Kizen is a software that is suitable for small and midsize business. Kizen offers its users a cloud-based suite of marketing, customer relationship management (CRM) and sales tools. The features that Kizen offers include contact and lead management form automation, email syncing, surveys and social media marketing, e-commerce apps, business intelligence tools.

Kizen users can input and track company data, contacts, lead activity and ongoing project. It provides the option to sync automatically, so users can sync information between Kizen and email services. The users are allowed to manage marketing campaigns from different platforms and devices like social media, email, mobile devices and through surveys or events.

Benefits: It provides a broadcast calendar for posts. Kizen assists users to create e- commerce apps and pages to sell products and services, supply invoices and offer free trials. A visual automation builder aids the users to manage marketing and sales developments.

USP: It is the best in customer relation management system among the other software which are available now a days.

Limitations: The software is expensive and it is difficult for midsize businesses to afford it.

Pricing: Pricing starts from minimum 19$ per month to maximum 899$ per month. There are three pricing categories. Essentials, professional and Enterprise.

Support: Email and phone support is available.


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