Is Bigtime Right For Your Business?

Is Bigtime Right For Your Business?

Is Bigtime Right For Your Business?

For project management, Bigtime is one of the best options. Designed for professional service firms, such as accountants and consultants, Bigtime  integrates with QuickBooks Desktop and Online to provide a full range of project management functionality. In addition to its powerful project management capabilities, Bigtime software is also highly customizable and can be used to create custom reports and dashboards. Its QuickBooks integration makes it a perfect fit for accounting professionals and other professional services firms.

Bigtime is available as a mobile application and native for iPad

For business owners, Bigtime offers a complete suite of features, including flexible billing rates and customizable invoice templates. It supports time-and-material billing, multiple fixed fee billing at milestones, and percent-complete billing. In addition, users can export their reports in Excel, Word, or PDF, as well as share them with other users. In addition, Bigtime price is available as a mobile application and native for iPad. It even supports offline functionality.

Bigtime, billing is simple and hassle-free

Billing is another key area where Bigtime excels. Not only does it provide an intuitive interface, but it also helps you automate tasks and projects. The system also lets you set rates per staff member, project task, activity, and task. Whether you bill a client per hour, or charge by the day, you can always have a consistent and accurate record of your time spent on each project. With Bigtime, billing is simple and hassle-free, and you can focus on improving your business’s cash flow.

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Bigtime also can help you manage the projects

Bigtime also offers integrated billing, time-tracking, and task management capabilities. In addition to providing comprehensive online tools for managing employees, projects, and clients, Bigtime IQ enables users to link project data. This makes it possible to track overall project status in real-time and to generate invoices and reports. With its robust integrations, Bigtime reviews can help you manage projects, manage staff, and streamline billing and invoicing. For a small fee, you can even create your own invoices!

Bigtime helps professional service providers

Bigtime helps professional service providers manage resources and clients. The company was originally founded by a professional services firm, and it now helps its customers track over $2 billion in client fees annually. And while its prices are high, they’re worth the investment. If you’re looking for a solution to manage your business, Bigtime can be the answer. If you have any questions, contact them via live chat. They’ll be happy to help.

Big time app makes it easy to track your expenses

A big-time-themed app is a great way to manage your expenses. This app makes it easy to track your expenses. You can also track time and expense. And because it uses NFT technology, you get ownership of every item you collect. You can use Bigtime to organize your finances and build teams. It can be used on a mobile device and on desktop. The app is compatible with desktops and laptops and allows you to trade, buy, and sell items in-app. The Bigtime Marketplace does not require you to use a crypto wallet.

Bigtime is a time-tracking system for businesses

Bigtime is a time-tracking system for businesses. You can log your time and consolidate it in the cloud, and save it to the cloud. Unlike other games, Big Time’s time tracking system is user-friendly and allows you to save your progress. If you’re looking for a new way to manage your business, Bigtime software reviews will help you make the most of your time. So, don’t wait any longer to sign up for Bigtime today. You’ll never regret it!

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Big time is more customizable

Features of bigtime

The Bigtime template editor lets you customize invoices according to your business requirements. Invoices can include a company logo and information, as well as details such as time entries, expenses, tax rates, and budget status. You can also change the template settings. Once you have customized the templates, you’re ready to send out invoices. The template editor makes it easy to add your own information and customize your templates. You can also include your own logo and company information to each invoice. You can also check the Bigtime review.

Bigtime-A complete Review

How Will Big Time Be In The Future?

Bigtime - A Complete Review

BigTime software is another innovative software for project management. Many companies who have been using the software admit that this platform is quite beneficial. The software is specialized in handling time and expense tracking for projects that cost billable hours. In this complete review, we will take a closer look at BigTime Reviews.

A Brief Overview of Bigtime Software

BigTime software is a professional system that provides many features such as:

  • Budget and project planning
  • Time and expense tracking
  • Invoice and payment management

All of the features are supported by reporting and analytics capabilities. These capabilities take the guesswork out of utilization, capacity planning, as well as project profitability. BigTime provides a complete set of online tools that enable you to efficiently manage your staff, projects, and business clients.

