilities.

Easy to Use

June 2021



During my first job after college, I utilized a user-friendly software that proved to be easy to learn. In the rare event that I did make an error, I was typically able to resolve the issue independently without having to contact tech support.

Used to be a great software

November 2019


Health, Wellness and Fitness

In the past, I found the EHR to be good when Aprima was operating independently. However, it appears that since eMD's involvement, there have been some complications. Though Aprima Academy was a valuable resource, it has now been incorporated into eMD's product and may no longer be useful. Furthermore, I want to make it clear that their product is not cloud-based, despite what they may claim. Additionally, there have been many small fees that add up over time, so I feel it is important to be cautious.
Five years ago, we signed up for Aprima software, which was pretty good and user-friendly. However, customer service was never strong, and it still isn't, maybe even worse now. Although we were told that it was a cloud-based system, which is not the case. We were using all the functions of the system, including RCM/PM, but since the eMD's takeover, that part of the system is a complete mess. I strongly advise people not to sign up for this portion of the system.

e-MDS is Amazing!

September 2019


Non-Profit Organization Management

I appreciate the convenience of being able to schedule my doctor appointments through the e-MDs chart without having to make a phone call. Additionally, I find it helpful that I can view my lab test results and access information about my vaccinations.
The software has difficulty updating and often does not reflect current information such as vaccination records. For instance, if I received a flu shot outside of my primary doctors office, the e-MDs chart will not update until I visit my primary doctor.

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