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An EHR is an electronic medical records software that makes managing and running day-to-day activities in your medical practice easier. These days EHR software have become incredibly advanced and specialized in any medical field or practice. Similarly, a family medical practice should not settle for a generic EHR software because it simply doesn’t offer the services they need. Instead, a specialty-specific Family Practice EMR software for family practices is a far better choice. 

Recent studies tell us that a family practice needs to see 12 patients per day to cover their running costs, which does not include any salaried doctors or partners. So on one side, you need to cut costs, and on the other, streamline workflows.

Both of these requirements are easily met with a Family Practice EMR software.

Can an EMR Software Optimize Your Family Practice?

So how exactly will a medical EHR software help your family practice? Well, as your practice grows and you start to get more patients, you will eventually see that there are only so many files and folders than you can house in your cabinets. With a few patients and appointments, you will see that finding their files is difficult, and for patients who have the first appointment of the day, you might just get late because their file was too hard to find in your ever-growing pile.

All of this and more can be sorted out with an EHR for family practice. With this software, you can essentially schedule all your appointments; you can also save all your patients’ files, test results, and information digitally. So essentially, no physical space will ever be occupied with files and folders. All essential data you need to run your medical practice will stay in your computer or in a cloud server for the EHR company. 

From simplifying billing for you to helping you communicate with patients more easily and securely, a Family Practice EHR can bring you a lot of benefits. Now you’re probably wondering which software is an ideal choice for your family practice? We have got you covered. We have compiled a list of 5 top-rated family practice EMR software of all time!

Best EHR for Family Practices


NextGen is a very popular EHR software that is very easy to integrate into your medical practice and other software you might already be using. If you were using any kind of software to manage your schedules or patient data, then with NextGen, you can sync all of the information on to it for a better experience. 

According to NextGen reviews online, one of the most popular features is the mobile charting feature it affords its users. With this feature, you are able to chart patient data on the go. You can also look at your patient’s information anywhere, and this feature is very handy for physicians who have to travel to several hospitals to keep up with patients. With NextGen, not only will you forever rid your office of hundreds of patient files and folders, but you will also be able to search up patient files in seconds, which saves both you and your patients precious time. 

Centricity Practice Solution

With Centricity, you have a lot of benefits, and the software essentially manages your entire practice for you. One of the best features of this software is the patient portal, which allows patients to sign in to a patient-facing portal, which allows them to execute several tasks such as scheduling their appointments, checking their results, and communicating securely with their physician. All of this essentially means that you can relax about some areas of running your medical practice, such as scheduling appointments and reminding patients of their upcoming appointments. 

Another great feature of this software is the A/R Accelerator, which essentially streamlines the process of onboarding a patient, managing claims, and checking if they are eligible for insurance. The software allows you to collect payments onsite, which essentially allows for you to reduce the number of non-payments medical practices have to suffer through.


Kareo is another great software and a very well known name in the world of EHR software. The software is generally very easy to navigate, and users quickly grasp how to use it according to various Kareo EHR reviews online. The company invests a lot of money in their trainers. While they do not charge extra for training, they provide top-notch training services to their clients. 

With Kareo EHR, your billing needs are met, and making insurance claims is the easiest as it will ever be since the software automates the entire process. You reduce the risk of incorrectly charging patients almost completely.


AdvancedMD is also a very popular EHR software generally because of the number of great features it has. The software allows you to focus on your patients as it takes care of the management side of things. With AdvancedMD, you can stick to your patient charting habits, and the software adapts to them. 

If you make handwritten notes, then the software has handwriting recognition technology, which essentially digitizes your handwritten notes into a text-based form to access and read later easily. 


As a physician, you are probably overwhelmed with treating your patients, so that running the business side of your medical practice might be overwhelming. The software essentially streamlines your entire practice so that onboarding your patient, adding patient updates, patient billing, and everything else is as easy as it can be. 

The software also has a great report and analysis feature, which lets you look at your financial situation with its revenue cycle management capabilities. The feature in NueMD looks at what has changed financially for you or what can be improved so that your financial situation as a business can be in the best form possible. 

Conclusion - Redefine Your Family Practice

Now you are probably wondering which one of these medical software we recommend to you. While we cannot make a recommendation without knowing your medical practice’s specifics, we do recommend that you do your own research as well. Reading user reviews for EHR software is always helpful. 

We also recommend you ask the vendor of the software you are leaning towards the most for a demo of that software so that you can ensure that the software is right for you and your needs! 

Finding the best family practice EMR software all by yourself isn’t an easy task. That’s why you’re not alone. Get in touch with our EMR consultants today for personalized EMR recommendations.

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