Enhance Your Content with the New Features from Confluence

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Enhance Your Content with the New Features from Confluence

Confluence is known as the hub of the workplace. This is where the creation and timely distribution of content is essential. A workspace where teams can share knowledge and collaborate. Today, around 60,000 customers use Confluence to collaborate on projects ranging from lengthy content to meeting notes. Offered at an affordable cost, Confluence comes with new features to enhance your content.

Who Should Use Confluence?

Before we dive more into the new features of Confluence project management software, first you need to understand who should use this platform.

Any team can use Confluence review to ensure important knowledge is not buried or forgotten by those loaded emails. But this applies as well to all knowledge-sharing tools. So, who exactly should use Confluence?

Confluence is basically designed for software engineers and development teams. However, this tool provides support to other professionals including sales, marketing, and product design. Yet, this is the tool that actually focused on development.

Apart from its inexpensive cost, Confluence task project management software is the only product on the market that offers new features to enhance content. But first, let’s see how the written communication and content creation used today can be improved to move into the next era of work.

With the frequency of face-to-face meetings becoming much less frequent, verbal communication and written collaboration turn out to be the key to successfully navigating the virtual workforce. From slides to project pages to meeting notes, employees write page-by-page to keep team members on the move. Indeed, this is not just about working together. More than that, this is about staying in touch with the people behind it.

Why Do You Need to Enhance Your Content with Confluence?

How do you increase engagement and ensure that an important presentation or project grabs your viewers’ attention?

The main readers are scattered across time zones, sometimes lagging behind or ahead all day long. Valuable ideas may be buried or lost as all scattered team members create and add more content to the dummy.

This is where the software of Confluence works well to help in using knowledge content to create a single source of information. In this way, it ensures that your content is visible to your readers.

Below are some reasons to enhance your content with this tool.

  • Create more ways to express yourself

What about teams that use other forms of content creation and presentation? Even before telecommuting turned out to be the norm for some companies, Atlassian was laying the groundwork for moving the team beyond just written words. As teams become more comfortable working on their own, they continue to look to the future to diversify the shape of work.

Confluence helps you save more time and cost to spend to write quality content. Even better, this tool provides more ways to express yourself.

  • Strengthening social bonds

How do team members who have never met face-to-face build relationships beyond their routine work? It can be difficult to see the creators behind your Confluence pages. This applies especially when your work is the main focus of your interactions with your teams. Separated by time and space, team members must challenge themselves to forge off-topic friendships.

Each of these areas is equally important to successful collaboration. Yes, it is not only about content creation. It is more about seeing the writers behind the scenes so we can all get in touch.

How the New Features From Confluence Enhance Your Content?

With the new enterprise project management software from Confluence, you can collaborate with your teams in new and better ways. How? Here is how!

  • Smart links make it easier for content development

Now when you paste a link from YouTube or another tool like Trello into Confluence, this action is displayed in a default format. You can also add informative visuals to your pages and give your readers more value in one easy-to-understand package.

  • More visuals add color to the content

Do you know the old saying that honey catches more flies than vinegar? The same goes for the eyes and sight, as more than 65 percent of the population has been trained in visual perception.

Now you can break down the wall of black and white text and enhance your Confluence page with a cover image or header emoji.

You can also get lively images for more options to express your ideas and show the person behind the screen. A custom space avatar provided by this tool lets you literally invest beneficial cost in everything you do in Confluence.

These amazing features are especially useful for team members who connect remotely and have never met the team in person.

  • Turn your pages into blogs for more engagement

General pages are the best place to record your ideas. But based on the review, these general Confluence pages are not quite ideal for sharing content with a larger audience. Think of it as a text message with a picture. To multiple people than posting on social media.

We know that blogs get 59 percent more engagement from readers, including likes, comments, and content sharing. Well, now you can easily turn pages from your personal space into blog posts. Then you can instantly distribute it to your team, department, or company.

  • Schedule the publication time of your content

When working in a remote world, the peak traffic of the time zone can be in the middle of the night for other important readers. With project management software from Confluence, you can ensure your content will be scheduled when your page or blog starts. This feature handles prime-time launches. Thus, you can simply focus on your next project.

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The Pricing Details

Now the big question is, how much Confluence cost do you need to spend for Confluence?

