Hubstaff is a project management software that clears the hurdle between user and users’ goals. Hubstaff software develops productivity and helps remote, mobile workforce grow better together. 

Hubstaff software is built on three guiding principles which is to provide users with control, transparency about how the app works access to all of users own data.  Hubstaff team is comprised of well-trained developers, marketing and creatives.  Hubstaff helps to maximize profit with easy online time reporting and assigning tasks. It can also access a mobile app on IOS and android devices 

Key Features

Whether you manage software developers or construction workers Hubstaff helps everyone work better together. 

Time Tracking: This software is unique in that it was built to solve users' own challenges of tracking work hours. Combining user friendly time tracking app with in depth reports and payment gives users everything to track employee hours. It is a complete work management platform with accurate time tracking software. 

Employee Monitoring: This software helps users to see how the user's workforce works in real time. With the unique blend of features of time tracking software and employee monitoring software, the user will gain insight into employees’ and freelancers’ workload. 

Workforce Management: It helps users to streamline scheduling, shift management and time off request with Hubstaff’s desktop and mobile time clock app. 

Agile Project Management: This project management software helps the user team to be more productive with less. It will enhance team collaboration and communication. 

Pricing: Hubstaff gives access to its features with a free trial of 14 days with no credit card details. Users can cancel anytime with 60 days money back guarantee. Desk free is $ 0 for one user only, desk starter is $14 includes 2 users. Desk pro is $20 including 2 users.  

Demo: Users can request a demo to see how teams get more done with Hubstaff. Users can sign up for free 14 days trial for simple time tracking, stress free work monitoring, automated payroll, GPS tracking. It will integrate with 30 tools users already use.  Hubstaff users get free demo which are 100 percent better than not tracking time. 

Review: Hubstaff is featured in CNBC as remote work becomes more mainstream. Hubstaff also gets highlights in The Wall Street Journal and in The Today Show. Desk pro is Hubstaff’s most popular software.  

Our thoughts

Hubstaff software offers a powerful solution for time tracking and streamlines scheduling, shift management and remote monitoring. With its help users can monitor the workforce in real time and streamline scheduling, shift management and time off request with Hubstaff desktop and mobile time clock app. It creates workflows that automatically assign the right person to the task. We recommend trying a free demo to understand how efficient Hubstaff can be in managing your requirements.

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