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MeasureSquare is an onsite measuring web-based software solution that offers a complete suite of tools and features for trades of all categories. The MeasureSquare construction software enables companies to estimate quantities, layout plans, generate sheets and diagrams, and collaborate with team members. The MeasureSquare software streamlines workflow processes, enhances project productivity and ensures a high investment return.

Key Features


The MeasureSquare software solution integrates with the MeasureSquare Cloud to ensure effective communication with team members. As a result, collaborations between remote, onsite, and field users are vastly more manageable. In addition, the software makes sure all team members are connected to a larger whole and brought to the same page, giving the workflow some much-needed direction. 


MeasureSquare offers multiple tools that aid the user in numerous tasks. For example, a takeoff estimating tool on the Windows desktop allows users to manage the commercial aspects of the business. It lets users drag and drop products and avail valuable add-ons. In addition, accuracy is ensured by giving users the power to select specific pages and customize tools. On top of that, users can import large-scale drawings and plans. 


The MeasureSquare construction software is accessible across Windows, iOS, Android, and the Cloud. Apart from this, MeasureSquare can integrate with various 3rd party systems such as Salesforce, Microsoft Dynamics, Q Floors, and Roll Master. 

MeasureSquare Reviews 

With an excellent user satisfaction rate, the MeasureSquare reviews suggest the best part about the software is its 3D imaging features, which allow users to create design walkthroughs to effectively communicate goals and visions to clients. Another popular feature cited is the intuitive wall, which makes for a seamless experience for the user. Reviews unanimously agree on MeasureSquare being one of a kind in its ability to stay out of the way of the user by not trying too hard to predict what they want and, in doing so, living up to its ‘intuitive’ label. You may want to head over to the reviews section for more detailed reviews. 

MeasureSquare Pricing

MeasureSquare pricing comes with several editions for different kinds of users; mobile on iPad/iPhone is priced at $49 per user a month, the Multi-family Edition on Windows sits at $149 per user a month, the Commercial Edition on Windows is priced at $179 per user a month. Additionally, the Multi-family edition on iPad will cost you $79 per user a month. The Multi-family desktop software will cost you $149 per user a month. Finally, the Commercial desktop software is $179 per user/month. For further details on the MeasureSquare pricing, head over to the pricing section and request a pricing quote!

MeasureSquare Demo

Schedule a MeasureSquare demo to know more about how the software can assist you in making what was previously impossible possible! 

Our Thoughts

Not every management software will be suitable for your business. Hence we urge you to determine your specific management requirements, tally them with the features offered by MeasureSquare and see if they serve you well. However, with its incredible adeptness at identifying mistakes, the ability to construct 3D versions of the job in the middle of takeoff, and other features mentioned above, MeasureSquare is worth a try!

MeasureSquare Software Features




Project Scheduling


Project Tracking


Document Management


Job Costing


Timesheet tracking


Bid Management


Service Management


Project Management




Inventory Management


Equipment Management


Mobile Capabilities


Contractor Management


Workflow Management

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

MeasureSquare Software designed for which professionals?

It is for flooring, contractors, dealers, installers, and related trades.

How much does MeasureSquare Software cost?

The price starts from $149 /user.

What are the main features of MeasureSquare Software?


Data Import/Export

Mobile Access

Third Party Integrations


Job Costing


Project Planning.

What is purpose of MeasureSquare Software in construction?

Measure Square is an onsite measuring and desktop takeoff estimating tool.

MeasureSquare Software reviews

There are no reviews for this product.

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