Pros and Cons of One Stop Medical Spa Solutions

Electronic Medical Record Software : How Does It Compare To Others

Pros and Cons of One Stop Medical Spa Solutions

Aesthetics Pro Online is a solution to all the worries of a medical aesthetic businesses. You name an issue and the system will resolve it either it is related to accounting, marketing, organization of records and e-photos or calendar. Aesthetics Pro Online is your one stop medical spa solution. 

Here are some main features of AestheticsPro Online 

  • ACH payment processing 
  • Access controls/permissions 
  • Accounting 
  • Activity dashboard 
  • Appointment scheduling/management 
  • Barcode/ticket scanning and recognition 
  • Before and after pictures 
  • Charting  
  • Commission management  
  • Client portal 
  • Customer history 
  • Customized charts/templates 
  • Employee management 
  • Task scheduling 
  • Retail inventory management  
  • Loyalty program  
  • Email marketing  
  • HIPAA compliant  

And much more in price as low as $109.99/month and three feasible packages

  • Solo Provider Edition: $109.99/month 
  • Enterprise Edition: $165.99/month 
  • Enterprise Plus Edition: $229.99/month 

This is an overview of why every aesthetician should choose Aesthetics Pro Online. 


  1. Low cost 
  1. HIPAA compliant 
  1. Rewards programs compatible 
  1. Easy setup 
  1. Distinct features 


  1. No e-prescribing 
  1. Not compatible to IOS or Android: 


Low cost

There are no setup costs or IT infrastructure investment costs for Aesthetics Pro Online apart from monthly subscription fee. This makes it feasible for startups, small-scale and medium-scale businesses as they avoid multiple variable costs.  

HIPPAA compliant

Being HIPAA compliant has many benefits for the practitioner and the patients. The practitioners are given a set of guidelines they need to follow in order to protect the customer confidentiality and avoid legal actions. AestheticsPro Online being HIPAA compliant saves the user the hassle to unsure the compliance of rules. 

Rewards program compatible

If a customer has a coupon, voucher or rewards earned and wants to get them recognized, AestheticsPro Online makes the transaction super easy with its distinct feature of scanning and recognizing tickets and barcodes. 

Easy setup 

AestheticPro Online has a very easy setup and user interface and gives users point to point guidelines to clear all the queries as compared to other top rated emr software . 

. Moreover, in case of a query the customer care supports its customers readily and timely through emails, in-built chat, and/or calls.  

Distinct features

AestheticPro Online has many different features that its close competitive softwares don’t have. Such as API, accounting, barcode scanning, charting and commission management.  


No e-prescriptions

E-prescriptions help the practitioner and the patients to keep a better track of the treatments and allows accessibility with an internet connection. AestheticPro Online does not keep a record of customers’ prescriptions even though it has a customer record feature. 

Not compatible to IOS or Android

With the fast-pacing technology, everything is accessible at the touch of the hand in mobile phones. AestheticsPro Online not being available on the mobiles gives it a setback.  

Despite of all these cons, AestheticsPro Online is still a very attractive best EHR software as it gives very holistic features to its users. With a price so affordable, AestheticsPro Online is a true savior for all medical spa solutions. 

Custom Mobile Application- Necessary Today!

mobile app development

Custom Mobile Application- Necessary Today!

Planning to launch your mobile app as an entrepreneur? You will realize that custom mobile app development is one of the most important things that should be considered. As your app becomes more interactive when customized, you will be able to attract more customers. The more easily your consumers can access your app, the better your chances are of making more sales. To take advantage of the ever-changing mobile market, it is highly advisable to look for the best custom mobile app development services in the industry. 

Why Do You Need Developers?

Hiring mobile development engineers and third-party app developers is an excellent idea if you are just starting to make an app. These engineers and developers can address any issues that you may have regarding your app. Plus, they can even help in building the app faster than usual. Therefore, mobile development engineers can take care of any functional issues that you may encounter and can also work on the technical aspects of your app. Thus, custom mobile app development services can address any technical requirements that you may have. 