Confluence offers flexible pricing. Far better, this tool has a free plan for teams of up to 10 people. Meanwhile, you can also get the Standard plan for $5.50 per user monthly. For a more advanced one, you can go for the Premium plan by paying $10.50 monthly.

Still getting confused? Check out the demo on Confluences official website.

Have a nice day!

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All You need to know about Agile tools for Project Management

Why Do You Need the Best Software for Project Management?

All You need to know about Agile tools for Project Management

Choosing the right best agile project management software for your organization is crucial. It can make the difference between a successful or a disastrous project. The software will help you stay on top of your projects, but it will also improve the communication and collaboration of your team members. The following list will give you a few suggestions of the best tools for this purpose.

Types of Agile Project Management Tool

There are several types of agile project management software available. If you are trying to manage large teams of people, you will probably find that SpiraTeam is the best option. You can customize templates based on your specific workflow and use its customizable features. If you are a marketing team, you might consider SpiraTeam as your agile tool. This software includes colorful views that make it easier to scan projects. It is also possible to configure your team’s steams workspace based on the project’s requirements.

Scrum is the best option for managing your projects. Choosing the best agile project management software will help you achieve your goals. With its easy-to-use features, it can help you create successful projects. You can easily share information with your team members and collaborate with the team. In addition to saving money and time, it also allows you to develop strong relationships with other members. Regardless of the type of project, you’re working on, implementing an agile project management tool is wise for your company.

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Once you’ve determined the right agile project management software, it’s time to evaluate the various features. Many tools allow you to view multiple projects simultaneously, and

you can even view projects from different views. The software helps you identify any delays and adjust priorities most effectively. This feature is handy for managers. Next, read agile project management software reviews for more understanding. Detailed reports can help them identify any problems or lags within a project and help motivate your team. The best agile project management software also has a short learning curve and allows you to create multiple project views.

Small and Large Companies

In addition to these features, Agile project management software can help you align your business with your organizational goals. In addition to helping your team accomplish their goals, it also makes your squad steams work more accessible, allowing your team to focus on the most tasks. As a result, Agile project management software is an excellent choice for task management software for small business. It is highly recommended and provides numerous benefits for both organizations. When you start a project, you’ll be able to track all the activities and collaborate with your colleagues.

Support Multiple Departments

Agile project management software is a must-have if you want to succeed in your business. Marketing project management software helps your team to plan and effectively manage projects. It must also provide custom workflows that automate the assignment of tasks. Finally, it should provide tools for managing projects. If you are using this type of software for your organization, make sure it supports your industry. The software should have the capacity to support multiple departments. Track the Progress of the Projects.

Top Project Management Software Comparison: BQE Core vs Bigtime

The software should allow you to prioritize your tasks, and it should allow you to track the progress of the projects on which you are working. It should also give you visibility into the ongoing activities like Aha project management software. It should integrate with other systems in your organization, making it possible for your team to work together without any obstacles. An excellent agile project management software should have the following features: It should be easy to use, intuitive, and customizable, which means you can easily adjust to your customer’s needs.

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, Another critical factor for agile project management software is to ensure that you can communicate with your team. Aim for continuous collaboration between teams. You should be able to get the same team member involved in the project. A collaborative environment is essential for a smooth project. In agile projects, you should engage with the client as often as possible, and for better understanding, you can watch Aha Software Demo and many other Agile software demos. If you need to communicate with your team, you should consider Agile project management. It is better to communicate with your clients than to traditionally manage multiple projects.

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Best Tool for Manage Projects and How Does It Work?

Why Do You Need the Best Software for Project Management?

Best Tool for Manage Projects and How Does It Work?

Airtable turns out to be a popular project management tool that claims to solve all your workflow problems. If you are interested in using this tool you need to get a better understanding of it. In this review, we will discuss Airtable and how it works.

A Brief about Airtable

Airtable software is basically an online system that allows teams of employees to store, share, and co-edit information. The information we are talking about here can be ideas, inventory, tasks, or anything else. All of this may sound unclear but think about an application without examples or comparisons.

You may already know that you can put information in a spreadsheet-like Google Sheets and invite people to view or edit it with you. This sheet can contain very basic information such as a list of names and addresses. Or it could be very complex, such as a financial accounting system linked to another spreadsheet.

