EHR Pricing Guide 2022

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Get the most up to date pricing for top EHR vendors in the market.

There is a growing trend of hiding pricing information for EHR products on vendor websites. This can be frustrating for buyers who want to compare products based on functionalities and budgets before investing around 45 minutes of their time to see a product demonstration.

You don’t have to be one of them.

Our software advisers have made it easier for you by compiling the latest pricing information for EHRs straight from the horse’s mouth i.e., the vendors.

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Learn about EMR industry practices to avoid being nickel-and-dimed during the contract negotiation phase.

    EHR Contracts (What They Mean & How to Protect Your Practice)

    EHR Contracts (What They Mean & How to Protect Your Practice)

    What They Mean and How to Protect Your Practice

    EMR contracts can be tricky. They not only cover the product and services you will receive, the price you will have to pay, and the ownership of the data produced but also assign responsibilities between you and the vendor when it comes to data and patient security. Thus, it is in your best interest to understand the terms and terminology of a standard EHR contract, and if possible, to negotiate terms in your interest.

    In this whitepaper we dig into these less talked about aspects of an EHR contract. Knowing and understanding these may help you select an appropriate EHR system and protect your practice or organization from business and patient safety risks that may arise when you rely upon EHRs for critical aspects of your operation.

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      Buying Behavioral Health EHRs in 2022

      Buying Behavioral Health EHRs in 2020

      Buying Behavioral Health EHRs in 2022

      What to know and which products to check out for a successful EHR implementation?

      The federal deadline to adopt Electronic Prescribing of Controlled Substances (EPCS) is early 2022. Many states, such as NY, have either adopted EPCS already or have deadlines set much before the federal mandate. Furthermore, since 2019, eligible clinical psychologists are required to report MIPS data.

      In short, if not already, behavioral health practitioners must go electronic to be compliant.

      • Core & advanced features required for a Behavioral Health EMR
      • Software compliances necessary for a Behavioral Health practice
      • Popular Behavioral Health EMRs in the market

      Download to get the whitepaper. If you need help shortlisting vendors for your practice, send an email to [email protected].

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      Top recommendations from our EMR consultants for products ranging from low to high priced.

        What the Sales Team does not tell you.

        ratings software finder

        An insider’s, no holds barred, review of the leading EHR vendors in 2022.

        An EHR industry veteran who’s worked with leading vendors takes you behind the scenes exposing information that companies don’t tell you. With this paper, the writer aims to make it a little easier for you to find a better EHR vendor for your practice; give you a detailed rundown on the functionality, shortcomings and business dealings of these vendors along with recommendations that will act as a way forward for you.

        Vendors reviewed:

        • athenahealth
        • eClinicalWorks
        • AdvancedMD
        • CareCloud
        • Amazing Charts

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          How to Select a Marketing Company for Your Practice

          How to select a marketing company for your practice

          How to Select a Marketing Company for your Practice

          With the help of technology and mobile devices, searching for practices doesn’t take much time, so having an online presence is crucial nowadays.

          It’s possible to conquer the ever-growing technical sphere by drawing the public’s attention to your healthcare and medical services. A marketing company helps add value to your medical practice so you can not only survive online but thrive amongst others in your industry.

          Selecting a marketing company for your practice can be challenging, so to make things easier for you we have discussed the following;

          • Benefits of a marketing agency
          • Various services they provide
          • Costs and factors to consider when selecting a marketing company
          • Top marketing companies for practices

          Living in the information age and not having the resources of digital marketing can slow, plateau, or diminish your healthcare, so consider having a marketing agency and stand out.

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            Setting up a New Medical Practice

            Aesthetics Pro Online

            Setting up a New Medical Practice

            Opening a medical practice of your own is a business endeavor, and like any business requires the skill set of building business plans and dealing with an array of people that your medical degree does not cover.

            You will find yourself dealing with insurance companies, contractors, banks, lawyers, and HR companies to get your business up and running. You will also need to make crucial decisions about location, payment plans, marketing, and branding strategies, to name a few.

            Often, the practical aspects of building a practice can distract you from focusing on what matters i.e. creating a caring and high-quality practice for your patients.

