EMR Platforms for Dentistry

While there is no legal requirement or mandatory directive by the American Dental Association for dentistry practices to shift to EHRs, there are a lot of dentists who are now making the switch. It’s not just because of the payment reductions that have been introduced but also to improve clinical efficiency. These payment reductions start at 1% and can go up to 5%, depending on which state you are in. 

Apart from saving money, Dentistry EHR Software can do wonders for your dentistry practice by helping you manage your patient schedules, log your appointments, streamline workflows, simplify charting, and make the general process of on-boarding a patient better. All in all, this software makes things a lot easier at your medical practice. In this piece we will be outlining some of the features of the best EHR system for dentists in the market right now. 

How an EHR Software Helps Improve your Dentistry Practice

So what are some of the ways an EHR software can help your dentistry practice? Here’ we’ve outlined some of the top benefits that you will see after implementing a Dentistry EHR Software in your practice. 

Improved Levels of Patient Safety 

There is nothing more important than patient safety. With an EHR software, you can easily ensure this since the software has built-in protocols that essentially act as reminders, increasing patient safety, and quality of care. Some practices have reported that they have been able to reduce their malpractice related premiums due to the increase of quality of care they are able to provide their patients. 

No More Files and Folders Cluttering up the Office 

There is nothing more annoying than filling out paperwork by hand and then filing it in an overflowing cabinet. It is all the more annoying when you have to go back and find that file. However, with an EHR system, all these worries go away since everything is digitalized and files are kept online. You can search your EHR software for the relevant information simply by typing the patient’s name.

Patient Billing Made Simple

With an Electronic health record software, you increase the likelihood of being paid on time and reduce the time payment usually takes. With the decrease in coding errors since codes are already fed into the software, you increase the likelihood of getting paid several times. The software also helps you save money on human capital, paper, and other costs that would be associated with doing billing manually without the help of a software. 

Top 5 EHR for Dentistry Practices in 2021

ACE Dental

ACE Dental is a trendy EHR option because of the fantastic features it has. A lot of ACE Dental reviews talk about how the software has a great interface that is not only easy to navigate through but also very easy to use. The software has specialty-specific templates that can be further customized according to your needs and preferences, making ACE Dental a great EHR option for you. 

What makes Ace Dental one of the best dentistry EMR software is that it can easily integrate with a billing software provided by the same vendor who offers ACE Dental. All in all, this is a great software option for you! 

Planet DDS Denticon

The next dental EMR system on our list is Planet DDS Denticon is another great EMR option for your dentistry practice. The software has both on-site and cloud access deployment options, which you can choose from. It can also be accessed on the go from your mobile device, an added perk of this software. 

The interface for this software is straightforward and mimics traditional paper charting methods so that it is incredibly easy for you and your team to adapt to this new software instead of using traditional paper and pencil methods of data entering and adding patient information. The software also has a great e-prescription and online lab reporting tool, which streamlines patient care for you a lot!


RXNT EHR Software is a very popular option and is a great cloud-based software and a great EMR for dentistry that is accessible anywhere due to its cloud-based sensibilities. The software can be accessed through a mobile device and allows clinicians to use the practice management features. Overall, the software makes on-boarding and taking care of patients in the long run much easier. The software has a unique feature: the patient encounter module that acts like an engagement tool that you and your patient can use to order lab results and check them. 

Overall, RXNT is a great option for a dentistry practice since the features work well with the practice. 

MOGO Cloud

If you have even googled the term EHR, you will have come across the name MOGO Cloud because of how popular this software is. The amount of features MOGO Cloud offers you is incredible. The software has a great patient portal feature that allows your patients to log in to a patient-facing interface and make their own appointments. This feature takes off a lot of burden from your shoulders since patients make their appointments, the software also automatically sends them reminders, patients can fill in their information before the appointment, and all in all, a lot of things are made easier with this software being involved in it. 

There are thousands of medical practices across the United States alone that use this software for their EHR needs.

Curve Dental

Another great option for a dental EMR software for your dentistry practice is Curve Dental, which has been around for a while and is a very trusted name in the medical software industry. The software has a lot of great features that make managing your medical practice very easy. The EHR has a great patient referral portal, which essentially allows for you to make referrals for patients within seconds instead of the hours or even days it took previously. 

The EHR also has a very easy to use patient history feature, which essentially lets you look at your patient’s medical history at a glance so you know how to go about their treatment and have all the information needed about their particular case. 

Overall, Curve Dental Software helps you become a better dentist who can provide better medical care, which is essentially something any practitioner would want!

Final Verdict

If you’ve enjoyed reading this article, you are probably wondering which one of these EHR software is the right fit for your practice. While there are some EMR software that take precedence over others. We suggest doing your own research to see whatever software you are considering meets your medical practice requirements and has features that will be beneficial to you. 

All in all, we also recommend you ask the vendor of whichever software you are considering most seriously for a demo of that software so that you can make an informed decision after you have seen the software in action. Since just reading about the features and seeing them in action are two completely different things.

If you are interested in purchasing an EHR for your medical practice, we suggest reading our whitepaper guide on how to get the most out of an EHR vendor demonstration to make a better informed decision here.

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