Planisware Enterprise

Planisware Enterprise is a comprehensive solution that brings together budgets, forecasts, schedules, resources, and actuals. As a result, Planisware software is trusted by global companies like Ford, Philips, Pfizer, and Société Générale, as well as dynamic mid-sized innovators like Zebra, Beam Suntory, and MSA Safety, to manage their project pipeline. 

Planisware Enterprise accelerates mature enterprises' data unification, allowing them to develop their project portfolio more cohesively and strategically. Organizations can use roadmaps, budgets, and investment buckets to shape strategy and evaluate results. Users can use scenarios and simulations to define, prioritize, and manage project portfolios. 

Planisware software lets you gather fresh ideas and create qualitative and quantitative business case proposals for your opportunities. In addition, to eliminate bias from the project selection process, you can use consistent financial metrics, KPIs, and scorecards. 

Key Features  

Strategic Portfolio Management 

Strategic portfolio management (SPM) connects strategic vision to execution through the project portfolio. A robust SPM process guarantees that your assets and resources remain focused on the initiatives that push your strategy forward, even as conditions change. 

Planisware's SPM capabilities aid in creating a clear view of objectives and roadmaps, the alignment of investments with strategic themes, and the focus of efforts as your strategy evolves. 

Resource Management 

Planisware Enterprise enables you to use capacity planning, resource forecasting, and named resource allocation capabilities for critical roles and departments. In addition, scenario planning tools help you anticipate bottlenecks. 

Planisware Pricing 

Do you want to know how much the Planisware project management software costs? The Planisware pricing is an annual subscription-based model that begins at $1.00 per user. 

Planisware Demo 

You can use the Planisware demo to try out the software in real-time. The demo allows you to learn more about Planisware's project management tools and capabilities to decide if it meets your requirements. It is ideal for evaluating software before purchasing it, according to users. 

Planisware Reviews 

Do you want to know what users have to say about Planisware software? 

Planisware reviews show that users are satisfied with the software's functionality. The majority of users also praise the responsiveness of customer service. You can also read Planisware reviews from current users by scrolling down. 

Our Thoughts 

Planisware is one of the top software for project portfolio management. Product development, engineering, and IT business processes are all supported by Planisware solutions. 

Planisware has been assisting its customers in achieving strategic and innovative excellence, making sound business decisions, and increasing portfolio value for more than 20 years. Over 500 companies worldwide use Planisware products to manage their projects, resources, and portfolios. 

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