What are the 5 Software that Make Project Management A Breeze?

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What are the 5 Software that Make Project Management A Breeze?

About Project Management Software 

If you are thinking about investing in an IT project management software then perhaps we can help you in coming to a conclusion about this software. An IT project management software is much like it sounds; a software which helps you to plan and execute the project. From the inception of the project to the execution; you are able to plan everything on it! 

Project management software allows you to make things more efficient at your workplace by helping you streamline tasks by breaking the entirety of the project into smaller sections. You can then assign those smaller tasks to individuals and this way everyone knows what their role in the project is and everyone can be on the same page. 

When everyone is aware of their role, they know when their work is needed which helps make deadlines much easier to track as well. All in all, an IT project management software review is very important and will help you out considerably. In this piece we will tell you about some of the best IT project management software available in the market right now that you should definitely check out before making a final decision about the right software for your needs.

Five Software you Should Check Out 


ActiveCollab is a great software which we have on our list for a number of reasons. The software has a great task management feature which allows users to divide their project into smaller tasks easily and then assign those tasks to individuals in the team. The software apart from this feature, also has a great shared document feature which allows all team members with access to the software to be able to write ideas, thoughts, feedback and more on a text document which everyone is able to access and read. This helps to communicate ideas and feedback in a more inclusive way and helps teams brainstorm together even if they are all operating remotely. 


Bitrix24 is also a major software which has been around for a while. This software has a number of features which make it a wonderful option for any business. The software has an instant messaging feature which helps team members to communicate instantly with one another internally which is very helpful. The daily planner feature is also worth a mention because of the to-do list type nature this feature has which allows you to plan your day to the fullest extent. Because of this feature, you are able to keep track of tasks which are urgent and get to them sooner and know where you are in terms of progress as well. 


Airtable is also a very useful software in how it helps you to manage your projects and business as a whole. This software has a great tagging feature which allows you to tag relevant team members in comments and tasks which helps to keep everyone in the loop about the progress of the project. The combined workflow feature in this software is also great in how it helps you to see progress in real time. This is because the feature help teams to visualize their work which enables them to understand tasks, progress and whats needs to be done better than had they just merely read about it. All in all, this software is wonderful too and helps you out a lot! 


Trello is a very popular software used the world over. One of the best things about Trello is that it is web based which means it can be accessed by users from anywhere in the world. Other than that, the software also has a great board system which is completely customizable according to your needs. You can make trays on this board which can be labeled according to your needs and preferences. The software is also free for up to 15 users which enables a lot of smaller businesses to be able to afford and access it. The paid version is also quite cheap for Trello which makes it a choice for a lot of smaller businesses thinking about investing in an IT project management software! 

Pivotal Tracker

Pivotal Track is the last software in this list and while it may be the last, it is not the least. The software has a great dashboard feature. The dashboard in this software is very interactive and allows you to navigate through it like a breeze. You do not need to spend too much time trying to get used to the software since the learning curve associated with Pivotal Tracker is minimal. The software has a whiteboard feature which is entirely collaborative in nature. This feature helps you collaborate with all your colleagues and be able to brainstorm, share feedback and much more on this board which everyone has equal access to! 

Which Software is Right for you

Now that we have outlined some of the best IT project management software in the market right now, you are probably wondering which of these software you should choose. We suggest you write down what areas of your project you need help with and then choose a software which has features which can help you with those areas. 

We also suggest that you ask for a free demo or trial of whichever software you might be seriously considering. This is because a trial or demo is an easier way to allow you to get acclimated to a software and seeing whether it suits you before you fully commit to a paid version. 

We are sure whichever IT project management software you choose, will be the right call for you!

Confluence: Choice of Smart People

How to Find the Best Project Management Software?

Confluence: Choice of Smart People

We bring you the review of Confluence and explain how using this is beneficial for managing content, organizing projects, and communicating between team members. Its features include customizable notifications, in-line commenting, and content sharing with external parties. The downside of this collaboration tool is that the color scheme is blue and black, making it difficult to differentiate between important and unimportant content. However, many people have found that Confluence’s streamlined web version makes the software easy and reliable.

Its features are just as spell-bounding, take a read at them!

Features of Confluence

The free plan has a few basic features, including the ability to add as many users as you want. The premium version costs $5 per month and has features designed to accommodate business teams with 50 users or more. The base plan is free for up to 10 users, while the premium one costs $10 a month. It includes a tutorial that will help users become familiar with the software and its features. This application has a wide range of cloud plans and is great for small businesses.

Easy to Navigate

The free plan includes ten users and allows for two GB of storage for files. If you have a larger team, you can purchase a paid plan with more features for a higher price. The standard program includes a streamlined interface, making it easy to navigate. You can easily manage content across multiple teams and set up a team’s workspace. You can even add your domain name depending on your requirements. The Confluence project management tool is ideal for your team’s collaboration needs.


