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FastDuct estimating software is ready-to-use HVAC estimating software designed for commercial and industrial sheet metal contractors who require a quick and accurate tool to estimate building costs. FastDuct software supports takeoff and reporting of rectangular, round, and oval ducting, as well as sheet metal and HVAC equipment. FastDuct software also strongly integrates with FastPIPE, and the two work together to generate quick, accurate, and comprehensive price quotations that integrate into a single Microsoft Excel spreadsheet. 

Altogether, FastDuct software is a complete cost-estimating solution for: 

  • Plumbing and Mechanical Work 
  • HVAC and VRF Systems 
  • Medical Gas Piping 
  • Industrial Process Piping 
  • Sheet Metal and Ductwork 
  • Mechanical Insulation 

Key Features 

Master Catalog 

With over 250,000 components, FastDuct estimating software has the largest and most comprehensive HVAC estimate catalog. They've included information about rectangular, round, and oval ducts, as well as fittings, accessories, hangers, and specialty. HVAC products from Ductmate, Thermaflex, Metalbestos, Certainteed, and other manufacturers are also available. For each item in the catalog, they provide up-to-date pricing and industry-standard SMACNA labor rates, allowing you to construct estimates quickly and correctly. 

Scalable Assemblies 

With FastDuct, you can define assemblies that can be scaled directly on the plan in a variety of measures such as linear-feet, square-feet, cubic-feet, and so on. Refrigeration line-sets, advanced excavation, insulation, demolition, and other applications benefit from its versatility. Assemblies also accept user-defined parameters, which lets you change components during takeoff, providing you with even more versatility. 

On-screen Digitizer 

FastDuct estimating software enables you to perform takeoffs immediately from digital plans on your computer screen, saving time and money on printing and physically marking paper copies. The on-screen digitizer takeoff program is compatible with a wide range of popular CAD Drawing formats, including Windows Bitmap, Dodge Plans, PDF, JPEG, TIF, GIF, PNG Images, and many more. 

FastDuct Cost 

FastDuct pricing begins at $4995 as a one-time payment. You can contact the vendor for additional pricing details. 

FastDuct Demo 

The FastDuct demo is a real-time environment in which you can evaluate numerous software functionalities. Furthermore, the demo allows you to delve deeper into the product to determine whether it meets your needs. Contact the vendor to schedule a FastDuct demo. 

FastDuct Software Reviews  

FastDuct reviews show that consumers are generally pleased with the software. The reviews are overwhelmingly positive, indicating that users recommend it. You can read more FastDuct reviews below! 

Our Thoughts  

FastDuct software is a commercial HVAC estimate application that simplifies the process of bidding sheet metal and ducting. FastDuct can undertake complicated work using purchased ducts or company requirements. FastPIPE will combine your reports and spreadsheets effortlessly for a complete HVAC, plumbing, and mechanical solution 

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