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Raken is a full-featured construction management software developed for startups and small and medium-sized businesses (SMEs). Raken software offers complete web app development solutions. This online construction management system combines budget tracking/job costing, labor hour tracking, residential, and offline access. 

Raken construction management software also simplifies remote cooperation through mobile field apps for iOS and Android. Field teams can enter project data on the fly using the mobile app. They can also post time-stamped photographs, videos, and notes to increase visibility. 

Raken construction software enables project managers to keep daily work logs, schedule and allocate jobs to staff, email updates to field agents, and produce and share project status snapshots. Additionally, the solution assists organizations in keeping track of subcontractor hours. 

Key Features 

Daily Reports 

The daily reports are at the heart of what Raken is all about. The cloud-based software allows you to take notes, measure time and production, upload images, and do various other things. So, it is straightforward to construct a work log that shows what work was accomplished and by whom. 

While working on the job site, you can even record voice notes. Furthermore, the software automatically organizes your photographs and videos into a gallery so you can access them by project or date. 

Time Cards 

Raken has a time cards function, which you would expect from a construction app focused on job site tracking. You'll be able to assign hours to teams or individuals, and you'll be able to export time reports to help with payroll processing. 

Raken construction management software promises to make your life easier if you've previously documented time cards on spreadsheets or pen and paper. 

Equipment Log 

One of Raken's new features, the equipment log, allows you to keep track of any owned or rented equipment. The program displays the status and position of all machinery, and workers in the field can remotely update the logs. This lets you see where the equipment is located, what it is used for, and who is using it. 

Raken Cost 

The Raken pricing is not publicly available. As a result, you must contact the vendor to obtain an estimate for your company. 

Raken Software Demo 

The Raken construction software includes a free demo to explore the software in a live environment. During the Raken software demo, you can navigate through multiple features and analyze whether they fulfill your requirements or not.   

Raken Software Reviews  

Raken construction software reviews show that people are pretty satisfied with the software and its features. In addition, most people praise the user-friendly interface accessible on the web and mobile. You can find more Raken software reviews in the review section below! 

Our Thoughts  

Raken is a cloud-based construction reporting and management application that you may use for projects of any scale. It includes robust reporting features that are designed to save time and money. In addition, users with solid mobile capabilities can enter or dictate daily reports directly from their mobile devices while on the job site. 

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