Joy Of Performing (JOP)

Joy Of Performing (JOP) is a SaaS solution that catalyzes growth for organizations and people. JOP partners with organizations and leaders that are willing to break the old rules in search of superior performance. It helps companies to foster a working environment where employees and organizational teams perform to their best abilities and achieve desired results most effectively and efficiently.

As a performance management tool, JOP enables organizations to create and measure goals with Objectives and Key Results, and develop processes for measuring performance.  JOP helps employees understand where they fit into the larger scheme of the company’s vision, mission, and goals, and how their work impacts the company’s overall success.

JOP is widely used by organizations to adjust workflow, adapt to the changes in the market, and get better at decision making, ensuring organization and their employees thrive consistently. In turn, this helps the organization in achieving all of its desired objectives optimally. They understand that goals are achieved through cross-functional collaboration and allow space for that, while at the same time encouraging clear ownership and accountability for performance. The loop is closed by offering a dedicated dashboard for bidirectional feedback to be exchanged among individuals, colleagues, and managers.

Being an agile performance management tool, it ensures individuals are assessed for the results they achieve and saves time on lengthy year-end reviews by supporting performance conversations centered around the objectives furthered by individuals’ work. 

This makes the organizations focus on accountability, and hence they enjoy a healthier, more transparent work environment that revolves around enhanced communication. Even before implementation, customers respond to the JOP Index questionnaire which benchmarks the current state of the organization’s performance culture. We run this test periodically to assess the effectiveness of JOP’s offering.

Being an effective performance management program, JOP does it all for the organization:

  • Aligning employees’ activities with the organization's vision and mission
  • Developing specific job-performance objectives and outcomes
  • Fostering a high-performance culture
  • Check-ins to reflect upon progress and mitigate performance issues
  • Continuous feedback which allows colleagues and managers to give real-time input on each others’ performance

System-generated analytics on the performance of individuals, teams, and thus the company as a whole.

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