5 Reasons Marketo CRM is a Game Changer

About Marketo CRM

Marketo is a software company based in America. The company’s headquarters are based in San Mateo, California where it was founded. Since its inception, the company has been developing cutting edge software that aids businesses in the art of selling. Marketo CRM is perhaps one of the most popular offerings by Marketo Inc., this software enables businesses to automate their marketing and sales techniques. 

The company was founded in the year 2006 and since then has been doing great things. In fact, the company’s success was widely noted and the success lead it to be acquired by tech giant Adobe. Marketo CRM is perhaps the flagship software by this company. In this piece we will give you all the details about Marketo CRM and help you determine whether this is the right software for you.

Top Features in Marketo CRM

Lead Database

Having a lead database can be incredibly beneficial for your business. With Marketo CRM you are able to access and control a database which exhibits the details of those who have buyer potential for your products or services. Since some leads are more valuable than others, Marketo lead scoring helps you rank leads according to their readiness and willingness to buy your products and services. This helps you streamline your efforts considerably and focus more on leads that are more ready so your lead conversion rates can increase. All in all, this feature is definitely beneficial for you to use.

Audience Targeting

As a business, you should always know about your target audience and try to cater to them and what they would respond to. Your marketing campaigns and techniques should focus on their needs rather than the other way around. With Marketo CRM you are able to divide your audience into different subsections based on similar traits they might share due to demographics. Then you can create separate marketing campaigns that would impact each of those segments individually. This helps you target your audience correctly which is essential.

Personalization and Customizations

One of the benefits of Marketo CRM is that you are able to personalize and customize everything according to your needs. This means you can easily make amendments to the software so that it caters to the needs of you and your customers’ demographics. The software allows for vast customizations which are incredibly helpful. Having software that you can customize helps significantly since you are able to make things go the way you want which is a game-changer for your marketing needs.


While a marketing campaign being executed perfectly is important, it is perhaps even more important to note the results that the campaign yields. Hence the analytics feature in Marketo CRM is great in how it helps you look at the ROI for the amount of money you have spent on your marketing. The software also helps you look at your sales numbers and much more, all of which are important to running a business. Looking at analytics helps you learn marketing trends and what your customer base responds to. This helps you create campaigns and adopt techniques that are perfect for your customer base and helps you get the most value for your investment.


Being able to integrate different plug-ins to your software really helps you make things easier. This is because with this feature you can integrate various types of plugins which further the ability of Marketo CRM and help you out. There are over 550 integration partners you can browse through and implement for your needs. These integrations are a great tool for you to increase the efficiency of the software in terms of what you need and essentially give yourself the ability to make even better marketing decisions.

Should you Invest in Marketo?

Now coming to the final and biggest question of them all; should you invest in marketo CRM? Well, only you can answer that question. However, we can perhaps help you come to a conclusion about the software so that you are empowered in making an informed decision about it. The first thing we suggest is noting down all your needs from a marketing software and then comparing that list to the list of features in Marketo. This will help you determine whether this is even the right software for the job. 

After this, you should also request the vendor for a marketo demo to see whether the software in practice is what you thought in theory. A lot of times software does not turn out how you had planned they would in your mind and that leads to disappointment. Asking for a demo or a trial of the software from the vendor ensures you have an idea about it beforehand and can hence know better whether it suits the needs you have as a business. 

We are sure whatever decision you come to for marketo CRM will be the right call for you and your business. 

There are a lot of great marketing CRM software in the market and we encourage you to explore all of them because somewhere out there is the perfect choice for you and your needs!

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