Another way to get familiar with Confluence is by using its templates. They contain information about the company’s products and services. You can easily add videos, images, and documents to your project. Using templates is also an excellent option for a quick and convenient start. These templates are already available on the site, and you can customize them to suit your requirements. You can even create a team’s design to match your existing team’s colors.


A Confluence review is a must for any company that works with software that needs collaboration. There are also many advantages to using Confluence. Besides being a good collaboration tool, it also allows users to use its mobile app to access its knowledge base. Unlike other means, the free trial of this software is only available for two weeks, so you can try it out for free before you decide to purchase it. There are a lot of features in Confluence that make it the best software for your use.


The best feature of Confluence is its customizable pricing. It offers custom pricing. Depending on the number of seats, you can choose a suitable plan for your needs. For instance, you can select the free version and pay as little as $10 per month. Then, you can choose the paid version as well, depending on the requirement.

Confluence Review

The Confluence review is an excellent tool for collaborating with team members. The product is flexible and can be used for IT, marketing, and design projects. Its unique interface and helpful assistant allow users to create valuable content quickly. A good confluence review

will include a detailed review of the features and benefits of Confluence. Even though it isn’t as intuitive as other software, it is an ideal tool for collaborative work

Free Trial Version

It offers a free trial version. Teams in different locations can use it. In addition, the software has a mobile app for iOS and Android. The user can also collaborate with multiple teams from various geographical locations. The Confluence cost will tell you if the product is worth the price. You can test the free version and see if it suits your requirement for the work. If you don’t have an account yet, it is good to sign up for a trial before you decide anything.

Ease of Use

One of the advantages of Confluence is its ease of use. Its collaboration features are a perfect choice for teams that require work on a more extensive base. In addition, it is easy to learn and uses a simple interface

Our Thoughts

Confluence has upgraded the quality of software industries through its unique features. Working with other teams now seems feasible as Confluence supports the collaboration of companies. So, don’t wait anymore and select Confluence for a new journey.

The Flexibility of a Jira to Manage your Projects

5 Software to Help Plan Your Projects like A Pro!

The Flexibility of a Jira to Manage your Projects

Jira software is essentially an agile project management tool which can support any agile methodology. From scrum to kanban; this tool easily allows you to add your own preferences whatever they may be. With the jira project management tool you are able to take care of everything in one place. It allows you to plan, track and manage everything related to your agile software development with a single tool. 

In this piece, we will be talking in detail about the Jira review and how this tool might be helpful to you and your needs. Keep reading if you would like to know more about this software!

Features in a Jira Software 


With Jira you are able to do a lot of things which you might not have otherwise been able to. Jira cost is also not high. The software allows you a level of flexibility which is unmatched to other software tools and you are able to amend the software so that it serves your needs. This software is a great tool and allows you to make adjustments as you see fit and helps you achieve what it is you need in a project management tool instead of it being the other way around. 


The software also helps you a great deal in planning and has a great roadmaps feature which allows you to extensively plan everything. This means you are able to construct a roadmap so that you know what you have to do and what steps need to be taken for a project or job to be completed. This feature is very helpful! 


The software is also incredibly powerful and allows you to make a lot of changes. Jira is built for agile and scrum project management which means that users are able to build more visual workflows which are well defined and can essentially help in making work a lot more easier than it would have otherwise been! 

Is Jira Software Right for You?

Whether or not Jira software is the right fit for you and your needs depends entirely on you. In this piece we have told you some of Jira’s biggest strengths but the rest lies on you. We suggest you ask for a trial of the software before you commit to it full time. Having a taste of it before thinking about it permanently will allow you to make things easier in terms of transitioning to the software. We highly suggest you consider Jira project management tool because it will truly help you in keeping things as you want. 

Reasons to Use Gantt chart in Project Management

Trello - An Indepth Review of the Popular Software

Reasons to Use Gantt Chart in Project Management

It is no coincidence that Gantt charts have been around for a long time. The best Gantt chart software is made for planning. As a basic tool for project managers, the software offers many benefits. Yes, there are many reasons to use Gantt chart software in project management. Let’s discuss them further!

Provides All Your Project-Related Questions in One Place

Most tasks require multitasking. So you can understand how difficult planning can be if you need to be in two places at the same time. Additionally, it is not uncommon to double-book a room or equipment. Mistakes happen! Especially when it comes to stress.

Luckily, the best Gantt chart software provides you an excellent overview of everything that actually happens, when it happens, and who is involved. This will help to avoid the nightmare of double booking. In case multitasking is unavoidable, the best feature allows you to schedule tasks at the same time.

Offers a Visual Overview of the Entire Project

You may need to manage dozens or hundreds of resources. All of this needs review. Accordingly, you may need software to share these resources with other project managers and help everyone succeed. Gantt chart software not only helps with an overview. More than that, this software will help with the automatic calculation of planning metrics and KPIs. For example, the use of resources to avoid the risk of exhaustion of the team or equipment. With these instant visual overviews of dates, reservations, and availability, everyone can get more relief.