Another great benefit that you can get from custom mobile apps is creating an engaging user experience. This is why you need experienced professionals in the custom mobile apps development industry. These professionals have the skills and knowledge to transform your idea into a fully-functional, engaging, and user-friendly app. Moreover, they have the expertise and technology to support your innovative ideas. In other words, they can customize your apps based on your specific needs and preferences. 

Maintain Utmost Security:

Mobile app development companies have a wide range of security measures in place when it comes to security. Most of these companies offer incident response and remediation services if certain security vulnerabilities are discovered while developing your app. The most common vulnerabilities include application vulnerability scanning and verification, code integrity checks, and cross-site scripting vulnerabilities. Another vital thing to consider is cross-app vulnerability, where one application contains vulnerability to another application. Apart from this, mobile app development companies also offer vulnerability management services and security testing. 

Vital Things To Consider:

One of the essential things to remember when outsourcing for custom mobile applications is to ensure that all internal processes are well-maintained. Internal processes that handle various custom mobile application development requirements include database migrations, device driver unmapping, device firmware, device optimization, and mobile application testing. It also involves documentation enhancements, security fixes, and functional restructuring. Besides this, several other things should be considered while outsourcing for custom mobile applications. For instance, you need to hire a professional company that will handle the documentation requirements as well as will do the Android app testing and debugging. 

Another critical thing to keep in mind while hiring a custom mobile apps development company is to check the experience and expertise of the professionals. The professionals working at these companies are experienced professionals who have worked with various popular mobile solutions across multiple platforms. In addition, they have also worked with numerous popular enterprise apps and mobile solutions. Therefore, they understand how crucial it is to provide a functioning and error-free mobile platform that can be updated easily. Therefore, if you are looking for a cost-effective custom mobile apps development solution, it is important to check the experience and expertise of the professionals working at an organization. 

Low-cost Mobile Application Solution:

Most of these companies offer custom development at a low cost. In order to save more money, it is highly recommended that you get your work done in-house. However, if you want your development project to be completed quickly, you can consider hiring a company that provides offshore development as well as on-premise solutions. These companies usually offer complete solutions for all cross-platform mobile platforms such as Android, iPhone iOS, Blackberry, Windows Phone, and Symbian. 

Furthermore, it is essential for android app development companies to work in close association with mobile devices manufacturers (MMS and Bluetooth). This will help in promoting cross-platform application development. Moreover, it is recommended that you work with an experienced mobile app development firm that has skilled professionals. At the same time, it is equally essential for you to work with an efficient mobile app development company that offers dedicated services for every Android device platform. You can find many mobile application development companies that provide both on-premise and offshore development services at different levels. These companies usually have separate project management teams for each central mobile operating system. So, think wisely before choosing a particular firm.  

How Cross-Platform Mobile Application Can Benefit You

mobile app development

How Cross-Platform Mobile Application Can Benefit You

There are so many different choices to select for cross-platform mobile app development these days. It can be hard to narrow them down that much, which is why I’ve already conducted extensive research into this topic. To help get you started, below, I’ve conducted extensive research regarding different topics regarding cross-platform mobile app development and have come up with my top three tips.

The first tip concerns choosing a framework. Currently, there are several different frameworks available, which will vary in complexity. This means you must have a clear idea of what you want your application to do and how it will do it before you begin. Once you’ve determined this, you’ll also want to consider cross-platform mobile app development using the specific framework that you prefer. If you’re developing a mobile website, for example, you’ll likely want to use a more simplified framework than a Java or Android mobile app development. This way, you can eliminate the additional requirements that come along with using these different frameworks.

Key Points To Consider

Another key point is to think about your target audience and market. Different people use different devices and operating systems, so you need to decide who you’re trying to reach with your product. For example, some users on certain platforms may only want to view an app on a particular device. On the other hand, there may be a large group that may not even be aware that there are different mobile devices out there or that they can go to different sites to view an app on various devices. Your target audience and the market will help you determine the cross-platform mobile app development approach right for you.

