5 Signs Your Project Management Software Needs an Upgrade

5 Signs Your Project Management Software Needs an Upgrade

Updating your project management software is like getting a new lease on life for you and everyone involved with the job. It’s no understatement that software expires quickly, so it’s important that you think about this decision beforehand so you don’t find yourself with an outdated system.

Watch this insightful webinar as we speak to Brian Cairns, Director of Project Management Portfolio Software, UniPhi, on when to upgrade your project management software.

The webinar will cover:

  • Onboarding tips and tricks
  • How to improve user adoption
  • Integrations to help you scale
  • How to pick a tool that’s the right fit for you
  • How to migrate to a new tool and manage change


Identify Common Signs

Outdated software all have several common signs one needs to watch out for.

Implementation is Essential

Plan a progressive implementation strategy.

Encourage early-adopters

The more people get on-board with the new tool, the better.

Watch Webinar

Learn the way to implement an EHR successfully without any hiccups today!


    Brian Cairns

    Director at UniPhi UK Limited

    Brian has a background in major infrastructure programs in the UK and the Middle East with various clients, global consultants and contractors like Network Rail, HS2, BG Group, Crossrail, and Atkins just to name a few. He was Management Systems Director for AECOM’s Major Projects Group in EMEA, responsible for the implementation of project support solutions and head of its Portfolio Management service initiative. More recently, he was Interim Program Controls Director for Phase 2 of High Speed 2 during its earlier development phase for optioneering and scenario selection, leading towards its parliamentary bill deposit. During the pandemic, Brian joined UniPhi as a Director to introduce the product to the UK and EU markets.

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    Project Management Tools by Monday.com: A Complete Review [2022]

    Project Management Tools by Monday.com

    Project Management Tools by Monday.com: A Complete Review [2022]


    In organizational settings, project management tools are used to increase the efficiency of project planning, team collaborations, reporting, and monitoring – among other things. The valuable administrative input (read: refinement) they add for companies or businesses to manage their workflows comes widely acknowledged by their users. Many of these individuals, a bulk of whom are field veterans, even go so far as to attribute their profiteering success to these utilities; directly equating their use to their shored-up revenue figures.

    Recently, the corporate world has seen a huge surge in the number of project management application practitioners. Companies, enterprises, and freelance teams are switching to the ‘tools-orientation’ in droves to equip themselves against their market competitors. 

    This motivation springs from a resounding belief commonplace nowadays in management circles: Even with all the skilled human resources at an organization’s disposal, the limiting factor for productivity in today’s vicious corporate climate is effective tech entrenchment. 

    Project management tools Monday of course, are part of this picture.

    Post the companies’ ‘conviction stage’, however (almost all agreed on digital management software being a new-age necessity), choosing the right tools from the sheer, surplus variety on offer is a herculean task. 

    Now, being a critical surveyor of all the innovative, B2B (and then some), software solutions available for workflow management on the internet, Software Finder has been able to unearth a clear, crowd-winner – worth, we think, the fanfare it has been receiving.

    Monday.com – an end-to-end project management application that wields its work-systematizing influence right in the first few days of use: our focus in this piece.

    Read on to learn exactly how this ‘functional powerhouse’, as some authorities continue to refer to it, can help streamline your work experience.

    Systematizing through Simplicity: The Monday Promise!

    Project management tools

    If you go through different customer reviews published for the application online, Monday.com stands out as a top-ranked contender in almost every category of analysis.

    Launched in 2014, thousands of business power users from around the globe deploy it daily to see to their workflow concerns. The software’s user-centric project management approach has led to its net worth valuation being set above a whopping  $2 billion; an estimate widely publicized by several industry insiders who understand the difference between charlatans and the real deal.

