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InSite estimating software is an easy-to-use earthwork take-off and GPS modeling solution that allows you to work efficiently, save time, and win more bids. Without a CAD, InSite Elevation Pro supports GPS and drone data for grade verification, production, and value engineering. In addition, the Dynamic Site Balancer module can help with value engineering. 

The ability to link data from multiple sources is a crucial feature of InSite Elevation software. For increased accuracy, you can use vectors (PDF, DWG, DXF, etc.), image files (PDF, TIF, etc.), data imported from a data collector, or any combination of these. 

Multi-monitor display support with coordinated cursors, exclusive 3-D live updates, line selection of contours for vector PDFs, and Total Site TriangulationTM, the most accurate method for surface generation, are just a few of the unique features of the InSite sitework software. 

Key Features 

Built-in CAD Viewer  

The built-in CAD viewer in InSite Elevation allows the import of existing and proposed grades and other site features on even the most significant projects. It also supports the latest generation of CAD files. As a result, there’s no need to invest in a costly CAD program as long as you’re using Insite software. 

Accurate Construction Layouts  

Field Link in InSite estimating software allows you to import surface data from GPS, total stations, and drones and export models and point data to GPS and full stations. In addition, you can verify existing site topography, calculate "as-builts," and create grade stake-out data quickly and easily. 


InSite construction software provides detailed site graphics, allowing for more accurate bidding and hard graphic proof of all calculations. Also, you can export the original PDF with Cut & Fill and the ability to see the take-off layers. 

Cross-sections of the site can be taken in both X and Y orientations, or you can create a profile by selecting a line or series of points. Finally, you can use any Strata and Stripping Layers with the existing and proposed surfaces. 

InSite Software Cost 

The InSite software costs $2,940 per year. This license covers three installations and one concurrent user. When billed annually, a lite version with limited tools is available for only $1,740. This version is for a single building and one user at a time. Both versions of initial onboarding classes include a detailed manual and training videos. 

InSite Demo 

The InSite demo is also available to help you explore the features in real-time and make a final decision. It will also help you decide whether the software fulfils your requirements and is worth an investment or not.   

InSite Construction Software Reviews 

InSite Elevation Pro reviews are the best ways to learn about the software from an existing user's perspective. According to users, this software is worth its price due to its robust features and unique capabilities. The software has an average of ⅘ star rating on most websites, indicating that users recommend it! 

Our Thoughts 

InSite Software solutions have assisted earthwork estimators in becoming more accurate, productive, and profitable for over 30 years. They are known for their software innovations and constantly expand their product offerings to meet their customers' growing productivity needs. Today, many estimators and engineers prefer InSite's Earthwork Take-Off & GPS Modeling Solutions. 

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Can I build gps models with insite elevation?

Yes. InSite Elevation Pro creates GPS machine control and staking files without the complexity and necessity of a CAD program.

What files types Insite Elevation pro support?

InSite Elevation Pro combines data from multiple sources. You can work between Vector (PDF, DWG, DXF, etc.), image files (PDF, TIF, etc.), or data imported from a data collector or any combination, at the same time on the same monitor.

What level of support does Insite Elevation pro offer?

In Person




Who are the typical user of Insite Elevation pro?


Small businesses

Mid-size businesses

InSite Elevation Pro Software reviews

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