            To help you get started on the right foot, our medical practice consultants have drafted a concise guide for physician practices. You will learn:
            • How to create a Business plan for your practice
            • Funding considerations
            • Tips for Credentialing & Contracting
            • Marketing Your Practice
            • Resource considerations- Staffing & Technology
            • How much will it cost

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              Choosing a Medical Billing Service

              Medical Billing Service

              No Technical Jargon. No Complicated ROIs

              Selecting a vendor is never a simple task, but knowing what questions to ask makes it a lot easier. You need a medical billing company that aligns with your specialty as well as the size of your practice.

              This free guide will provide guidelines and questions to vet a medical billing service and determine if they fill the bill.

              1. How exactly does the company work?
              2. What services are included in the contract?
              3. What features are offered to enhance patient experience and engagement?
              4. Is the company qualified for the task?
              5. Will the company help build your practice?

              Last Tip: There are many medical billing companies out there. It’s worth taking your time to search for the right one. The choice is yours—pick wisely.

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                How to Get the Most from your EHR Vendor Demonstration

                How to Get the Most from Your EHR Vendor Demonstration

                How to Get the Most from your EHR Vendor Demonstration

                Software Finder recently conducted a survey asking physicians if they found EHR demonstrations helpful in their assessment of electronic health record vendors. Here are some key findings:

                • 48% answered they did not find EHR demos helpful
                • Most agreed that they did not get enough information out of a demo that would help them make an informed choice

                Upon asking why that was the case, many agreed that they hadn’t done the leg work before agreeing to a demo.

                These statistics aren’t very surprising. But they are problematic, as medical software is an expensive and complex purchase which requires due diligence on the buyer’s part if they want the right software for their organization.

                This Whitepaper is a short guide to help you prepare not only for an EHR demonstration but also the critical decision-making phase right after. You will find:

                • Tips to narrow down vendors for demonstrations
                • Critical questions to ask vendors during a demonstration

                Bonus: Get a free vendor demonstration Scorecard template for your healthcare organization.

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                  A Guide to EMR for Small Practices

                  EMR for small practice icon

                  A Guide to EMR for Small Practices

                  Run your practice like a pro-business leader

                  You want to scale your small medical practice to keep it running for at least the next 10 years. But how?

                  You want to improve your efficiency & make the most of the 24 hours each day. Is there a way?

                  The answer to both these questions lies in an EMR software. But not just any EMR software, you need one that suits your medical practice like a glove.

                  EMR solutions support clinical decision-making, document patient encounters, and track a practice’s financial performance. This software includes industry-approved CPT codes to streamline and record data entry. Medical experts have upgraded from the traditional paper-based record to an electronic recording solution because it is more efficient, productive, and helps them do more!

                  Picking the right EMR for small practice can be a gamechanger and put you miles ahead of your competition. Leverage this guide and learn:

                  • Typical features of electronic medical records software
                  • Exclusive Needs of Small Practices Fulfilled by EMR Software
                  • Making the Purchase Decision
                  • Cloud-Based EMR Software
                  • Best EMR Software for Small Practices
                  • Top Features popular among Small Practices

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                    Medical Billing Software Pricing – Updated for COVID-19

                    Medical Billing Software Pricing Updated

                    Medical Billing Software Pricing - Updated for COVID-19

                    Our team of independent HIT consultants have reviewed some of the top medical billing software providers to help you see how the billing rates, pricing models, and contractual terms differ from one vendor to the next.

                    Download this free whitepaper to learn the different ways to avoid excessive billing charges, plus tips for maximizing practice income.

                    Find Pricing Model & Cost Break Down for:

                    •     AdvancedMD
                    •     Kareo
                    •     PrognoCIS
                    •     TherapyNotes
                    •     RXNT
                    •     Office Ally

                    & twenty other billing companies.

                    Let our healthcare consultants narrow down the most cost-effective billing company for your unique practice needs and save thousands of dollars in the process.

                    All of the analysis and consultation is provided at NO additional cost to you. Claim Your Free Consultation Today!

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                    Optimize your medical billing with our list of top medical billing software. Download now, and stay informed.