Gives Flexible Change and Real-Time Change

As mentioned in Gantt chart software reviews, this software is not like hand-drawn ones. Instead, it gives users the flexibility to create charts. In addition, it is also capable of adapting easily to change. This makes this tool ideal for those who want a flexible management style.

Even better, you can try combining Gantt charts with Kanban boards. Together, they can improve your workflow.

Assists You to Use Resources More Efficiently

Growth and results are only possible by finding more effective strategies. The best Gantt chart software can help with this. This tool will give you a better overview of your resources, how they are being used, and when they will be free.

All this information will help you plan ahead. Most importantly, it also gives you the ability to deal with upcoming problem steps before they become problems.

The best part? This software will help you to add some extra resources. Better capacity planning now helps prevent more serious problems in the future. Similarly, observing how resources interact with the timeline of a chart will help you make better decisions. This, in turn, can provide an opportunity to generate more revenue. More money, less trouble!

Helps You to Solve Problems Before They Happen

Problem-solving is an important task for project managers. Do you know that it will be much easier to solve problems in advance than in a crisis situation? Gantt chart software helps you to sort before even the bottlenecks occur.

Lack of resources, overload, timing issues? Problems always arise. Yet, it is always a good idea to solve them ahead of time “out of sight”.

Helps You to Focus on the Future and Plan for the Long Term

Many Gantt chart software reviews have mentioned how this software helps project managers to see a bigger picture of the future.

When should you start doing something else? How far are you from completing Task X? Running out of resources? Or if a team member is sick, how do you find a replacement next week?

This tool can help you plan your future direction right now. Eventually, you can make long-term planning easier and less stressful. At the same time, it simplifies the work of project managers.

Enables You to See the Task Dependencies

It is impossible to build a house without a foundation. The same goes for projects. Sometimes some tasks need to be addressed first. The best Gantt chart software helps you visualize the dependencies between tasks.

This allows you to understand what starts, what changes, and what ends. Better yet, it tells you how all of this can affect other addictions, whether to the entire project or portfolio.

Planning and Scheduling Features Offered by Gantt chart Software

Gantt chart software can help with project management as well as resource management. Kanban Software also provides some same functionalities. You can simply assign tasks to employees and other resources, then schedule them. But what are the planning and scheduling features offered by Gantt chart software?

Here they are.

Custom Data Fields

This feature allows you to customize projects, tasks, people, and other resources based on metrics that are important to your project. This could be their skills, the year the particular equipment was purchased, or the name of the project manager. This allows much more information to be processed in tasks and histograms. As the chart becomes more detailed, this information can be used for planning and reporting.

Color Scheme

As the name suggests, this feature is ideal for combining tasks by color, using different colors for different projects. Additionally, it also helps to define milestones (red if canceled, green if completed). This customizable feature allows you to quickly evaluate your needs and metrics.


Sometimes graphs along with calculation tables can be very useful to calculate time, usage, duration, etc. You can also automate this feature in many cases to receive reports at desired time intervals. In simple words, let the program do all the work for you so you can focus on other things.

Notes and History

This feature allows you to take notes on tasks and view the history of task changes. This will help you avoid mistakes by keeping track of who changed what.


Scheduling allows you to use your time and resources more efficiently. With Gantt chart software, you can see an overview of the use of all personnel and resources. This enables you to check that no items are reserved or to import unused capacity from other projects.

Flexible Timeline

The best Gantt chart software is no longer drawn by hand on paper. Instead, there are programs to play with the timeline. If you need to see today’s plans, you can simply zoom in. If you need to understand your plans for the next month or your project schedule for next year, just zoom out. After all, you are the project manager who manages your project and not the other way around!

Best Confluence Pricing Plans: Pick the Right One for You

confluence software

Best Confluence Pricing Plans: Pick the Right One for You

The Confluence paid plans have advanced features, 24/7 premium support, and unlimited storage. Confluence Cost Starting at $10 per user/month, this plan gives administrators access to advanced tools to help them manage their workspaces. It also provides analytics and copies space permission, and enables administrators to see and resolve permission issues. Among other benefits, this plan is ideal for large organizations. For more information, visit the official Confluence website. To make the most of your Confluence workspace, consider upgrading to the Premium plan.

Free Plan

There are two plans for Confluence. The free version is free for up to 10 users, while a paid plan includes updates and single-server deployment. It also has a free version of the software. There are also paid plans for the premium version, which costs $5 per user/month. The Standard plan is available in two ways. For example, you can choose a free plan that includes ten users and two GB of file storage.

Paid Plan

Paid plans offer more features and storage. The free program provides 2GB of space and ten users. It has several other functionalities, including a template library and community support.