By linking data such as schedules, budgets, tasks, and costs, you can effectively monitor the status of your entire project in real-time. Reporting, billing, and invoicing, this software makes everything very easy, accurate, and fast.

Your entire team will have the perfect tools they need to get all the work done on time and on budget. In fact, many BigTime reviews mention how the users get an average 25 percent increment in total revenue, along with a significant increase in referral revenue.

The Main Features of Bigtime

Of course, a BigTime review will not be completed without viewing the main features. Let’s take a look!

Time Tracking and Cost Tracking Features

BigTime project tracking software offers a customizable schedule that can display a daily or weekly view. It provides review and approval workflows. Additionally, the software automatically creates notifications for managers and the staff, allowing the managers to manually re-schedule the staff.

Security settings limit the view of the project. Some required fields of the software provide a key set of information. You will also find some features that include DCAA timing requirements and smart search fields.

BigTime review also provides built-in cost tracking which allows you to link the costs to internal projects or to billable clients’ projects. Other features can be mentioned as expense statement approval workflow, credit card collection, as well as flexible billing options.

Project Management and Resource Allocation Features

Time tracking and billing software also include budget and task management tools. With these tools, you can easily customize tasks for each project. In addition, you can allocate hourly rates, fees, and expense budgets. This tool provides a Gantt chart to create, view, and update all the project timelines and deliverables.

There are also some features to help in verifying and approving project time and costs, tracking due dates, and managing workflows. This innovative software offers a project staffing tool that provides information about resource allocation, available staff, and how much time to allocate.

Billing & Invoicing, Reporting, Mobile App, Integrations, and More

BigTime software reviews show that the software comes with customizable invoice templates. The templates allow you to include your personalized logo, address, company colors, and more.

Meanwhile, the advanced billing and invoicing features from BigTime project management for small businesses enable you to set flexible billing rates. This way, you can issue invoices in a variety of ways. Accordingly, you can create billing at a fixed rate for time and materials, specific milestones, or percentages of completion.

You can also find reporting tools offered by the software which make it easier to create and customize all the reports.

Who Uses Bigtime Software?

BigTime software primarily helps:

  • Accountants
  • Engineers
  • Architects
  • IT service companies
  • Scientific and management consultants

The software helps those businesses to plan, track and bill their time.

What Are the Benefits of Using Bigtime?

Many! Yes, there are many wonderful benefits your business will get from using Big Time pricing. Below are some of the most promising ones.

The attendance management system from this software comes with an intuitive data entry system. This enables you to quickly log time, making it easy to consolidate billable hours. The monitoring system can also work offline. Accordingly, it will update the cloud as soon as a connection is established.

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Builds the Best Team

Using data from time counters and billing systems from BigTime, you can now better understand how to manage tasks and resources. This will eventually help you to organize people where required, helping to coordinate projects promptly.

Assists You to Bill Faster

Supports the Workflow Standardization

BigTime allows you to standardize your workflow and use templates to create standard forms. Standardization will enable your team members to familiarize themselves with the way they work. This way, they will be able to give customers equal consistency.

Helps to Level up Your Leadership

BigTime dashboards, analytics, and standard reports are built directly from tracked data. This helps to eliminate the need of collecting additional data. With this, you can create reports in the software to present your ideas and share key analyzes with others. All these can be done without spending additional resources on data collection.

Leverages Your Setting

Built to thrive in the cloud setting, the API tools offered by BigTime allow integration with other cloud software to extend its capabilities. This accounting system will integrate seamlessly with other popular project management and productivity software. In the end, the integration will help to further enhance its functionality.

Bigtime Price

Speaking of BigTime price, the software offers various BigTime pricing plans. What are they?

  • The Express Plan

This plan costs $10 per month billed annually, with a minimum of 5 users

  • The Pro Plan

You can get this plan at $30 per month billed annually, with a minimum of 5 users.