    As any long-term subscriber would relate, three features set the tool in a different league from its market peers: UI versatility, a unified dashboard, and glitch-free components. These attributes speak to the concern for customer-centricity that has been worked with by the vendor into the platform’s design foundation. And they also hint toward a UX simplicity that fares well in both short- and large-scale enterprise settings. Achieving scale, after all, is a function of clean, well-thought-out, code proceeding with clear logic. This easy ‘directness’ of execution is exhibited in every project administration task mediated by the utility – a quality that is hard not to notice.  

    Some further noteworthy Monday.com best project management software features include the platform’s enviable cloud-based agility that allows users to see to their organizational tasks-flow on the go; as well as the interface personalization option (where subscribers can customize product tools to suit their unique workflow requirements – even for their work quirks!). 

    The added cherry on top comes in the guise of the tool’s core commitment to user-friendliness – already alluded to. This latter design characteristic is a good personification of the developer dictum: sophisticated tech experiences, when blended with a good user engagement profile, are a sure-shot recipe for success.

    If all this critical adulation – plus the recommendations from others – has left you convinced that Monday.com is the right ‘work resolver’ for your business, sign up for a FREE DEMO today – and take our exclusive fast-track route to gain a solid subscription offer today!

    Key Notes on Monday.com Project Management Software:

    • More than 100,000+ companies use Monday.com daily to effortlessly execute their project management initiatives.
    • The software comes with dozens of default templates created to satisfy the dashboard design requirements of even the most demanding users (who still, should these options not quench, have customization options at their disposal).
    • Monday.com offers 4, differently priced, plan arrangements to suit every organizational and/or individual user budget – in addition to free trial access for first-timers.
    • Cross-app integrations enable users to tap into all kinds of functions and features – instead of having to go outside the Monday ecosystem and taking up expensive third-party subscriptions 
    • The tool is structured as a web-based application with a sleek user interface compatible with both PCs and mobiles.

    Project Management Tool Features

    Project management features

    Famous for its platform adaptability and unique tools, Monday.com is a definite value contributor to the general project management niche. Here, we’ve listed some of the prominent software features that you – as a prospective user – should be familiar with.

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    Reports and Analytics

    For a binary analysis, Monday.com serves both simple and advanced – all of the latest order – analytics reports to its customers. The data churned and compiled into reference tables is intuitively prescient – allowing the user to decipher upcoming and incumbent trends in the monitored workflow (and then taking any remedial actions in accordance). These informational nuggets, to their added credit, are simple on the cognition; making it easy for even field non-affiliates to make quick sense of the what’s what that may be brewing inside their company.

    The filter add-ons available in the reports make for another product ‘wiz’ feature; since they allow you to hide all extraneous details that might cloud your judgment. When set to automation mode, the same reports can become real-time performance gauges, delivering a continuous stream of scoops on a focused situation.

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    Now, the software comes with dedicated tutorials crafted to illuminate all its detailed workings – with a separate set for reports and analytics. These can come in very handy if the low learning curve of the utility still proves challenging (a totally understandable prospect for newbies).


    The best project tracking software integration in Monday.com, per our in-house assessment, is the stuff of ‘forecasting genius’.

    No hyperbole! 

    Powered by advanced machine learning capabilities, it allows administrative users to estimate both (macro) organizational and individual worker/team performance with a high degree of accuracy. This feature is a must-have for any enterprise interested in conducting scientific, facts-based, appraisals of its current and projected output. 

    Boards, Columns, and Checklists

    Monday’s dashboard feature, which contains up-to-date boards and checklists, stays true to front-page convention by providing a snap reference to a company’s worker/performance logistics. This integration is broadly divided into three category groupings: 

    • a main board (a kind of master itinerary for all-worker statistics), 
    • a private board (accessible and/or monitoring of a specific/private worker section), and a 
    • shared board (to which external process stakeholders can be granted access). 

    Seamless internal and third-party business collaborations, as a result, are facilitated through the operational clarity effected by these software development aspects.

    The platform’s checklist facility, in addition, is a management panacea for heavily weighed project administrators: through simple checks against completed tasks, they can ensure the continuing, ambiguity-devoid, precision of their workflows – letting their workers know where to best channel their efforts.