Cloud-Hosted Plans

Cloud-hosted plans are cheaper than the standard versions. You can choose the self-managed or cloud-hosted version templates with a small team. However, if you need more features, you should consider upgrading to the Data Center plan. You can also take advantage of the Analytics tool, which allows you to track content usage and make better resource decisions. While working with a large team, the Cloud-hosted plan is an excellent choice.

While the free plan is great for beginners, larger companies should consider a paid plan. The paid version comes with features such as anonymous access and more storage. As a small business, you’ll need a large number of users. The free version is perfect for teams with less than 50 users. The paid version costs $5 per user/month and features similar to the free plan. The free program, however, has several limitations.

Standard Plan

Standard plans give administrators access to the Confluence project management software exclusive features. The Confluence Administration Console is available via a web browser. Thus, the Confluence Administration Console is accessible from the Confluence URL. You can also access the online documentation with a standard Confluence URL. In addition to the free version, the paid version offers access to full-featured enterprise-level support. The Confluence website and application are available for both on-premise and cloud deployment.

Premium Plan

Premium plans offer more features. If you need more storage, you can opt for a premium plan. This plan will give you more space and a more secure server. You can also upgrade your license to the Data Center plan if you have a larger team. In either case, you’ll be able to create unlimited workspaces for your team. The Premium plan allows you to manage multiple workspaces and add more users. A premium plan will enable you to customize your workspaces with more apps.

The free plan lets you add as many users as you want. Though the free plan will give you access to all the features of Confluence, it won’t provide you with access to project permissions. In contrast, the Premium plan is perfect for large teams. It allows you to create a sandbox environment and offers more advanced features. In addition, Premium users can also access unlimited sites, unlimited storage, and bulk archiving.

Final Thoughts

The paid version of Confluence allows multiple users to edit documents. The free version only allows for one document and is limited to 10 users. It’s important to note that the free version isn’t suitable for larger teams. The paid version allows for unlimited documents and team members. It makes an excellent option for large organizations and smaller organizations. The price of the paid edition depends on the number of users you’re expecting to use.

The Right Project Management Software Will Improve Your Business

Are You Looking For Multiple Projects Handling Software?

The Right Project Management Software Will Improve Your Business

Project management software is used to organize a company’s workflow. You can use this digital system to track, plan, and schedule your company’s projects and assignments. Various marketing project management software platforms are available today. Yet, if you wish to improve your business, you need to choose and use the right one.

A Brief Overview about Marketing Project Management Software

For many specific businesses, a to-do list is simply not enough. Marketing project management software is a much more sophisticated digital system that is perfect in this case. This software allows you to manage your team’s assignments online. Anyone on the team can access the software to which they are entitled.

This innovative software is used to track assignments and time working on projects in teams. The software can also be used to generate project budgets. The software provides a digital collaboration space, which is especially useful for businesses with remote teams and freelancers.

This is the right software to track the team’s workflow and ensure that lines of communication are clear, accessible, and open. It is also useful for evaluating the productivity of your team.

The best marketing project management software helps you in tracking the time users spend on projects or the number of assignments completed. In this way, your team can see who is reaching or exceeding expectations, and who is falling behind. As a result, this information will help you to make appropriate changes to your business.

The software allows team leaders to schedule assignments and collaborate with employees on projects. Without any doubt, this software can do wonders for running your business, but choosing the right one is more important.

Which Business Uses Marketing Project Management Software?

Marketing project management software is a useful tool for any business owner who wants to improve their business. However, this is especially useful for companies that hire remote workers and freelancers. These teams are often linked and scattered by shared files and spreadsheets. 

Based on some marketing project management software reviews, this software keeps everything in one place. Accordingly, it makes communication easier.

Whether you are a freelance employee or a remote one, this system can help everyone to collaborate and stay connected. Even if your company doesn’t have remote employees or freelancers, this splendid software can help your business by streamlining your workflow.

With a single view of what tasks are being done and how close each task is to completion, business leaders can better understand how their teams are performing.

How Does the Best Marketing Project Management Software Improve Your Business?

Helps You to Plan the Projects

To not plan is to fail. The projects cannot continue without a map. The best marketing project management software provides this card. This tool helps you to define the tasks, activities, roles, and responsibilities required for the project.

In the end, it will help you set deadlines and when to approve. It also ensures that projects are delivered on time and on budget.

Assists You to Prioritize Projects

The software contains the data you need to know when you have to say NO. This ensures that your project selections match your available resources and time. In addition, it will help you to maximize your revenue by leveraging the most limited resources.

Provides Real-Time Status

We already know how difficult it can be to track a project and its related progress. Marketing project management software provides a complete picture of project status and the progress of team members. Even better, all your team members can also view their project tasks, due dates, and other relevant information.

