Fluxx Grant Management System

Grantmaking Simplified. Impact Amplified. Fluxx is the world's most trusted Grants Management System.

The Fluxx Data Core™ seamlessly links all aspects of grantmaking, connecting not only the data that drives actionable insights but also the stakeholders' grant, program,  finance, and executive teams alike - to collaboratively achieve their organizational goals.

Straightforward, role-based dashboards guide each team through their respective grantmaking journey, ensuring unprecedented clarity, speed, and accuracy - from strategic planning to everyday task management. And shared dashboards enable teams, leadership, and even external stakeholders to collaborate seamlessly.

Their intuitive, personalizable grantee portal is more than just a transactional depot. It’s a hub of collaboration and DEI tools that enables transparency and trust-based relationships with your grantee partners.

Fluxx’s secure cloud-based solution works anytime, anywhere, and robust integrations with most 3rd party systems, allowing bi-directional and seamless data flow.

The Fluxx quick-start implementation approach allows data-informed collaboration in a matter of weeks.

Join a thriving, vocal community of 1,000+ Fluxx customers, grants management experts and technologists to drive impact today and build the future of collaborative grantmaking together.

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Call us at

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