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Paskr software is a cloud-based construction management tool for teams that allows users to bid on and track projects. The program simplifies back office and field operations. Users can access project information via web-enabled mobile devices such as tablets, laptops, and desktop computers.  

CRM assistance, bid administration, estimates, change orders, billing support, and more are all available. Using version control options, Paskr construction software allows teams, stakeholders, engineers, and others to exchange access to critical project information. It also maintains entire construction project portfolios by keeping stakeholder, supplier, and departmental schedules on track while meeting deadlines. Paskr also works with accounting software like Quickbooks, Sage 100, Sage 300, and Foundation. 

Key Features  

Automated Scheduling 

One of the essential features of Paskr construction software is automated scheduling. The software uses a Gantt Chart to record project task schedules, and you may quickly change them by dragging and dropping. Furthermore, you can easily identify important dates because they are noted on the chart. Paskr's scheduling tool is notable for immediately alerting project managers, superintendents, contractors, and subcontractors of schedule changes. 

Digital Change Orders 

Paskr's 5-minute change order is another key characteristic. If a contractor sends a change order to a subcontractor in Paskr, everything he needs to do is already in the system, and he only needs to input the scope of the work, the items, and the cost of the goods. Then he can sign it electronically and send it to the appointed subcontractor. 

The subcontractor will receive automatic notification of the change order and return it after digitally signing it. When the contractor gets the modification order, the program also allows for automatic budget updates via connectivity with an accounting solution. Because there is no need for printing, scanning, or mailing, this approach saves time. 

Billing Approval 

Contractors can use Paskr software to rapidly authorize subcontractor billing or request that the continuation schedule is amended before subcontractors send the bill. This feature ensures that there will be no overbilling. In addition to the contractor's access to all billing information specifics, the program also records this transaction in its database. 

Paskr Pricing 

The Paskr software offers a monthly subscription pricing plan at $425 per month. For more details on Paskr pricing, you can contact the vendor.  

Paskr Demo  

You can request a free Paskr demo from the demo section to see the software in action. The demo delivers detailed real-time information about the product to help you decide. 

Paskr Reviews  

Paskr reviews praise its user-friendly interface, which neither tries to read the user's mind nor acts aloof. Another notable feature is customer service. Users comment on obtaining prompt help when requested and the support team's readiness to make system modifications based on user feedback. Go to the review section for additional in-depth user feedback! 

Our Thoughts  

Paskr is a construction management software that is particularly beneficial in managing project activities and documents that can change. Furthermore, the application is a collaborative tool that streamlines workflow and communication between project managers, supervisors, contractors, and subcontractors. 

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