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Quest offers the most comprehensive, advanced cost estimating software solutions accessible to building contractors for developing and managing construction cost estimates with real-world accuracy. The Quest software is fully cloud-based. Its collaborative approach to budget management handles pricing bids, monitoring on-site progress, and anticipating requirements effortlessly. With the industry's shortest onboarding process, this simple construction estimating software can help you win and execute more civil construction contracts. 

Key Features 

Team Collaboration 

The Quest software enables contractors to rapidly and accurately prepare a bid by building a pricing database. The database is reusable from project to project, boosting the speed and accuracy of the preconstruction and bidding process. Once the bid has been created, you can use the Quest software to create a blueprint that can be utilized to optimize the procurement, planning, and cost management processes.  

Contractors, estimators, and project managers can communicate modifications, track and record on-site progress amounts, generate claim certificates, and report on individual resource consumption.  

Increased Efficiency 

Estimators on a tight deadline can reuse costing libraries, generate precise cost estimates quickly, and maintain and compare supplier and subcontractor bids to quickly price a bid. The pricing library is meant to correspond to the stages of the construction project, allowing for easy information access to make pricing modifications. 

Budget Management and Forecasting 

Quest Software collects on-site progress and offers a picture of budget vs. actual. In addition, it monitors resource allocation to assist civil contractors in extracting insights and managing their budgets in real-time. Contractors can link their estimates to a timetable to forecast resource requirements, prepare for cash flow, and monitor real-time dynamic data on project performance. 

Quest Cost 

The Quest pricing is $999 per user or $1,499 per multiuser. The software is charged on a per-user, per-year basis. 

Quest Demo 

The Quest demo lets you evaluate the software and its functionalities in real-time. Furthermore, the demo allows you to dig deeper into the product to determine whether it meets your needs. You can contact the vendor to schedule a Quest demo. 

Quest Reviews  

The Quest reviews show that consumers praise the software and its features. In addition, the reviews are pretty positive, indicating that users recommend it. You can read more Quest reviews below! 

Our Thoughts  

The Quest software is intended for civil engineering contractors who require comprehensive cost estimates to bid and manage civil construction projects efficiently. This cloud-based software helps project teams manage and monitor the budgets of complicated construction projects with various stakeholders and locations. 

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