This tool is quite similar to shared spreadsheets with two key differences. First, the software of Airtable allows you to manage databases rather than sheets. The databases are more complex without going into the details of how spreadsheets fluctuate from databases. Second, based on the Airtable review from users, Airtable is easy to use and even non-Excel experts can use it.

What You Can Do with Airtable?

Airtable offers innovative software to create and edit databases among groups of people. A database is just a set of items grouped together. You can start by creating a database that lists all the content you have on your website that needs to be updated.

Design records in your database to include fields such as article title, URL, original author, publication date, and update due date. You can then invite editors and authors to the database to assign their work and maybe tick a checkbox in each record in each record in the database. Ultimately, this database can be used to indicate when an article update is complete.

From the demo, we can see that Airtable best project tracking software comes with a set of useful templates that can give you more ideas on how to use it. For example, there are templates for social media calendars, wedding planning, grant tracking for non-profit organizations, employee registration, bug tracking, product launches, and more.

How to Use Airtable Software?

When you use this Airtable software for the first time, you will quickly notice the great presentation. Everything you need and a few nuisances like the menu in the menu you see on some competitors. Indeed, there is a lot to like here. Airtable demo is available for better undertsanding.

Airtable uses different terminology than most other project management software. For example, Airtable is organized into “workspaces” where each workspace can have an unlimited number of “bases” or projects. This organization makes it easier for you to manage multiple projects. This is a plus point for a great review of Airtable.

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The tasks in Airtable software are named “records,” while the term “workflow” is known as a more general way of dictating the tasks. It seems a bit burdensome, like clicking the tab for a view and then selecting one of the pop-up fields from the left toolbar. However, creating a new record and switching between views is pretty easy. You will be able to process it more smoothly.

Other menus are very similar to other project management tools. Thus, be prepared for a bit of confusion if you need to change a lot of items or install new applications. On the other hand, Airtable is amazing with its well-designed interface. You will not need to spend more than a second or two to find the tab you want. Thus, we can say that this is user-friendly software to use.

Let’s Talk About the Cost for Airtable

Speaking of the Airtabale cost, Airtable comes with four rate plans including Free, Professional, Plus, and Enterprise. The tool is offering discounts on these plans for non-profit work and educational institutions.

  • Free plan

This plan gives you unlimited database use and no limit to the number of people you invite as contributors. However, the number of records per database is limited to 1200 and you will get 2 GB of disk space for each database.

This is a fairly large amount if you are not managing a huge investment. You are also limited to two weeks of change history, snapshots, and 100 automated runs per month. Automation refers to tasks such as sending notifications or creating calendar items that are triggered by conditions.

You can think of it in the form “When X happens, do Y automatically.” Each occurrence of one of these operations counts as one execution.

  • Plus plan

This is the next level of service. The cost is $12 per person monthly or $120 per person yearly. You can have as many databases and contributors as you need. Additionally, the number of records in the database grows to 5000. Storage grows to 5 GB per database. What’s more, you will also get 6 months of change and snapshot history. Plus, 5000 automation runs are provided for you monthly.

  • Pro plan

This plan costs $24 per person monthly or $240 per person yearly. At this level, the number of records in the database will be increased to 50,000. Additionally, 20 GB of space will be provided for each database. You will get one year of revision history and snapshots, along with 50,000 automated runs monthly.

This plan also comes with priority support, custom branding forms, personal views, and a few other advanced features.

  • Enterprise plan

For this level, you will need to contact the company for a quote. This plan extends most Pro account limitations and adds control.

The best part? Airtable offers a great 14-day trial.

Wrapping Up

No matter which type of business you are running, managing your projects is the main task you will need to handle properly. For this, you need to implement the right software for task management.

So, based on the review of Airtable above, are you getting excited to give it a try? The choice is yours!

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Why Do You Need the Best Software for Project Management?

Why Do You Need the Best Software for Project Management?

Why Do You Need the Best Software for Project Management?

Managing your marketing project management can be confusing without a structured process. This is where the marketing project management software for can eventually help you. The software will assist you to plan, collaborate, and track your marketing projects. Yet, you surely need the best software for this. Why? In this post, we will dive more into this.