    Our takeaway prescription

    As far as well-meaning prescriptions go, you are, of course, advised to sign up for the product DEMO first – gain an immersive understanding of the narrow ways in which the software can help organize your projects.

    No business collective works well with rigidly imposed standardization by any digital solution; there are some internal functions that require a turnkey approach to yield practical results. We believe the Monday project management apparatus also does well here – and so it comes with our approval for confident implementation. 👍

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    Trello vs ClickUp Feature and Pricing Comparison

    Trello vs ClickUp Feature and Pricing Comparison

    Picking a project management tool for your business can be confusing. This is why our experts have designed this simple comparison for you.  

    Fill out the form and get your copy of our one-pager overview for a rundown of what Trello and ClickUp have to offer. 

    Here’s what you’ll learn: 

    • Features 
    • Pros 
    • Cons 
    • Software Finder Score 
    • Pricing 
    • User Reviews 

    Download Comparison Sheet

      10 Best Construction Project Management Software

      Top construction management software

      10 Best Construction Project Management Software


      Having construction management software may be the solution if you can relate to these difficulties faced by project managers in the building industry. You can use the program to expedite every step of your construction project, from drafting the first drawings to creating the actual building. Construction management software can also be used to organize activities and coordinate with team members, track expenditures, and monitor the status of a project. The said application, further, can help you execute high-quality construction projects by improving communication and checking mistakes. 

      The following comparison between the top 10 construction managements solutions currently available within the market will help you choose the one most suitable for your business: 

      construction business

      Accubid Software

      Trimble Accubid software is a comprehensive cost-approximating solution with a flexible (yet rigorous) calculating tool to rapidly and reliably develop estimates. For contractors of all sizes, it offers a versatile solution available in a variety of configurations. 

      Estimating and Time Off 

      You can save the time it takes to produce precise bids and good takeoffs with Accubid software’s estimating features. Here, you can figure the degree of detail you require with the help of advanced features like auto-fitting generation, value engineering, and pre-built assemblies. The platform incorporates Trimble’s ‘AutoBid’ utility that features ‘SheetMetal’: the fastest, most precise estimating solution for sheet metal contractors.  

      Change Management  

      The program’s ‘change management’ function features data synchronization so you can consult your database of previous contract estimates to begin creating new contract papers. It can also be used for faster production and submission of professional change order reports to generate speedier approvals. 

      Accubid Pricing 

      The Accubid subscription pricing depends on your firm’s requirements, and can be tailored accordingly (along with the utility’s features cocktail). In order to generate a quote, you can contact the sales team by filling in the form available on the official vendor profile.  

      Jonas Construction Software

      Jonas construction software is ideal for mid- to large-sized specialist contractors, including plumbers. It has robust financial and reporting capabilities to improve business operations, easily schedule tasks, plan routes, and keep track of all your tech, equipment, supplies, tools, and client history. 


      The Jonas construction software has a full range of accounting features that include general ledger, accounts payable, payable, and accounts receivable functionalities. You can view related documents, such as lien waivers or client receipts or statements, quickly from any internet-connected computer, iPad, tablet, or mobile device. 

      Service Management  

      The platform offers many tools for service management. It lets you quickly generate work orders. You can also maintain complete transparency regarding the types of repairs and maintenance services sought. The program, moreover, comes with the ability to transmit work requests to employees’ mobile devices, such as their Android or iOS mobile phones or tablets, allowing for effective resource management. 

      Jonas Construction Pricing  

      The monthly cost of the premier pricing plan is $249 per month. On the other hand, you can also get a customized cost for an enterprise-grade subscription plan.  

      McCormick Software

      McCormick software is a complete solution for low-voltage, solar, commercial, industrial, residential, and other specialist contractors. Each level of the estimating package offered by it caters to a certain group of contractors, ranging from the lone contractor and small service enterprise to multi-million dollar contracting companies.  

