How to Select a Website Generator for Your Static Website?

How to Select a Website Generator for Your Static Website?

How to Select a Website Generator for Your Static Website?

It is a common misconception that static websites are a new technology. They have been around for years, and it is how web development started. The earliest websites were built on HTML, CSS and JavaScript and software development firm did not use no plugins, libraries or frameworks. In simple terms, the content on a static website will remain the same on every visit whereas the dynamic one continues to change. The server generates static files which are sent to the browsers. Such web development software has the ability to collect data from all possible sources like APIs, CMS and other content systems.

The static website rejects any unwanted complexities and focuses entirely on improving its efficiency and performance. There are no databases required and programming is enough to create light landing pages or business websites. There are no long page loading times or frustrating delays. Custom software developer are able to create a reliable, fast and efficient web presence that enhances the user experience in no time. There are a few things to keep in mind when selecting a website generator or web development software.

Have a Plan

Once you have decided you need a static website, you need to think about the features it should have. There are factors to consider including whether there will be a mailing list or contact form on the website. Will you be collecting data from external sources and will you be hiring a software development firm in the future? A visual map can help outline all the different parts and how they will integrate with each other. Each piece should have its purpose and the data must have some path to flow in and out of the web development software.

Select a Language You Are Familiar With

If you have some rudimentary knowledge of HTML then selecting a static web development software that is written in it can help. It would be counterproductive to learn a new programming language just to build a website. If you want to write functions in another language then make sure the FaaS provider supports that language. Although it is never wrong to add another language to your skills, it will slow you down because you will have to build up the knowledge as you go along.

Choose a System and Stick to It

All static web development software have equivalent products offered by the main provider. Once you have familiarized yourself with the basic components then you need to select a suitable provider. If you choose all products by one company or those recommended by them then the process will be much smoother. These products are easily integrable and work well together. The custom software developer can rely on the same vendor for all the documentation instead of switching back and forth between different systems. 


It makes sense to select tools that are easy to use so you can accomplish the task on you own without any outside help.