How to Leverage Outsourcing for a Successful Software Development Project?

How to Leverage Outsourcing for a Successful Software Development Project?

How to Leverage Outsourcing for a Successful Software Development Project?

In software development, projects can be outsourced to a third-party vendor for part or complete handling of all stages. Their scope of services ranges from custom software development consulting for in-house use or developing commercial solutions that facilitate customers. Outsourcing gives internal IT departments the time to focus on core competencies and target growth. 

Pros of Outsourcing

Lowers Operational Costs

Hiring an in-house team or developer can be costly because it includes scouting, training and onboarding expenses. With outsourcing, the task of interviewing and shortlisting goes to the vendor and no resources required for training or accommodating them either. The cost of living and standard salaries differs for developing countries therefore companies can hire a bigger software development firm from somewhere like Ukraine on the same budget. They do not have to compromise on quality of talent either since the workforce is as experienced. 

Access to Worldwide Talent

Outsourcing does not limit you to a geographical location when searching for developers and you can reach out to teams from around the globe. These developers have worked with a variety of clients and can leverage their diverse experience for the success of your project. Not only that but companies have access to the latest development tools which might not be common in their own country. Outsourcing helps hire software development firms for the most specialized products targeting niche markets. They may also be comfortable enough with Agile methodology and DevOps framework to implement it in the project and speed up delivery. 

Align Core Business Processes

The in-house team also benefits from software development outsourcing because their workload is reduced and they can now focus on business growth. The outsourced team often works autonomously hence the internal IT department can work towards improving the core business processes. They will be strategizing on how to achieve goals based on their skill level while the software development firm can focus on projects that are beyond their capabilities.  

Better Product Quality

Outsourcing can improve overall quality of software and solution because the team will have dedicated resources for testing. Their quality assurance engineers can make sure the final product meets all the criteria and will provide a stable user experience. The custom software developer will also bring fresh ideas on innovation and their new perspective can help solve many existing problems in creative ways. 

How to Successfully Outsource a Project?

Choose the Right Outsourcing Agency

The software quality depends almost entirely on the team responsible for developing it. A competent software development firm can check all the boxes in your list and create a solution that boosts productivity. The team’s reputation is a good indicator of how useful they would be for your project. There are certain factors you need to consider when making a decision regarding the company. 

There are reviews, testimonials and references from previous employers which can provide insight on their work ethics and quality of work. Viewing a sample of their projects can also give an idea of their technical capabilities, quality of work and skills. This includes any apps, websites, and software they have in the custom software developer’s portfolio. The common aspects to evaluate are the design and load timing for each page or screen. Some features that also require attention are the ease of navigation, overall user experience and how compatible their work is with mobile devices. 

Give them a Trial Task

In some situations, the work and testimonials might not be enough to convince you of a developer’s skills. One possibility is requesting them to work on a trial project and make a decision based on their performance. The test project gives clients the unique opportunity to work with the software development firm and experience their collaboration habits in person. It gives you a chance to communicate with them and see how well they respond to instructions. 

The trial task can also assist in evaluating the trustworthiness of the team and how reliable they are in delivering their work on time. They should be able to manage time efficiently and set deadlines for their team members to fast-track the process. The test project will be paid and requires resource and time investment but it can save you from making the wrong decision. 

Clearly Define Project Goals

Before beginning, it is important to have defined business and project goals. These are achievable targets which can help custom software developers work in the right direction. Although the goals may vary from project to project, clarifying the expectations can positively affect growth. These parameters are also useful for measuring the success of an outsourcing job. 

Not only are these goals useful for team efforts but they also help make beneficial decisions regarding the project. For instance, decisions regarding additional resource or spending can be made according to them. There should be scheduled evaluations at each stage and milestone of the software development consulting project so teams can allocate resources and make changes to avoid wasting them. 

Automate Monitoring Processes

One drawback of outsourcing software development is the inability to monitor the team’s performance but now there are ways to verify the time management, billable hours, productivity levels and other options. There is project management software that can help small and large businesses track their employee’s activities. These software development consulting solutions have automated processes which generate reports and updates for the project manager’s convenience. 

These software help categorize websites and track how much time is spent on each one. It also has time logging options so employees can check-in even if they are working on the go. The software is designed to boost productivity by removing distractions and sending timely reminders on due dates. It can be integrated with the payroll system and provide data on billable hours. There is a mobile app which means employees are always accessible and they can receive alerts even if they are away from the computer.  

New technology and solutions have made it possible to enjoy all the benefits of an outsourced team without any risks.