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What is a Project Management Software

Project management software essentially creates a platform for a team to be able to collaborate and work in tandem with one another. In this piece, we will be giving you some tips on which software are good options for your project management needs and how this software helps you to collaborate together as a team which is very important.

This software not only helps you convert bigger goals into smaller tasks but allows the entire team to have access to this information. Team members can be assigned tasks and everyone can monitor the progress on how a task is going as well as have a realistic timeline for when the project will be completed. The software also allows team members to be able to communicate with each other through instant messaging features on this software which help them keep up with what everyone is doing. Apart from that, the software also has whiteboard or discussion forums where everyone can add ideas and everyone is able to view them and collaborate, add and expand on them further!

All in all, being able to collaborate with team members no matter where they are is possible with this cloud-based software which makes everything much more accessible and hence makes teamwork so much easier. In this piece, we will tell you about several software you should know about which make collaboration easy; Miro to and much more! We will also tell you about things such as Miro cost and features of and so much more!

Best Project Management Software to Consider


Miro is a great tool for team mates to be able to collaborate with one another. This software gives user communication options which are endless. The software allows you to pin tasks, ask for comments, approvals and more. This means if the project has to go through checks then Miro is an ideal software for you to be able to do so. The software also has a collaborative whiteboard feature which allows you to write ideas, plans and more and share them with your team who can add their own thoughts as well! The Miro cost depends on the number of users who will be using the software. The more the number of users, the higher the cost for the software will be.


One step ahead of having a project management software is to have a website like Monday software which allows you to make your own project management software. This software is very rudimentary and allows you to make things easier for your needs. The cost is about $8 per user which is very affordable and helps make things convenient since even a big team is able to use this software for their needs.


ActiveCollab as the name itself suggests helps team members to collaborate with each other online successfully. The software has a myriad of features which make collaboration so much easier. The time tracking feature in this software helps get an idea of the estimated time that you need to keep in mind for a project to be completed. The software also has a written document feature which lets you collaborate with other team members. You can use this sheet to write ideas, make plans and much more. All team members are able to look at this sheet and add their own ideas and make additions which they think are necessary.


Bitrix24 is another software that we need to talk about. This software has an instant messaging feature which helps you streamline communication significantly. This feature allows team members to be in constant communication with one another which is very helpful. This keeps everyone on the same page and helps get updates even more efficiently than before. The software also has a daily planner feature, this feature helps you make a plan for daily tasks which need to be completed. Making daily lists that can be viewed by the entire team helps you in keeping everyone on the same page and getting results much more efficiently than before.


Airtable is also a great software for project management and collaboration between team members. This software has a tagging feature which lets users use specific tags to separate tasks according to their nature or the person they are assigned to. The software also has a great combined workflow feature which lets the entire team view the tasks, who they are assigned to, estimated time for them to be done and much more. All of this helps you to make things easier for collaboration as everyone can view all aspects of a project and what stage it is in which is very helpful!

Which Project Management Software you Should Opt for

Now that we have discussed a number of software which are great for your needs we will be telling you how to go about choosing the right software from among them. We firstly recommend asking for a demo or a trial of the software to see whether it works well for you since seeing the software in action is the best way to determine if it is right for you.

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We also suggest that you look at the cost of the software and choose one which makes sense for you and your work. Miro cost for example might be ideal for you which is a good reason to heavily consider this software over others since the cost is a big factor in choosing software for your business.

We are sure whatever software you choose will end up being the right call for you!

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