      ‘Four-Level Solutions’  

      A Windows-based estimating system is available from McCormick Systems for residential, industrial, and commercial contractors. The company provides four distinct tiers of estimating tools: WIN 6000, WIN 4000, WIN 3000, and WIN 1000. Each level is designed to meet the needs of a certain class of contractors, from independent contractors and small service providers to large contracting businesses. 

      Bid Automation 

      You can improve data accuracy and decrease manual inputs by automating operations. To speed up takeoffs, prebuilt components and a unique collection of automated procedures are used. Based on the estimation data, you may manage or adjust the birds with ease. This systematization ensures a timely delivery of submissions. 

      McCormick Pricing  

      The official vendor’s software profile does not provide information on McCormick costs. To receive a tailored quotation, you need to submit the specifics regarding the quantity of users and the items you desire. For all sizes of enterprises, this may be useful. 

      Procore Software

      Procore oversees the management of your resources, finances, and projects from project planning to closeout. Every project participant is connected to the owner and general or specialty contractor via the platform. Managers can control project details, plan activities, and monitor progress thanks to the unified dashboard.  


      You can perform quantity takeoffs, estimates, and retrieve expert suggestions rapidly to put your projects in the best possible position for success. Create precise construction cost estimates quickly to win more jobs in less time. AI auto-count takes the role of the needed manual symbol identification for takeoff.  

      Resource Management 

      Make decisions based on information from real-time productivity tracking software to save your labor budget and schedule. Management of documents is essential. Using “Daywork Sheets” to track, record, and capture out-of-scope work helps reduce risk. Automatically notify the office staff so they may submit a change request and arrange payment. 

      Procore can be used to monetize your projects as well. It can also be employed to track labor costs in real-time, identify at-risk work scopes, and act swiftly. All of these things are beneficial for your project’s budget and profitability. 

      Procore Pricing  

      Procore subscription pricing is customized for every company so that small and large businesses are equally supported.  

      Coconstruct Software

      The CoConstruct software is used by custom home builders and remodelers. It gives them access to tools for managing projects, finances, and clients. Users can also sync information from estimates, specifications, choices, bids, change orders, and budgets with QuickBooks.  

      Billing & Purchase Orders 

      The easy-to-use functionality can be useful for POs (Purchase Orders). You can get your subs to approve the job scope and the terms of payment online, and keep tabs on approvals, PO status, and invoicing.  


      Coconstruct can also be used to create as well as customize estimates. Further, it can help generate a cost catalog, make the consumer aware of specific line items, and obtain digital signatures. 

      Coconstruct Pricing  

      There are three plans offered by Coconstruct in pricing options. The essential plan costs $99 per month for every user, advanced is billed $399, and the complete package comes at $899. Each successive option presents a wider range of tools.  

      Buildertrend Software

      Buildertrend aids contractors in completing more tasks while decreasing delays, alleviating miscommunication, and boosting client satisfaction. Several features are available to expedite every step of the building process, including client communication, document management, scheduling, and change order functionality.  

      Specialty Contract 

      There are many tools that take the edge off of specialty contractors. For example, job specifics are liable to get lost if there isn’t one single source of truth. You can keep track of your work, save an infinite number of files, and discuss changes with your team via Buildertrend’s Daily Logs feature. 

      Lead Management  

      The Buildertrend software also provides tools to ensure that you can capture leads and convert them into clients. You can bring your old clients with a simple integration process to merge your old data within the system. Moreover, you can launch mass marketing campaigns and develop one-time or drip campaigns. Moreover, you will be provided access to analyze data to determine how to manage successful campaigns.  

      Buildertrend Pricing  

      A 3-tiered pricing model is available for Buildertrend users. The first plan costs $99 for each user, per month. The Buildertrend cost of the advanced model is $399 and the cost of the last pricing plan is $899.  

      Acumatica Software

      Acumatica offers small and mid-market businesses value through cutting-edge technology, world-class business capabilities, and client-focused business practices. The software’s functions include the management of financials, project accounting, inventory management, and CRM (with integrated workflows). Acumatica, further, supports an open architecture for scalability, usability, and quick integrations. 