Facilitates Team Collaboration

It is ten times easier and faster for a team to achieve a goal than for one person to achieve it. This software connects teams in a way that works towards a common goal, sharing knowledge and ideas. All the activities are performed throughout the team process, rather than struggling to achieve individual goals.

Helps You to Manage Resource Usage

Resources must be planned, managed, and allocated to ensure optimal use and maximize benefits. This software helps with resource allocation, resource leveling, and resource smoothing.

What Is the Best Marketing Project Management Software?

Speaking of the best marketing project management software, confluence project management software and Jira project management tool can be your best options.

When used separately, Jira and Confluence are very useful tools for team collaboration and productivity. However, combining the two can give you a better return on your investment. Here are some reasons to combine these two innovative platforms.

Your Team Will Have a Single Source of Information

Think for a moment about what happens to information inside a project. Most of the time, your team members store important project information in multiple files, on different systems, and on different drives. Spreading information across multiple devices can create confusion or delays when team members need to find the information they need right now.

By combining Jira and Confluence, your team will have a single source of information.

Provides Better Collaboration between Teams

Confluence is ideal for team collaboration as it provides teams with customizable templates. These templates provide a rich text editor for creating collaborative documents. When Confluence and Jira are combined, co-authoring is even better, allowing your team to create new topics from anywhere in Confluence.

They can use Jira to track items and generate necessary metadata. Meanwhile, they can use Confluence to collaborate and document processes. This is great for both technical and business teams.

Easily Sharing Knowledge in the Team

Leverage the collaborative quality of Confluence to connect with team members and stakeholders through inline comments. Once you make a decision, you can easily translate these comments into Jira issues. 

Confluence and Jira integration makes it easy to generate release notes from within Confluence along with change reports.

Offers Easy Reporting

Jira project management tool generates a lot of information about your project. Combining Jira with confluence project management software is also useful here. Confluence provides smart reporting. Integration with Jira displays status reports as easy-to-understand diagrams built into a simple user interface that requires no coding. The ideal solution for easy reporting.

So, what do you think? Worth trying?

How to Successfully Manage Your Workload With The Best IT Project Management Software

IT project management software

How to Successfully Manage Your Workload With The Best IT Project Management Software

IT project management software is essentially any kind of software which facilitates your skills in managing workload. These software allow you to plan, organize and execute tasks. These days project management software is incredibly advanced and can be used by the entire team to execute projects company or team wide. In terms of planning, you can chalk out a whole plan from the inception to the completion of the project on these software so you and your team have a step by step guide on how things will progress. The software also allows for organizing the tasks so that they can be assigned to a certain individual in the team and it is easier to identify who has to do what. Playing the right role in the business and knowing who has what role is very important to be able to optimize your workflow. 

In this piece, we will be going over some popular IT project management software so that it is easier for you to decide which software is the right fit for you and your needs. Keep reading if you want to know more about these software and are considering investing in one as well! 

Five Project Management Software we Recommend 


Asana is perhaps one of the most popular names when it comes to IT project management software. The software’s online version is very popular and is used by companies the world over. A lot of startups and new age tech companies prefer Asana which makes it a number one choice. This software can be accessed through login credentials online which make it very convenient to use. All team members can access the work dashboard, look at tasks, look at pending tasks, completed tasks. The software gives users a lot of flexibility which makes it very evident that a lot of young companies prefer it since flexibility in a software is very important. Having a rigid software that does not let you do much is not preferable at all. 


Trello is the next software in our list that we want to tell you about. The software gives a great feedback option in the way of comments and tagging options. Team members can be added to cards with tags and be notified about them. Furthermore, a comment section allows other team members to make comments and help you leave feedback in an easier and more streamlined way. The software also allows easy attachment of files to cards which are for tasks. The feature helps keep all work in one place which is essential for everyone in the company to be on the same page. The software also lets you keep a complete archive of all your previous cards which gives you a rich library of past tasks which can be referred to if the need ever arises. There are a lot of reviews for Trello available online which say it’s the best IT project management software out there. 


The workspace option in Gantt Chart Software gives a dashboard and overview of the projects a company or a team are undertaking. This feature helps make things easier to understand so that you are able to know what the company is currently undertaking and what needs to be done. The software also has a wonderful templates feature which allows you to peruse project templates and choose a template which suits your needs. This cuts down the time it would otherwise have taken you to lay down a project map and help you organize everything in a much faster and efficient way. The software also has a deadline option which helps set deadlines for tasks and then allows you to follow up on them as well. Having deadlines being assigned and being able to monitor when a task is due helps to overall speed up the project and allows you and your team to complete projects efficiently on the go. 


Proworkflow is a software which allows you to go with the flow while also well structuring the flow. This software has a great assigning feature which lets you assign tasks to team members, set a deadline so you can track the time it takes for them to do the task and even make changes to the schedule if there is a need to do so. The software also allows you to quote prices and costs to potential clients and helps with invoicing as well. This makes your job a lot easier since being able to invoice efficiently is a game changer and can save you a lot of time and hassle. All in all, this software is a wonderful tool if there is a lot of client invoicing in your line of business. Another reason this IT project management software is in our list is because of their customer support. The software has a wonderful team behind it which are ready to answer all your questions and solve any complaint you might have! 

