CureMD Vaccine Management System

The world is still in recovery from the pandemic. While the virus still exists, its threat is greatly minimized, with companies like Sinovac Biotech and Sinopharm actively working on perfecting the vaccine. However, making a vaccine and delivering it are two different things. That’s where CureMD comes in with its new vaccine administration management system.

CureMD, one of the leading healthcare systems provider, has recently launched its vaccine administration and management system to help accelerate global vaccination. They’ve also made these systems available at various healthcare organizations, government agencies, and non-profit medical facilities.

CureMD’s rapidly adaptable vaccine management system will play an essential role in maximizing vaccination efforts worldwide. It’ll help practitioners administer and manage vaccine and track vaccinated patient’s vitals.

After their launch, Bilal Hashmat, the CEO of CureMD, stated, “We believe that technology must play a critical role to simplify the vaccination process; enable healthcare leaders with data-driven decisions to vaccinate billions of people at an unprecedented scale. We are committed to our responsibility of making an efficient, rapidly deployable solution that is smart, user friendly, and affordable.” 

What’s In It For You?

CureMD’s vaccine management system is an intuitively designed platform that helps you manage, administer, and outreach patients at high-risk at scale. It also enables you to simplify your patient experience and automate workflows through top-notch features that include:

Patient Outreach: You can communicate and engage with patients through email and text messages with CureMD’s vaccine management system. Simultaneously send messages to hundreds of patients, remind them of their second dose, and track any adverse or allergic reactions.

Eligibility & Intake: You can also do some pre-arrival health screening to separate ineligible patients and sign consent forms to reduce waiting time. This way, when the patient arrives, they’re all set for their vaccination.

Online Appointments: Each vaccination site has a limited number of inventory available and a foxed number of people they can vaccinate. So CureMD’s vaccine management system provides contactless visits and online appointments to help manage expected patient volumes.

Autonomous Billing: You can also send instant insurance claims as soon as you’re done with your administrative workflows for a seamless experience.

Registry Reporting: Vaccination sites have to submit a detailed registry to state immunization registries. CureMD’s vaccine management system helps submit automated registry reports to your state immunization registries.

One-Click Documentation: To maximize patient care, you can use CureMD’s one-click documentation with data-driven templates that help save time and effort. 

Inventory Management: CureMD’s vaccine management system understands your demand and supply patterns and helps you forecast trends to minimize waste and surplus and maximize positive patient outcomes.

Outcome Monitoring: You can easily send program surveys to hundreds of patients, launch mass-follow-up campaigns, and set auto-generated responses.

Fast-Track Vaccine Delivery Worldwide

The threat of COVID-19 still lingers on. However, the new vaccines from Sinovac Biotech and Sinopharm have shown promising results in many cases. However, making a vaccine and making it available for the mass population globally are two different stories. That’s where CureMD’s new vaccine management and administration system comes in.

CureMD’s vaccine administration and management system helps practitioners all over the world fast-track vaccine delivery. With top-notch features like patient outreach, one-click documentation, inventory management, and outcome monitoring, you can easily administer vaccines at scale.

Their system is also available at various government agencies and healthcare facilities all over the US.

To know more about CureMD and its plethora of services, click here.

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