How Can Small Practices Avoid Healthcare Software Implementation Mistakes?

ChiroTouch Software is a company for chiropractic practices to manage their daily practices. It was established in 1999 and since has been used by 21,000 chiropractic practitioners in USA.  

The software has both, on-premises and cloud-based systems available depending on the need and size of the business. The option is available in reasonable prices as well.  

The software has features that cater the needs of the patients as well as the doctors. The patients can fill the in-take forms before visiting the doctor. Such features save time for the doctors and patients on arrival.  

The ChiroTouch EMR Software app is also available on phones and iPads for better mobility and access. 

Keep reading to find out more about the pricing, features, reviews, and pros and cons of ChiroTouch Software.

ChiroTouch Pricing, Features, & Reviews


The ChiroTouch Software pricing is available at the price of $259 per month with installation, training, and data conversion fee to be paid one-time only. To get a price quote visit Software Finder.


According to Software Finder, the Chirotouch Software reviews is rated 4 over 5 stars. Many users vouch for its user-friendly interface and easy-to-use features. The customer service has been applauded for their eagerness and readily resolution of customer queries. The customization, add-ons, and presentation of the charts is also rated high by the customers. The software is also very vigilant in resolving their bugs and issues in the software. 


  • Billing & Invoicing 
  • Claims Management 
  • Confirmation/Reminders 
  • Healthcare Compliance 
  • Outcome Assessment Tools 
  • Patient Management 
  • Patient Records Management 
  • SOAP notes 


  • PayDC Chiropractic Software: 

This software is very similar to the ChiroTouch Software. The features include billing, SOAP Notes, billing, patient scheduling, and documentation. This software is available as a cloud-based software.  

  • MacPractice DC EMR/EHR Software: 

This software has in-premises and cloud based EMR services available. This software has many easy-to-use features with options of customizations. The customer service of the company is rated the best of its kind.  

Pros and Cons of ChiroTouch Software


The software is very useful for the small and medium sized businesses. The support staff is willing to train and resolve the issues of the software in a timely manner. Unlike other programs, the software prints presentable notes and invoices, unlike other similar software. In the best EMR software you are also able to pick only the add-ons, this is also a distinct feature. The speed and compliance of the functions promotes efficiency throughout the organization.  


There are many features to be learnt and makes the transitional phase of the software difficult. The in-premises has no cloud-based backed system so accessing information out of the premises becomes difficult and prone to distortion. There are also a few glitches in the data transfers.


The software doesn’t offer any free trials or demo, but Software Finder has a free demo of the ChiroTouch Software. So, before buying a whole system, you should watch the free demo and reviews of ChiroTouch Software.

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