Which Project Management Software you Should Opt for

Now that you have read about some of the best IT project management software in the business, we hope you will be able to come to a decision about the software you want. We suggest making a list of all the features you would ideally want in an IT project management software reviews and then comparing that list to the software available and choosing whichever software would be ideal for you. 

We suggest reaching out to the vendor and asking for a demo or a trial of the software and then choosing it after experiencing firsthand whether the software would be right for you and your needs. We are sure whatever decision you come to will be the right software for you!

Kanban – An Innovative Software to Improve Your Business

best gantt chart software

Kanban – An Innovative Software to Improve Your Business

While digital technology has simplified many of the ways we work, it has also made our daily tasks more complex. Managing this complexity effectively was one of the many reasons software developers start using Kanban. Today, Kanban software is used by everyone from freelancers to small businesses and global businesses around the world. Why? Because this is an innovative software to improve your business.

What Makes Kanban Project Management Software Special?

Kanban is special. This is no secret and we know! If you agree, your business will already be enjoying the benefits of using Kanban. The strength of Kanban lies in its simplicity. You can get started right away with a pen and some posters or an online Kanban board.

Kanban project management software can be applied to any business process. Unlike other agile methodologies with more strict rules, this software is easy to learn. Low struggle encourages people to participate and collaborate in implementation.

This innovative software is easy to understand because of the visual representation of its work. Teams can simply view the Kanban board to get information about the project. Meanwhile, the managers can get information directly from the board instead of having a meeting or spending a lot of time reading report pages.

What Are the Principles of the Best Kanban Software?

The best kanban software comes with some main principles that make your project management much easier.

  • Visualization

Allows you to see all aspects of your project. Additionally, this prevents the system from slowing down the process and defeats the purpose of using the system.  

  • Limits the work in progress

This software enables you to limit the workflow in each stage of the work-in-progress to prevent any blockages.

  • Flow management

It helps you to monitor and report each stage in the workflow. Eventually, assists you to keep things moving smoothly.

  • Creates clear policies

Kanban software helps you to create clear policies to make sure everyone involved has an explicit understanding of the policies. This simply means that there will be no subjective rationalizations, which might possibly slow down the processes.

  • Feedback loops

This software uses feedback loops to make modifications. This is done by comparing expected results with the actual ones. Kanban collects the standup meeting as well as the reviews from service delivery, operations review, and the risk practices to get feedback.

  • Designs collaborative or new evolution

Kanban project management software is always looking to make small fundamental improvements that can impact your business as a whole and scale. The software enables you to track and understand all the inefficiencies by identifying and documenting each process clearly.

How Does the Best Kanban Software Improve Your Business?

Below are some innovative ways this best Kanban software improves your business

Provides Transparency

This software enhances team communication and collaboration based on visual attributes. Everyone on the team knows what the other team members are doing at any given time. Managers can see at a glance what their teams are doing and what is getting in the way.

This allows you to intervene when needed. The information is not limited to those involved in the project. Instead, the external stakeholders can view the whiteboard when they need it. Eventually, the information flows flawlessly across your business. In the end, transparency will build trust at all levels of your business.

Responds to Market and Business Changes

Apart from how much you need to pay for kanban software cost, this software allows your business to remain flexible. This will be valuable when you are working in the changing market demands or direction.

Kanban is more focused on providing higher business value. When the business direction changes, the priorities of the Kanban board must match. Transition is not a problem because the software is built to respond to business requirements.

Helps to Detect Problems Early

Since your team is right in front of you, you can easily visualize blockages and problems in your work. A signboard is essentially a source of information. For example, the work stacked in columns represents a blockage and your team must focus on this step to solve the problem.  

What’s more, implementing Kanban software requires organizing and prioritizing tasks in the backlog. A linear approach to prioritization allows your team to focus on what has more business value than others. This allows your business to remain competitive in the changing market demands.

Allows You to See the Big Picture

Using Kanban project management software to visualize project progress is a powerful tool for teams and managers to diagnose the current state of work.

  • Is everything going smoothly?
  • Are we missing our target release date?
  • Are they working on the topics that matter most?
  • Is there a better way to implement the process?

These types of questions allow you to take a step back and evaluate whether everything is going as expected. You can also use the software to view workloads across the business units. You will see which teams are overwhelmed and can do more. This allows adjustments to be made to avoid stress and halt.

In addition, the entire team will control the software and is responsible for promoting it. This helps to empower your team members to take responsibility and makes them more engaged and productive. They will better understand the decisions they make and work together to solve problems.

