5 Things to Keep in Mind When Finding Best Urgent care EMR

If you’ve never visited an urgent care clinic before, you might be unsure how they operate. What you don’t know about these facilities could sway your perception of them, leading to misunderstandings about the level of care they give. If you have a small medical emergency or need other medical services such as lab testing or vaccines, urgent care centers are ideal. These facilities are easily accessible and convenient in an EMR software like Experity EMR

Before you go, here are a few things you should know about them.

The need for urgent care has expanded dramatically in the United States over the last five years, resulting in clinics springing up in every city and town. That’s ideal for customers, but it’s not so great for care facilities, which must now find methods to separate apart from the mass.

Here are 5 things to keep in mind when finding best urgent care EMR

Urgent care navigation that is simple to use

Use urgent care charting templates and easy navigation to find answers. Single-click options, search queries, and preferences lists streamline the documentation process, reducing the time spent re-entering patient and exams data. Your EMR should allow different personnel to document an interaction in whichever order they want and view the chart at the same time to accommodate urgent care workflow.

Interfacing and interoperability

Check to verify if the EMR/PM vendors have completed the types of interfaces your urgent care needs when evaluating them. For reference, Software Finder is a trusted and experienced vendor. Interoperability allows urgent care clinics to operate more efficiently, clinicians to make more educated diagnoses, and patients to have a better healthcare experience. 

Training and technical support

When it comes to onboarding new employees, having access to training can help save time. This is especially beneficial for urgent care clinics that have a large ratio of part-time and temporary employees, as well as regular employee turnover.

Patient-focused functionality

Urgent care EMRs should have features such as online payment, pre-check-in information forms and kiosks at entrance to save time and increase functionality in this fast-paced practice.

Powerful reporting

To become competitive urgent care EMRs should have reporting tools that promote greater analysis and efficient use of data available. This increases functionality, efficiency, and competitiveness.

Experity EMR

There is an EMR that has all the relevant features and answers to urgent care providers’ queries, Experity EMR! View the demo of one of the top urgent-care EMRs, Experity EMR Software, on Software Finder.

Read reviews by current users and decide for yourself if Experity EMR is the answer to your queries or not. Thanks to its robust and intuitive features, Experity EMR is favored by many doctors and nurses. It is very modern, competitive, and effective in terms of ease of usage and simple designs.

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