Paradiso LMS is designed to help users find and explore content, navigate courses, and participate in social learning experiences. Its suite of innovative features such as learning games and ‘badge awards’ for completing tasks make learning both fun and engaging. With Paradiso, you can create and deliver courses tailored to learners' needs. The platform also comes with e-commerce features that allow you to sell courses and other learning content, and with its built-in analytics, you can track your/learners’ progress and quantitatively measure success. 

The Paradiso Learning Management System integrates with several third-party enterprise applications like Salesforce, PeopleSoft, and WebEx. These integrations make it easier to manage your learning content conveniently. Moreover, with the Paradiso mobile app, learners can access their courses and learning content from anywhere. The app is available for both Android and iOS devices.  

Key Features 

Asynchronous & Synchronous Learning 

The software Asynchronous Learning feature lets you create and manage your courses without having to be online simultaneously as your learners. This is convenient for learners who have busy schedules or live in different time zones. The Synchronous Learning feature, on the other hand, enables you to deliver live, online courses, in which learners can participate in real-time. 

Interactive Content & Session Recording 

Paradiso supports various content types, including SCORM and AICC-compliant e-learning content, videos, audio files, PowerPoint presentations, and more. You can also record your live sessions and make them available for learners to access later. 

Assessments & Grading 

The assessment features in Paradiso allow you to create quizzes and exams. It also tracks and measure learners’ performance. With systemized grading features, you can assign grades to different assessment types and generate detailed reports for quizzes, exams, and assignments. 

Learner Portal 

The Learner Portal feature is a personalized online space where learners can access their courses, track their progress, and interact with other learners. The portal includes a variety of features, such as a Course Catalog, Progress Tracker, Social Wall, and Message Center. 

Paradiso Pricing 

The software offers different pricing plans based on the number of users. Click on the ‘Get Pricing’ button above for detailed information about the pricing plans. 

Paradiso Demo 

You can request and schedule a free software demo to see how Paradiso LMS can improve your organization. Click on the ‘Watch Demo’ button to get started. The software also offers a free version and a free trial. 

Paradiso Reviews 

The software has received high rating online for its Learner Portal, E-Commerce, and Gamification features. Users also appreciate the software for its easy interface and great customer support. You can read more reviews about the software in our Reviews section below. 

Our Thoughts 

Paradiso software is a great choice for organizations looking for an easy-to-use, feature-rich learning management system. With its various features and integrations, the software can create and deliver a wide range of courses. The software's ability to track learners’ progress and generate reports is also valuable for organizations that want to measure their goals quantitatively. 

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