      Financial Management  

      The financial management tools can be used to scale across the business. Acumatica’s financial management utilities include access to the General Ledger, cash management, project accounting, and time management functions.  

      Inventory Management  

      The inventory management tools help you sustain your customers. You will gain access to inventory levels no matter where you are. Moreover, you can check stock reserves as well. It also features tools to help you manage back orders, credits, returns, and exchanges. The replenishment tool includes functions for you to reorder points, manage safety stock, and more. 

      Acumatica Pricing  

      Acumatica software pricing comes customized for users after they provide details about the requirements of their firm. The size of your team is a huge contributing factor to the cost quotation.  

      RedTeam Software

      RedTeam is a system for mid-sized commercial general contractors that combines project management, construction financials, and document control. To handle the pre-construction, construction, and project closeout phases, contractors can access this cloud-based application. 

      Preconstruction Tools 

      You can set requirements based on insurance needs, locations, and degrees of expertise, and get quotations from your vendor database. Moreover, you can access the estimating module of RedTeam to communicate demands to your vendors. Once requests have been made, vendors will react to them immediately and start uploading the necessary paperwork. When the vendor quotations are posted, you may compare them side by side to decide which offers the best qualifications. 

      Project Management Tools 

      You can clearly see the crucial component of your project management through the RedTeam submission procedure. You can make requests and submission packages using our platform for managing construction projects. Take advantage of the collaborative functionality to record all the metadata related to this procedure. 

      RedTeam Pricing 

      The RedTeam pricing ensures that flexible options can be customized for all users. It is able to accommodate practices of all sizes so that even startups are supported.  

      MeasureSquare Software

      MeasureSquare provides support to flooring firms. Every size of business can simply measure with laser meters and create floor layouts thanks to the application. It is also possible to create expert estimations which can result in generating on-the-spot signatures.  

      Commercial Flooring Estimates 

      With one simple-to-use tool, MeasureSquare’s Commercial Edition enables teams to takeoff, bid, and sell together. The utility provides estimates for all kinds of floors, walls, and ceilings, including carpet, sheet vinyl, tile, and hardwood. 

       Painting Estimates 

      The commercial estimating tool MeasureSquare can quickly and precisely input PDF painting drawings and estimate paint areas. Produce expert suggestions with colorful drawings for the site painters, and calculate the prices of difficult curved forms, paint supplies, and labor. For paint contractors and property owners wishing to estimate and bid on jobs effectively, the painting estimating software comes as essential. 

      Measuresquare Pricing  

      Measuresquare has different prices available for each product. There is a free trial available for users who want to test the system before they subscribe. Generally, program costs start from $179 per user per month. 

      Stack Software

      Stack provides a single, centralized platform for managing construction where bid procedures are provided to SMBs by the cloud-based construction takeoff and estimating. With the use of takeoff measurement and marking tools, intelligent estimation technologies, reports, real-time collaboration, simplified bidding, and customization options, it strives to give users a precise and adaptable takeoff and estimating solution. Built to fit any trade, it functions effortlessly for regular construction tasks as well as landscaping, roofing, concrete, and masonry jobs. 

      Document Management  

      Staying organized has never been simpler thanks to project plans, specs, and other documents being safely saved in a single, central hub. Through the use of Stack, which makes sorting and searching straightforward and enables team members to quickly discover the information they want, overflowing bins of blueprints and difficult-to-access file servers are eliminated. 

      TakeOff Estimates 

      STACK software surpasses obsolete desktop software and tears through computations with an efficiency that rips through paper and manual approaches. Flexible, user-friendly takeoff tools adapt to your requirements and provide a range of measurement types for rapidly and precisely calculating material amounts. With cloud connectivity, takeoffs continue to move as quickly as you do. You can view documents and communicate from any location and on any device at any time. 