Provides Faster Feedback

Another way Kanban software improves your business is in how it emphasizes constant delivery. When the product is ready to launch, it is shipped directly to the customer. Time to market is greatly reduced. This allows your team to quickly see how the market will react to the product. The collected feedback is used for the next teamwork. This may determine their decisions, future improvements and even give rise to new product ideas that the market demands.

Provide Constant Improvement

Kanban’s visual approach to project management makes it easy for your team to analyze processes. This allows you to find opportunities to eliminate waste, eliminate unnecessary steps, streamline the workflows, and reduce costs.

Actually, this is the mindset this software provides. Your team will know that quickly addressing process issues negatively impacts performance. Because of this, they must implement essential improvements as soon as problems are discovered.

So, what do you think? No doubt, kanban software is perfect to improve your business.

Everything You Need to Know about Gantt chart

best gantt chart software

Everything You Need to Know about Gantt chart

It will always be helpful to have a visual look at your project management schedule. You would want to know when each activity is completed and who is working on it. This is where the best Gantt chart software comes as a rescue for your business. How? Here is everything you need to know about Gant chart.

A Brief Intro to Gantt chart

In general, Gantt chart software is ideal for planning, scheduling, and project management. This software simplifies the planning process. Accordingly, it offers great help for administrators because it is easy to create, use, and track. There are other software as well like enterprise project management software, IT project management software and marketing project project management software.

In its simplest form, a Gantt chart is a timeline that shows how a project progresses as it is managed. In fact, the timeline view provided by this tool has proven to be very useful for project planning and scheduling.

Gantt chart assists project managers and the teams to estimate how long a project will take. Additionally, it helps to determine the resources required and understand the dependencies between tasks. What’s more, it assists your team to plan the order in which each task will be completed if the entire project needs to be completed on time. Yes, it is possible.

As the project progresses, this software will adjust simultaneously to display an up-to-date project schedule. This way, everyone includes your team, customers, and stakeholders will know what is going on.

In addition to this, many Gantt chart software reviews mention how it helps to replace meetings and improve other status updates. This allows your team to easily understand the progress of their work and communicate any issues they may encounter. In general, this tool is useful for project management as it allows you to display projects based on time frames that need to be completed.

The Benefits of Using the Best Gantt Charts Software

When it comes to discussing the benefits of using the best Gantt chart software, there are many. Some of the most promising ones for many businesses are below.

Provides Better Communication and Team Consistency

Communication is an essential part of a project. Undoubtedly, this is the one that can improve or destroy any project. In fact, 86 percent of employees cited lack of communication as a major cause of confusion in the workplace.

Gantt chart is known to provide very clear communication. Project managers can use this tool to understand who is doing what, contribute to specific tasks, and communicate information. This will help those managers communicate better with the team members. Thus, improves team relationships.

Assists You to Collaborate and Motivate Remote Team Members

A recent study found that nearly 75 percent of U.S. employees will quit their jobs and switch to working from home. Remote working is an ongoing pattern in the modern business world today. This is expected to be one of the trends that will dominate the world of project management in the coming years. However, working with remote teams has its own challenges.

When managing a project with a remote team, it is much more difficult to coordinate and keep everyone in a loop. Gantt charts software comes as an effective solution for modern teams. This tool assists you to keep everyone on the same page as they work together.

Gantt chart is one of the best ways to work with and motivate remote teams. It allows you to visualize what has been done, what is in progress, and what will happen. As a result, everyone, regardless of the country or time zone in which they are located, can stand side by side during project development.

Helps to Keep Track of Project Progress

Perhaps the most promising benefit of the best Gantt chart software in project management is to help you see everything about your project in one place. It serves as a great visualization and prioritization tool. Accordingly, this tool provides an overview of the project.

Even better, it provides important information such as the participants involved in each phase, task sequence, duration, start and end dates, task dependencies, and progress. Eventually, this software helps give project managers the information they need to control while managing the project.

Facilitates In Measuring the Project Progress

Once you have planned your project in Gantt chart software, you will easily check the progress. The project progress measurement feature allows you to change your strategy if you are behind schedule. Project contributors can update the percentage completed for each task. Hence, keeping everyone stays on the same page. This information is very useful in determining if your project is going in the right direction.

Avoids Resource Overload

There will be many problems that arise when a resource scales across excessive tasks and processes. Gantt chart reviews show that it helps you to see a project timeline. This will make it easier for you to see how and where your resources are being used. Accordingly, you can use your resources efficiently.

More than that, this software also allows you to delegate tasks and sort resources without overburdening yourself with excessive tasks. This will really help you to manage your resources efficiently. Additionally, with proper resource management, you will be more likely to complete your project on budget and on time.

Offers Better Time Management Practice

Many project managers admit that planning is one of the greatest benefits of Gantt charts software in project management. Since time is at the heart of a project, this software helps project participants understand the severity of time delays in project management.