What Can Marketing Project Management Software Do for Your Business?

Without any doubt, marketing project management stuff can be really difficult. Many people, variables, and resources you need to involve. Notwithstanding, delivery is time-sensitive and customers want to be actively engaged.

Marketing project management includes the following activities:

  • Planning campaigns
  • Managing the tasks
  • Basic management
  • Managing the workload
  • Team collaboration
  • Communicate with customers
  • Time tracking

Well, all these activities can be well-performed when you have the best marketing software project management tasks.

Who Needs Project Management Software?

The marketing project management software is a must for marketing teams of all sizes and types. This is for sure. Specifically, those that need to use this software are such as:

  • Marketing Consultant
  • Internal Marketing Team
  • Freelancer
  • Designer
  • Advertising Agency
  • Brand Management Company

Most of the above marketing teams use the software to plan, manage, and track their campaign activities. Meanwhile, some others use the tool to simply collaborate and share progress.

Why Does the Marketing Team Need This Software?

Whether you are a single marketer or work in a team, this project management software can really help you optimize your work.

Why? What features do your marketing team need? Depending on the benefits you are looking for, you can choose the best project management software for your marketing team.

Yet, when choosing the best one, there are some important features you need to watch for.  

  • Timeline

It is a good idea to plan your project schedule with team availability and vacation in mind. This feature offers a complete picture of your campaigns and team features.

  • Task Management

This feature assists you to assign tasks, manage workflows, and track campaign progress.

  • Board

With this feature, you can manage campaign ideas and recapitulations.

  • Attach Files

This feature makes it easier to share projects, specifications, and other documents between teams and stakeholders.

  • Workload Management

This one works well in preventing commands from being corrupted or overloaded. In this way, you can manage your team’s abilities effectively.

  • Time Tracking

This feature helps to bill customers based on the time the team spends on campaign activities.

  • Reports and Alerts

With this one, you can communicate project progress and important deadlines both inside and outside the team.

In addition to those features, there are also two important factors you should consider.

  • Ease of use

You should consider whether the tool makes it easier for your team to create and update project information? Otherwise, your team will waste time or, worse, stop using the tool.

  • Your spending budget

Does the tool fit your budget? From many reviews, we can find how some software tools for project management marketing are priced monthly for each user. Yet, you need to consider the budget to cover your entire team and customers.

What Are the Benefits?

Undoubtedly, every single business activity you do has to benefit your company. Speaking of marketing software for project management, there are convincing benefits you can get from using this tool.

  • Proper project plan

This tool helps you to schedule the project based on previous experience.

  • Capture ideas for your marketing campaign

With this tool you can capture, organize, and prioritize ideas for your marketing campaign.

  • Easy tracking

You can easily track the campaign tasks, track progress, and adjust schedules as needed.

  • Allocate the resource

You can plan resource availability when needed and allocate it accordingly.

  • Communication and collaboration

This tool helps you make campaign information available when you need it. In this way, assists your team members to work together on overlapping tasks.

  • Save your documents and files

With this tool, you can save all design and technical documents available to team members in one place.

  • Assists in customer relations

You can get permission and notify customers of campaign progress.

  • Time tracking

This tool will also help you to track time spent on campaign activities.

  • Overview

Makes it easier to overview your campaign design and your team’s ability to avoid congestion and tension.

In simple words, marketing project management software is definitely a must-have for your marketing team.

How to Choose the Best Software for Marketing Project Management?

Choosing the best software can help you optimize your project management marketing campaigns. On the other hand, choosing the wrong tool can make your team dislike or stop using it altogether.

Here are some steps you can take to choose the best software for your team.

  • Determine the capabilities you need based on the needs of all stakeholders

Decide how much you will spend each month on it. If you plan to use complex software, you should also consider the cost of customization and training.

  • Choose depending on your feature set and budget

Most software tools have generous free plans, while others have free trials. Use that free option to test the tools with your team and choose the one that works best for your team.

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What about Kanban Software?

The best Kanban software can help you increase visibility and facilitate team collaboration. The tool offers amazing features such as tracking, work-in-progress limits, reporting, and more to help drive continuous process improvement.

Digital Kanban tools can be the best software that offers a more convenient and cost-effective solution. Why? Because they offer various useful built-in features.