      Stack Pricing 

      The Stack pricing gives you the option to start with a free trial. Meanwhile, the first plan costs $2,444 and the second option costs $5,499. You also have the option to customize a plan based on your firm. 

      7 Key Features of Construction Project Management Software

      construction project management

      Here are the 7 vital tools that are part of a standard digital construction project manager: 

      • Document Management: Document management tool lets you create a single source of truth for your team. You can streamline all your data, create new versions of documents, and organize them too. Moreover, you can archive documents and limit access so only important data is visible.  
      • Scheduling Tools: The project scheduling tools help you keep track of project schedules and ensure you’re able to finish your assignments on time.  
      • RFIs & Submittals: An important tool to look for in a construction management software is RFI (Request for Proposal) so you can track the response. 
      • Purchase Orders: The purchase order features ensure that you keep track of all the material that is bought during the construction project. This feature will help you stay on budget and ensure that all the expenses are recorded.  
      • Safety Management: It is equally important for safety management tools to be maintained as another crucial feature of construction projects. Therefore, a project manager should have safety protocols and standards for your team to follow. Customizable protocols further ensure that your team has safety instructions based on the job site.  
      • Transmittal Management: The project management tool also has the capacity to store the communication that takes place between you and the people you collaborate with.  
      • Time Tracking: It is crucial to track time and make sure that you are ahead of the timeline and that project requirements are being fulfilled in a timely manner.  

      Benefits of Using Construction Software

      benefits of construction software

      Based on project performance, staff availability, and deadlines, the best construction project management software should enable you to modify or update your processes for current projects. You get complete control over your building projects in this manner. 

      You should be able to import outside material, such as images and documents, from your computer, smartphone, or other storage devices using the program you choose. This flexibility allows you to make changes to your project specifics without having to start fresh papers. You may start working on the project by simply uploading already prepared documents. 


      There are several construction project management software applications available in the market and a lot of them share certain similarities. However, when it comes to choosing one, it is important to keep the size of your firm in mind so that you can reap the benefits of the software. It can also be useful to keep in mind the nature of the details that you want. Some tools support better management of tasks whereas others support heavy-duty construction requirements.  

      Asana vs ClickUp Feature and Pricing Comparison

      Asana vs ClickUp Feature and Pricing Comparison

      Picking a project management tool for your business can be confusing. This is why our experts have designed this simple comparison for you.  

      Fill out the form and get your copy of our one-pager overview for a rundown of what Asana and ClickUp have to offer. 

      Here’s what you’ll learn: 

      • Features 
      • Pros 
      • Cons 
      • Software Finder Score 
      • Pricing 
      • User Reviews 

      Download Comparison Sheet

        Asana vs Trello Feature and Pricing Comparison

        Asana vs Trello Feature and Pricing Comparison

        Picking a project management tool for your business can be confusing. This is why our experts have designed this simple comparison for you.  

        Fill out the form and get your copy of our one-pager overview for a rundown of what Asana and Trello have to offer. 

        Here’s what you’ll learn: 

        • Features 
        • Pros 
        • Cons 
        • Software Finder Score 
        • Pricing 
        • User Reviews 

        Download Comparison Sheet

          Top 3 Project Management Tools for the Construction Industry  

          Top 3 Project Management Tools for the Construction Industry 

          Big or small, every project has a lot of moving parts. There are portfolios to manage, budgets to plan, and timelines that need to be set. Spreadsheets can only get you so far when you have a multitude of factors to align and deadlines to meet. 

          Project management tools equip you with a suite of features that help streamline your workflows, keep track of all your resources, and ensure that you achieve every milestone. 

          The problem with picking a project management tool is that there are just way too many options out there. Each tool claims to be the best at what it does and offers a plethora of features. All these options can make picking the right project management tool feel like a project on its own. 

          We’ve surveyed the market and drawn a feature comparison of the top 3 project management tools that meet all the requirements of companies operating in the construction industry. 

