Best-of-all Features of Bigtime Software

Why A Comprehensive Review of This Software?

Best-of-all Features of Bigtime Software

Bigtime is a very well-known software as it is workable for any project team or business, in general, looking to improve their planning and executing strategy. The software can be accessed anywhere since it is web-based. Because of its broad reach and easy access, a lot of significant consulting firms around the world use Bigtime. The software is a favorite for people in many fields, from architects to accountants to more! 

Bigtime software has several features that allow you to make project management a breeze, from helping with managing time better to simplifying billing and expenses. The software also enables you to work on multiple projects simultaneously, which helps make things so much easier to operate as a whole. 

In this piece, we will be discussing in detail the various features of Bigtime software which make it so great. Getting to know the software in minute detail is very important for any business before deciding on getting software. So, keep reading if you would like to learn more! 

Great Features in Bigtime

Billing and Invoicing

The Bigtime project management software Platform has several features that can help you manage your products more effectively. The software also integrates with Jira software, Google Analytics, and Netflix. With a clear vision and road mapping, you can develop and manage better products faster. Whether you’re looking for an all-in-one solution or a more customizable one, Bigtime software is an excellent choice for your team. You can use it to streamline your product development process and work more efficiently. 

Create Custom Workflows

Another thing about Bigtime price that we feel the need to highlight is how it simplifies your workflows. This software helps you to make things a lot better and enables you to visualize what your project looks like and what the tasks within it look like too. With Bigtime IT project management software, you can easily break the project down into smaller tasks that can be assigned to individuals within your team. This means you are able to create a custom workflow that will enable you and your team to complete a project in time. This helps make things simpler on both ends; you and your client. This is because when a client asks for an update, you are able to tell them exactly where in the timeline for the project you are at and what steps are left! 

Reporting and Analytics

The reporting feature in Bigtime reviews is one for the books. This feature helps you keep everything a lot simpler than it would have otherwise been. This feature allows for a lot of ease when it comes to analyzing project progress, how much time on average a task takes, and much more. All in all, this feature gives you a realistic timeline and update on how everything works. With Bigtime software, not only are you able to easily make a project much easier to handle by breaking it down into smaller tasks but also by knowing exactly when everything will be completed and looking at a detailed analysis of the project breakdown and expected timeline, in general. 

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Time and Project Tracking

Like the feature we mentioned earlier, reviews show that with Bigtime, you are able to set deadlines for tasks that every individual is assigned to your team. These tasks have a deadline attached to them which means your team is bound to complete them by a certain date. When there is a structured deadline in place and a plan for you and your team, you can easily put everything in place and make it easy to handle. Being able to track the timeline yourself and track a project and know when each aspect of the project will be completed is very important and something you should definitely always be on top of. 

Mobile App

Bigtime reviews also illustrate that it is accessible through a web app and can be accessed anywhere in the world as a result. To take this a step further, the software has a mobile app that can be downloaded on your mobile device, so you can essentially access the software on the go. You can view the project, update things, and much more from the convenience of your phone. Being able to access the software from your mobile device brings a lot of mobility to you and your work which is very important. All in all, this feature helps you to make things convenient for everyone involved, and we highly recommend the software because of it! 

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Is Bigtime Software Right for you?

Now that we have told you about the various features of Bigtime, you are probably wondering whether this is the right software for you. Well, we can enable you to decide on your own whether the software is right for your business. 

We suggest you make a list of features you would essentially want in your software and then compare that list to the list of features available in Bigtime software. We also suggest asking the vendor for a free trial or demo of Bigtime software and reading Bigtime reviews before committing to it. This will ensure that you choose the software suitable for your needs after having experienced it firsthand. All in all, this software is incredible and might be a great addition to your business.

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Five Cloud-Based Project Management Software You Need to Know About?

Five Cloud Based Project Management Software You Need to Know About

Five Cloud Based Project Management Software You Need to Know About?

If you are a business with a lot of employees working remotely and are looking to streamline project planning software and synthesize things in a much conventional way then you have come to the right place. In this piece, we will be talking about the top 5 cloud-based software.

which you can explore for all your best project planning software needs. While employees working remotely has become common since the Covid pandemic, so has virtual planning. In this piece, we will explore your top options for cloud-based project management software.

We will explore options for software such as bigtime software demo to topics such as Wrike pricing and more. We aim to equip you with all the facts about this software so that you can know which software might be right for you. Keep reading if you would like to learn more about this software and discover which software you need to choose!

Top Software to Check Out


The first software in our list is Wrike pricing which is a wonderful software according to many wrike reviews available online. The reason for this software’s popularity is the features it has. The software has a great templates feature. This feature allows users to choose a template and then plan their project.

This helps you to make project planning even easier since you have a pre-made template which can then be populated with details of your choosing. Wrike software also has a great activity tracking feature. This feature helps you to see what the progress of your project is and an expected timeline for completion as well. This makes the software worth consideration. As for the wrike demo, the software even has a free trial version and a paid professional version cost about $9.80 per month.


After Wrike software, we have Miro software so on our list. This is also a very popular software because of being cloud based which makes it accessible the world over. The software has a great free version for up to 15 users per group which makes it a great choice if you are tight on budget. The workflow dashboard on Miro is completely customizable and can be edited according to your needs. This means you can easily set the software according to your needs which makes things convenient for you and your team. The easy upload option on Trello allows you and your team to upload your documents and complete tasks much more efficiently than you would have otherwise. All in all, this software is pretty wonderful and definitely worth checking out. You can also check out the Miro Demo


Next, we have Asana on our list. Asana is another very popular software which is used by multitudes of start ups across the globe. According to Asana review The software allows integration with your calendar which helps set deadlines and reminders automatically which can be very helpful and allow you to work in a better way.

The software also has a great activity feed which shows you latest updates, what your teammates have been doing and much more. The software helps you keep track of everything and allows you to always be aware of what is going on in your team and what the progress of your project looks like on a whole. Watch asana demo for better understanding.

The software demo is a fairly new entrant to the world of cloud-based project management software, but it has made a name for itself in this short time for the amount of ease and convenience it brings users.

The software helps in easy data visualization wherein it helps display  plans and its details in a more visual format which is easier to understand. The software also has a messaging and commenting feature which allows for easier collaboration and lets team members talk to one another much more easily. This in turn gives you an opportunity to keep everyone in the team on the same page about the project. software is also a great software that needs to be included in this list. This software has a really good iOS and Android app which makes it very easy to use this software on the go on your mobile device. In this day and age, it makes things a lot more convenient! The software also has an alert and notification feature which alerts you about any changes and any things that you might need to pay attention to. This feature lets you know if a coworker tags you in feedback if there is a deadline coming up and much more.

Which Cloud Based Project Management Software you Should Get

Now that we have told you about not one but five great cloud based project planning software options you are probably confused about which one you should choose. We suggest making a list of all the features you would ideally want in a project planning software apart from it being cloud based and then compare that list to the features in this software. The software that meets most of your needs is the one you need to consider.We also suggest reading reviews for software before making the final call. Reading a Wrike review for example will give you a better idea about the Wrike software than merely reading about the features or comparing it to another similar software.

We suggest you do diligent research into which software is right for you. Hopefully you will be able to choose the right software for your needs.