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Pocket study is a cloud-based LMS platform that assists teachers and institutes in creating an online ‘Digital Academy’ profile where they can deliver instructional content to global audiences. With Pocket Study, students can easily access high-quality learning material. The mobile app comes with features such as live classes, online tests, and assignments in addition to flashcards; all of which allow students to benefit from new ways of learning. 

Pocket Study LMS can be utilized by educational institutes for onboarding their teaching personnel, as well as engaging students through group-based learning activities. The software is designed for educators working in various domains, such as schools and colleges, K–12 institutes, language and digital marketing coaching, and other vocational training settings. 

Key Features  

Live Class 

A built-in live class mechanism comes integrated with the platform. With Live Class, students no longer need to exchange meeting IDs or links. In fact, they can simply join ongoing sessions by clicking on the corresponding push notifications on their smart devices. 

Audio-based Learning 

Lecturers can easily broadcast audio content, which students can then listen to at any time regardless of their location. Images and short descriptions can be incorporated into audio notes to make the content engaging for learners. 

Online Tests and Assignments  

Teachers can create high-quality assignments and assessments and share materials in a secure/open format. Students, on the other hand, can submit their answers in audio or written format, and receive test results as soon as they’re generated. 

Chat Support 

Using the interface, schools can enable chat support for their teachers to ensure effective communication. The entire content-sharing process is designed to take place in an organized manner so that students can access relevant content anytime through the platform. Think of Chat Support as a smart search mechanism designed to promote ease of content access. 

Parent-Teacher Meetings 

Virtual parent-teacher meetings can be scheduled on the Pocket Study app, thereby allowing parents and teachers to discuss the progress of concerned pupils. 

Pocket Study Pricing 

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Pocket Study Demo 

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Pocket Study Reviews 

Pocket study reviews indicate high satisfaction rates among users. You can read all of these testimonials under our Reviews section. 

Our Thoughts 

Instructional practices powered by technology have revolutionized the global education sector. In this rapidly digitizing world, it is important to equip every learner with the necessary tools that make for a smarter learning experience. With the aid of Pocket Study, teachers can creatively combine contemporary tools and digital resources to advance both teaching and learning. 

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