          Here’s an overview of the key points in our whitepaper: 

          • A comparison of each tool’s features 
          • How to choose the right tool for your business size (based on industry research) 
          • Updated price plans for each tool
          • Pros and cons 

          Download Whitepaper

          Replace an outdated tool with a better fit.

            Best Project Management Software Monday – Features and Detail Review

            Best Project Management Software Monday - Features and Detail Review 


            Monday com software is a cloud-based work OS (Operating System) that enables teams to confidently manage projects and procedures. It’s a straightforward yet intuitive Work OS that enables teams to design processes, adapt to changing demands, provide transparency, collaborate, and cease performing manual grunt work. Project Management Software Monday facilitates collaboration. 

            Here is a comprehensive Monday project management review to help you evaluate its features.  

            7 Monday com Features

            The following is a comprehensive list of 7 Monday project management features: 


            You can create customizable dashboards on Project Management Software Monday. The dashboards let you keep track of timetables, budgets, and progress. You can also run reports and view information from a bird’s eye view. The dashboards can also be used to enhance collaboration. The data tools can be used to exchange files, allocate tasks to resources, and prioritize assignments as well. You will be able to access important information like who is working on what to help your team stay on the same page.  


            The Kanban board is also integrated into Monday.com as a smart feature. First of all, it can be used to automate grunt work to reduce repetitive manual tasks and focus on executive work. It is also able to offer a mode of communication to your team so they can share updates or feedback to release products successfully. Moreover, it can be used to quickly track iterations and backlogs so you can observe how your team is doing in relation to each goal. 


            Monday also gives you the option to maintain your digital assets. It lets you create a timeline that shows every revision of a file, adding versions as you go and making it easy to see the most recent version. The files feature can also be used to store, arrange, and manage all of the resources on a centralized platform. It lets your team members access relevant information right away when they are working. Moreover, you can upload files in any format from PC, Google Drive, Dropbox, and Box. 


            The docs feature lets you collaborate with your team in real-time. Your team can co-edit the document and share comments with each other. While making actionable lists, you can use the drag-and-drop interface to move your text without interrupting other people who are working on the document. In addition, you can embed videos and dashboards in your documents to make them more dynamic with context.  


            Task automation can be used to ensure that manual tasks management is simplified. It can be used to send emails on due dates. Moreover, you can request updates in real-time. Customizable automation of tasks can also reduce meetings for updates or feedback.  

            Gantt Chart

            The Gantt board can be used to track deadlines. It ensures that everything is finished on schedule, and you can easily view crucial dates, and milestones, and define dependencies for your projects. You can quickly convert spreadsheets into smart boards that you may use to visualize the best gantt chart software.  


            You can connect Monday.com workflows with apps that you work with regularly. There is a wide range of integrations available on Monday including Outlook, Dropbox, Zoom, Excel, and Zapier. 

            Monday Products


            The workforms product supports a no-code builder so you can create customized forms for your company. You can specify criteria to obtain accurate and relevant information. It will help you minimize the back-and-forth loop.  


            The canvas can be used to plan customer journeys, processes, and user flows. It can be used to create diagrams with shapes and arrows that have snap connectors. It has a marker feature so you can express yourself by drawing your ideas.  

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            Benefits of Using Monday Software

            There are many Monday project management benefits: 


            With features like ready-made themes, column kinds, boards, documents, dashboards, and more, it enables you to create a digital workspace for your work. 

            Team Collaboration

            By using the program to exchange updates, monitor performance, view comments, and more, it enables the entire team to work together on a projec


            By delivering insights and reports through dashboards, Gantt charts, and other tools, it supports data-driven decision-making.

            The following is a list of Monday software pros and cons:

            Pros of Using Monday com Software

            • You get immediate access to new tasks and adjustments to old ones thanks to the dashboard. 
            • The update function can be used to ask questions, provide status reports, and make reports.  
            • Instead of having to start from scratch, you can use templates to create tasks or projects.  
            • You can create flexible workflows by using column types and view types that are possible through Gantt and Kanban.  
            • Online teams can work together as they have access to comment on tasks, comment on them, and download them as well.  
            • You can automate mundane tasks and use automation to request updates too.  
            • The setup is flexible and easy.  
            • The interface is simple and user-friendly.  