  • The Premier Plan

By paying $40 per month billed annually, you can get this plan with a minimum of 10 users

Spoil alert: BigTime also offers a free 14day trial!

Best-of-all Features of Bigtime Software

Why A Comprehensive Review of This Software?

Best-of-all Features of Bigtime Software

Bigtime is a very well-known software as it is workable for any project team or business, in general, looking to improve their planning and executing strategy. The software can be accessed anywhere since it is web-based. Because of its broad reach and easy access, a lot of significant consulting firms around the world use Bigtime. The software is a favorite for people in many fields, from architects to accountants to more! 

Bigtime software has several features that allow you to make project management a breeze, from helping with managing time better to simplifying billing and expenses. The software also enables you to work on multiple projects simultaneously, which helps make things so much easier to operate as a whole. 

In this piece, we will be discussing in detail the various features of Bigtime software which make it so great. Getting to know the software in minute detail is very important for any business before deciding on getting software. So, keep reading if you would like to learn more! 

Great Features in Bigtime

Billing and Invoicing

The Bigtime project management software Platform has several features that can help you manage your products more effectively. The software also integrates with Jira software, Google Analytics, and Netflix. With a clear vision and road mapping, you can develop and manage better products faster. Whether you’re looking for an all-in-one solution or a more customizable one, Bigtime software is an excellent choice for your team. You can use it to streamline your product development process and work more efficiently. 

Create Custom Workflows

Another thing about Bigtime price that we feel the need to highlight is how it simplifies your workflows. This software helps you to make things a lot better and enables you to visualize what your project looks like and what the tasks within it look like too. With Bigtime IT project management software, you can easily break the project down into smaller tasks that can be assigned to individuals within your team. This means you are able to create a custom workflow that will enable you and your team to complete a project in time. This helps make things simpler on both ends; you and your client. This is because when a client asks for an update, you are able to tell them exactly where in the timeline for the project you are at and what steps are left! 

Reporting and Analytics

The reporting feature in Bigtime reviews is one for the books. This feature helps you keep everything a lot simpler than it would have otherwise been. This feature allows for a lot of ease when it comes to analyzing project progress, how much time on average a task takes, and much more. All in all, this feature gives you a realistic timeline and update on how everything works. With Bigtime software, not only are you able to easily make a project much easier to handle by breaking it down into smaller tasks but also by knowing exactly when everything will be completed and looking at a detailed analysis of the project breakdown and expected timeline, in general. 

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Time and Project Tracking

Like the feature we mentioned earlier, reviews show that with Bigtime, you are able to set deadlines for tasks that every individual is assigned to your team. These tasks have a deadline attached to them which means your team is bound to complete them by a certain date. When there is a structured deadline in place and a plan for you and your team, you can easily put everything in place and make it easy to handle. Being able to track the timeline yourself and track a project and know when each aspect of the project will be completed is very important and something you should definitely always be on top of. 

Mobile App

Bigtime reviews also illustrate that it is accessible through a web app and can be accessed anywhere in the world as a result. To take this a step further, the software has a mobile app that can be downloaded on your mobile device, so you can essentially access the software on the go. You can view the project, update things, and much more from the convenience of your phone. Being able to access the software from your mobile device brings a lot of mobility to you and your work which is very important. All in all, this feature helps you to make things convenient for everyone involved, and we highly recommend the software because of it! 

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Is Bigtime Software Right for you?

Now that we have told you about the various features of Bigtime, you are probably wondering whether this is the right software for you. Well, we can enable you to decide on your own whether the software is right for your business. 

We suggest you make a list of features you would essentially want in your software and then compare that list to the list of features available in Bigtime software. We also suggest asking the vendor for a free trial or demo of Bigtime software and reading Bigtime reviews before committing to it. This will ensure that you choose the software suitable for your needs after having experienced it firsthand. All in all, this software is incredible and might be a great addition to your business.

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