Cross Platforms Apps

The cross-platform apps that you can develop will run efficiently on several devices. But, again, this depends upon your target audience and market. However, the development process does take longer if you have to look at several different platforms for the app since it includes source code. Also, multiple platforms require the assistance of more people, which costs time and money. For this reason, you may want to choose a more simple and easier cross-platform apps development process.

Once you’ve selected the right framework and source code, it’s time to look into the programming language used. When developing mobile apps, you may either choose HTML5 or Objective-C for the scripting languages. Both languages can provide an experience that is similar to writing a document on paper. However, there are significant differences between these two. For example, when writing in HTML5, developers can manipulate objects within the code to make changes as needed, whereas developers need to use a UML tool in Objective-C.

When it comes to cross-platform app development, the mobile operating systems you choose should support the framework used for the application. For example, some developers may want to write their applications for Windows Phone, Android, or iPhone first and then work on other OSes later. Developers who choose this approach may experience performance issues with their mobile applications, as their code has not been optimized for the OS that they are using. The performance issue will only occur if the developer does not properly write their code for the used operating system.

Native Mobile Application

The final factor that needs to be considered is the code base used for the application. Since native development requires a different code base than mobile application development, you may find it necessary to convert your project. Native mobile app development is easier to write code against compared to mobile applications. However, once the project is converted, the codebase will need to be rebuilt from scratch to work on other platforms. Therefore, it is wise to hire a professional for the conversion to complete the project effectively and in record time.

Cross-platform app development can be easy if you have the right tools and developers to work with. With these factors considered, you can create a great app. However, there are few things to take care to get the best experience in android and iOS Mobile app development.

3 Mistakes to Avoid When Selecting Your EMR Software

Centricity EMR

3 Mistakes to Avoid When Selecting Your EMR Software

EMR Software (Electronic Medical Records) were introduced with the sole purpose to improve patients’ safety, outcomes and most importantly quality of care provided by health care workers. Now is the time of the digital world, technology has made its way in the medical industry. Pediatricians and healthcare providers are continuously enhancing their practice and providing better care to babies and toddlers using the latest technology.  

The main job of EMR is to make life easier but on the other side, one wrong decision regarding your EMR selection can make your pediatric experience a nightmare. It is estimated that more than 65% of physicians end up changing their pediatric EMR software within the first year. 

If you are a pedestrian or owe a pediatric speciality clinic, thinking of implementing new software for a pediatric clinic or replacing a less-than-functional existing one. The first mandatory step is to check if the software is compatible with you or not. Here we have listed a few mistakes that can you avoid before choosing your perfect fit.

3 Mistakes to Avoid When Selecting Your EMR Software

Not having a clear understanding of your needs  

Most of the practices do not have a clear understanding of their needs that is the main reason why they can unable to find the best EHR software. As every EMR is different from one another and offers specific features.  With so many options on the market, it can be difficult to differentiate between them all. Without basic research and only relying on a basic list of features without actually seeing the product can lead to issues and misunderstandings. A pediatric EMR should be able to document birth and prenatal history and be able to chart and calculate growth patterns and document developmental milestones, automatically graphing vital signs to growth charts.

Not asking enough questions of the vendor.

Asking questions from the vendor plays a crucial part in finding your perfect it. This act clears alot of queries and reservations about the software. Most of the buyers donot ask alot of questions and buys the software hence they encounter slow working software that interferences with their work. Doctors want something effective and quick ask the following questions from the vendor if they answers all of them then go for that.  

Ask how many other practices of your specialty or size are using the system. Can the vendor arrange for you to visit a physician who is using the system so you can view it personally and ask the user questions? Who owns the company you would be buying the system from? How long has it been in business? Who do you call for technical support? How long will it take for them to respond to your requests for help and support? 

Not focusing on quality 

Mostly practices opt for Cost driven choices. They tend to forget that buying top EMR systems  is a longterm investment as its uncountable benefits will help them to flourish their business. Pediatric EMR should be considered as an investment not a just a cost.  

Future advantages will make you value the system and more readily justify the cost of a high quality vendor.