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            Cons of Using Monday com

            • Monday could benefit from integrations with some apps like Xero or Google Ads to directly manage campaigns.  
            • The basic pricing plan does not offer integration.  

            Project Management Software Monday Pricing

            Individual: Free. It includes limitless boards and documents, 200+ templates, 20+ column types, compatibility for iOS and Android. This option is for up to 5 users.  

            Basic: $8 a month for each other. This option can be used to invite unlimited free guests, access prioritized customer support, and create a dashboard with information from one board.  

            Standard: $10 a month for each user. This option comes with all the capabilities offered in the individual plan in addition to extras like customer support, integrations, and automation of up to 250 activities. It can be used to create a dashboard based on information from five boards. 

            Pro: $16 a month for each user. It contains all the capabilities offered by the basic plan in addition to integrations and automation that can handle up to 25,000 actions per month, private boards and documents, chart views, formula columns, time tracking, dependency columns, and a dashboard with the option of 10 boards. 

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            Enterprise: Contact the Project Management Software Monday sales team to get a price. All of the features offered by the Pro plan are included, along with unlimited enterprise-level automation and integration, enterprise-level security and governance, advanced analytics and reporting, multi-level permissions, tailored onboarding, premium support, and a dashboard combined with up to 50 boards. 

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            5 Signs You Need to Update Your Project Management Software

            5 Signs You Need to Update Your Project Management Software

            If a project management tool isn’t saving your time and making your job easier, then it isn’t a good fit for you. 

            Based on user reviews, we’ve compiled a list of 5 common signs that indicate it’s time for you to update your project management tool. 

            Download our whitepaper to learn about: 

            • How do you know when your tool isn’t working for you 
            • 5 common signs that indicate a disconnect between you and your PM tool 
            • 5 great alternative tools that you can switch to 

            Download Whitepaper

            Replace an outdated tool with a better fit.

              Dos and Don’ts of Selecting Project Management Software in 2022 

              Do's and Don’ts of Selecting Project Management Software in 2022

              Did you know? 

              • 46% of organizations (across all verticals) have a hard time collaborating on projects. 
              • Around 49% of these have seen one or more of their projects fail in the last 12 months. 

              Staggering, worrying figures. 

              Luckily, there’s an inexpensive solution to nipping this problem in the bud: software to keep a project/workflow situation from going off the rails.

              Project Management Software (or ‘PM Software’, as we like to call it in shorthand). 

              Defined as: 

              ‘A tool that helps project managers coordinate between individuals or business units, both internally or externally, to complete tasks that involve a variety of deliverables or creatives.’ 

              A solid project management software subscription can facilitate all kinds of organizations – from small-sized, 1-50, person concerns to multinational conglomerates – in streamlining their workflows. And more efficient work processes, as experience dictates, come directly tied to larger profits coupled with minimized wastage. 

              Selecting a suitable project management suite, however, can be a daunting affair – for the simple reason that the market comes flooded with a confusing medley of options. 

              How do you know which one to go for when they all seem so feature-rich? 

              Well…this webinar is meant to help you answer this question. 

              By watching this webinar, you’ll learn:

              • The pricing/plan offers of the top PM tools in 2022 
              • Common pitfalls of dealing with customer support (plus their workarounds) 
              • Expectations vs. reality during onboarding 
              • Hidden costs of implementation and how to minimize them 

              KEY TAKEAWAYS

              Prioritize Business Goals

              Write down all your requirements and what is most important to track and report on for your company. 

              Keep the budget in mind

              There are a variety of pricing levels available that are the best fit for your organization.  It truly depends on the size of your business. 

              Customer service is Key

              Evaluate what offline customer service is like. 

              Watch Webinar

              Learn the way to implement an EHR successfully without any hiccups today!


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