Float Software is a real-time collaborative and integrated resource management software that lets you plan, execute, and monitor tasks. It has an easy to master, modern, and efficient interface that is essentially a single click solution to all your problems. 

Your team can easily plan project resources, prioritize them, and allocate the resources using float software. This is a powerful feature for managing resources across multiple projects. Users can track their time and logs can be used to generate reports. Team members can log hours against tasks, and even adjust estimates through its simple interface. 

Key Features

Resource Scheduling

Float resource management lets you allocate and schedule resources among different projects and optimize their usage. Tasks can be created and assigned in seconds and changes can be made in real-time, quickly.

Project Planning

With float project management you can quickly add project phases and set milestones. The project progress can be easily monitored and adjusted. Gantt charts and timelines are displayed in visually appealing ways.

Capacity Management 

Float project management incorporates capacity management that lets you schedule time off, and public holidays, so that actual timeline can be generated. Float management software can be synchronized with third-party calendar tools. 


Float management comes with different pricing plans, and subscriptions can be acquired on a monthly and annual basis. Plans include different features which lets you customize float software according to your needs. Resource planning costs 6 $ per person and resource planning with time tracking costs 10 $ per person on a monthly subscription. Float pricing is flexible and tailored to your fine needs. 


Float software comes with a free 30-day trial and demo period. You can easily download the float demo and use it for a month to see its capabilities. 


Float reviews are available online and have a rating of 4.2-4.5 out of 5 stars. Users have also provided their experience with using float software as their resource planning and resource management solution.

Our Thoughts

Float management software is an easy-to-use piece of software with a simple calendar-like user interface that anyone can grasp. With its scheduling and reporting features, you can forecast more correctly, and identify opportunities for your company. Float software includes a multi-project planning feature that allows users to explore many projects and quickly resolve any concerns with just a few clicks.

Float management software makes project planning and time scheduling for your team visual and straightforward. With extensive reporting features, you can effortlessly search your schedule for nearly anything and track your team's use. Float software enables team scheduling across many projects faster, easier, and more efficiently by offering a single view of your real resource capacity and a shared calendar of who's working on what.

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