Seeing your overall progress at a glance makes it easy to allocate time to each task and actually do what you need to do.

What about the Price?

Free tools are always great for small teams or budget projects. Yet, investing in the best Gantt chart software will give you access to more features and projects. Paid tools from Gantt chart will also help you attract more team members to the platform. After all, free versions of Gantt chart software often limit the opportunities, projects, and/or team members.

Thus, make sure you choose it wisely.

Project Management – What Is the Best Software for This?

marketing project management software

Project Management – What Is the Best Software for This?

When managing a project, you have to end up in a rowing game. It’s all about providing the details and the resources your team needs. Accordingly, you will need to choose and use the best marketing project management software to help you and your team. In this post, we will review some of the noticeable software to help you handle your project management tasks.

Confluence Practice Management Software

Confluence project management software helps you manage the details of all your projects and keep your team up to date.

From software development to large-scale marketing campaigns or corporate events, this platform will help you launch any project, stay connected with the rest of your team, and make sure everyone is going in the same direction.

Below are some ways Confluence marketing project management software helps your business

Helps you to create, Share, and Update Project Plans Easily

This software helps you to create a single project plan page that tracks all project work, including people involved and project deadlines. This will give your team the transparency they need to be self-reliant. Now they can easily send continuous emails for clarification.

The planning page becomes your only source of trusted project information for the rest of your business. Accordingly, allowing your project team to keep their heads down and focus on what needs to be done.

Set Up Tasks to Keep Your Team Running Smoothly

A key element of the project plan page is the use of Confluence tasks. Your work will help you focus on the results that matter most and remove unnecessary distractions.

You can @mention team members to assign tasks to all key project deliverables directly from the project plan page. This allows all participants to know what they need to do, when and where they can report the status of their results.

By creating tasks from the project plan page, you can get more convenience. For example, you can take action in context by reducing the unnecessary noise, status promises, and ambiguity that are so common in team projects.

What’s more, the project plan page will keep everyone informed about how the project is progressing and what updates are being made. In the end, this will eliminate the need for status meetings. If someone has a question or needs to make a decision, they can simply comment at the bottom of the page or include it in the text.

Jira Project Management Tool

Jira project management tool is primarily for software development. However, thanks to the Kanban workflow management system, many project teams are using this software as a project management solution. 

Jira is a powerful tool optimized for agile development. This marketing project management software offers many benefits. One of the most promising benefits is that Jira is a customizable workflow engine. It allows users to track issues, errors, tasks, and other work items. All these will be performed through predefined workflows that can be modified to suit their needs.

Here are the benefits of using Jira

Assists in Product and Project Management

It allows users to assign tasks required to complete a product or project. There are also tools such as views and reports that provide information about due dates and status. In this way, your team can collaborate, provide feedback, and manage approvals for requests or changes.  

Helps You Track the Errors

The team mainly uses Jira to track software and app bugs during product development. This allows your team to find, log, and track errors. It also provides a system to assign to the right person or team at the right time.

An Ideal Project Tracking and Management

This software is ideal for project tracking and management systems for software developers and IT teams. This software facilitates both customary and agile project management. Jira centralizes the solution and provides a customizable interface. Its workflows provide excellent tracking information by allowing users to control the state of a project and how it transitions from one place to another.

Kanban Software

Next is Kanban software. This one has been incredibly used by many companies for many reasons. But what are the benefits you can get by using it?

Offers Flexibility and Efficiency

Kanban software is based on a flexible approach that adapts to market changes. This tool focuses on what you are doing and adds additional work to the board at the top of the backlog. This will be performed after the current work is complete.

As a result, your project managers can re-prioritize backlog entries without disrupting the process. Eventually, it allows project managers to adapt deliveries to changing requirements. Accordingly, enables them to respond to the business needs of the company, customers, and markets.

Provides Transparency and Visibility 

Another benefit you can get from using Kanban is that it uses a visual representation of information. Displaying projects on a Kanban board will assist your team to get a better understanding of the link between tasks and workflows. By doing this, they can then communicate more openly and collaborate better. This will ultimately optimize the individual performance.

Assists in Consistent Improvement and Delivery 

Consistent integration is essential to maintaining quality. So it goes with consistent delivery. One of the strengths of Kanban is that you can successfully combine the two. This software can improve team productivity by focusing on improving efficiency and reducing overhead costs. This allows the team to consistently improve performance and find ways to deliver better products.

Gantt Chart

The best Gantt chart software is the one you can trust for this. This is a perfect tool for teams that need to see their projects on the timeline. Ideally, you should use a Gantt chart for tasks that have start and finish dates. Therefore, all tasks are shown in the histogram as long bars rather than individual time points. In brief, a Gantt chart is useful when a team plans to:

  • Launches marketing campaign
  • Updates the development process
  • Performs press conference

Final Words

So, those are some noticeable best marketing project management software you can choose from. The choice is all yours!