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The Kanban Software Project Management allows you to effectively visualize, organize, and manage your work. With this software, you can focus on reducing waste, automating workflows, forecasting from historical data, and delivering real value to customers.

Most importantly, this software also makes it easy to manage remote teams, monitor and analyze the workflows.

How Much Does It Cost?

The Kanban software cost starts at $5 monthly for each feature. Meanwhile, you can get the Enterprise plan for $9 monthly. The best thing is, you can try out its free version as well.  

Well, what do you think? Is it worth trying?

How to Successfully Collaborate at Work – Tips and Tricks

Project Planning – Why Do You Need the Right Software for It?

How to Successfully Collaborate at Work - Tips and Tricks

What is a Project Management Software

Project management software essentially creates a platform for a team to be able to collaborate and work in tandem with one another. In this piece, we will be giving you some tips on which software are good options for your project management needs and how this software helps you to collaborate together as a team which is very important.

This software not only helps you convert bigger goals into smaller tasks but allows the entire team to have access to this information. Team members can be assigned tasks and everyone can monitor the progress on how a task is going as well as have a realistic timeline for when the project will be completed. The software also allows team members to be able to communicate with each other through instant messaging features on this software which help them keep up with what everyone is doing. Apart from that, the software also has whiteboard or discussion forums where everyone can add ideas and everyone is able to view them and collaborate, add and expand on them further!

All in all, being able to collaborate with team members no matter where they are is possible with this cloud-based software which makes everything much more accessible and hence makes teamwork so much easier. In this piece, we will tell you about several software you should know about which make collaboration easy; Miro to Monday.com and much more! We will also tell you about things such as Miro cost and features of Monday.com and so much more!

Best Project Management Software to Consider


Miro is a great tool for team mates to be able to collaborate with one another. This software gives user communication options which are endless. The software allows you to pin tasks, ask for comments, approvals and more. This means if the project has to go through checks then Miro is an ideal software for you to be able to do so. The software also has a collaborative whiteboard feature which allows you to write ideas, plans and more and share them with your team who can add their own thoughts as well! The Miro cost depends on the number of users who will be using the software. The more the number of users, the higher the cost for the software will be.


One step ahead of having a project management software is to have a website like Monday software which allows you to make your own project management software. This software is very rudimentary and allows you to make things easier for your needs. The monday.com cost is about $8 per user which is very affordable and helps make things convenient since even a big team is able to use this software for their needs.


ActiveCollab as the name itself suggests helps team members to collaborate with each other online successfully. The software has a myriad of features which make collaboration so much easier. The time tracking feature in this software helps get an idea of the estimated time that you need to keep in mind for a project to be completed. The software also has a written document feature which lets you collaborate with other team members. You can use this sheet to write ideas, make plans and much more. All team members are able to look at this sheet and add their own ideas and make additions which they think are necessary.


Bitrix24 is another software that we need to talk about. This software has an instant messaging feature which helps you streamline communication significantly. This feature allows team members to be in constant communication with one another which is very helpful. This keeps everyone on the same page and helps get updates even more efficiently than before. The software also has a daily planner feature, this feature helps you make a plan for daily tasks which need to be completed. Making daily lists that can be viewed by the entire team helps you in keeping everyone on the same page and getting results much more efficiently than before.


Airtable is also a great software for project management and collaboration between team members. This software has a tagging feature which lets users use specific tags to separate tasks according to their nature or the person they are assigned to. The software also has a great combined workflow feature which lets the entire team view the tasks, who they are assigned to, estimated time for them to be done and much more. All of this helps you to make things easier for collaboration as everyone can view all aspects of a project and what stage it is in which is very helpful!

Which Project Management Software you Should Opt for

Now that we have discussed a number of software which are great for your needs we will be telling you how to go about choosing the right software from among them. We firstly recommend asking for a demo or a trial of the software to see whether it works well for you since seeing the software in action is the best way to determine if it is right for you.

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We also suggest that you look at the cost of the software and choose one which makes sense for you and your work. Miro cost for example might be ideal for you which is a good reason to heavily consider this software over others since the cost is a big factor in choosing software for your business.

We are sure whatever software you choose will end up being the right call for you!

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