EMR Software Lower Cost Allows You to Focus on Running Practices

EMR Software Lower Cost Allows You to Focus on Running Practices

EMR Software Lower Cost Allows You to Focus on Running Practices

OneTouch EMR is the only practice management system that’s been designed and developed by a physician specifically for practicing doctors. It allows you to chart faster than any other existing electronic medical records (EMR) software on the market because it was built with your needs in mind–literally from scratch. 

The Cloud-based EMR is designed by doctors for their practice. It includes integrated fax, eRx, and electronic labs with orders as well a Free Draw tool that allows annotations on the photos taken from an iPad app when accessing patient information remotely–MU I & II certified (HIPAA compliant) capable of running ICD10 ready so you can get back in time! This automated system also comes fully featured on desktop computers or laptops alongside tablets such as iPads ranging up to large practices across multiple locations without any hassle at all because it’s been customized just right according to your needs whether small/medium-sized clinic with 2 offices looking into adopting this type of software now versus later down the line once s too late?

OneTouch Offers Lower Cost And Let You Focus On Practice

This cutting-edge software is designed to streamline your workflow and save you time. The OneTouch EMR program offers features that are not available in traditional medical practices, such as billing codes or prescription renewals–all while maintaining a low cost of ownership due to its cloud-based platform which requires monthly fees instead of hardware costs associated with other options.

It also simplifies patient treatment by providing information about allergies on intake forms so there are fewer reruns when someone else has already handled an episode once before but doesn’t know everything. 

OneTouch EMR is presently accessible free of charge and permits you to outline quicker than with different frameworks right now available.

Support Option for Healthcare

OneTouch EMR offers a variety of support options for healthcare providers. It has multiple channels, including role-based help videos and online chat that can be accessed with 24/7 customer service agents on call at your convenience via phone or email response times; free version available as well if you’re practicing solo without any staff members! The platform is very user-friendly making it easy to set up in no time flat – there really isn’t anything not like about this top EMR software unless we find something out later after using their products. 

Cloud-Based Practice Management System

OneTouch offers a cloud-based practice management system that is lightweight, robust, and customizable to meet the needs of small or large practices. OneTouch takes into account little, medium, and multi-area rehearses who incline toward a portable application that is lightweight yet hearty. With customizable OneTouch EMR features for each specialty of care practiced at the practice – from orthodontics or dermatology down to podiatry – One Touch makes it easy for you!

Why Should Physicians Have EMR Software Programs?

Elation EMR

Why Should Physicians Have EMR Software Programs?

Electronic medical records such as OneTouch EMR are a necessity for healthcare practices. They provide ease by offering robust features that help physicians in several ways. For example, the EMR enables clinicians to visit more patients by providing improved access to detailed patient histories, potentially saving time searching for results and reports. Remote access to patient data, enhanced test result availability, prescription error notifications, and preventive care reminders are among the additional benefits of EMR Software.  

For example, OneTouch EMR software is a powerful electronic medical record software that benefits physicians in many ways. The robust features offered by the software are available during the OneTouch EMR demo. In addition, the One Touch EMR software has affordable pricing that makes it one of the best EMR for small practices.  

Don’t miss out on this blog, as it includes the top benefits of EMR software for physicians.

Streamlines Workflow

Electronic health record EMR software is well-known for streamlining workflow through robust functionalities. The powerful tools and features offered by EMR software help physicians to provide advanced care to patients. In addition, physicians don’t have to worry about daily time-consuming processes as the EMR software handles everything efficiently.  

In the case of OneTouch EMR software, the reviews prove that the software makes practicing medicine a breeze. Users can conduct their tasks seamlessly because the software manages everything. 

Digital Prescription

EMR software allows physicians to send prescriptions to patients’ preferred pharmacies online. As a result, physicians can prescribe medications with a few clicks regardless of time and location. In addition, the e-prescription feature in OneTouch EMR software provides notifications about drug interaction to help ensure patient safety.

Simplifies Documentation

With EMR software, physicians can easily document patient data. The best electronic medical record software allows physicians to access pre-built templates which streamline the documentation process. Specialty-specific templates are also available, which help cater to physicians with specialty-specific practices.  

Moreover, some top EMR software offers voice recognition features through which physicians can enter patient data much more quickly and efficiently. For example, the voice recognition tool helps document patient data by converting text into speech within seconds!

Less Administrative Workload

EMR software integrates with Practice Management systems to make physicians’ lives easier. The integrated solution allows physicians to conduct all processes from a single spot. In addition, the Practice Management Software handles all administrative tasks so the physician can focus on providing quality care to patients.  

According to OneTouch EMR reviews, the integration feature makes the software one of the best EMR for small practices.  


Telehealth is a robust tool that came into reality during the COVID-19 pandemic. The telehealth feature is available in most EMR software, including OneTouch EMR software. Telehealth allows physicians to provide consultation from anywhere and at any time. These virtual consultations closely mimic in-person consultations. Moreover, they help ensure physicians’ and patients’ safety during a worldwide pandemic. 

Our Two Bits

EMR software offers various benefits to physicians. We hope this blog helps you analyze the top ones. However, a OneTouch EMR demo is also helpful in analyzing the features and benefits of the software. If you are looking for EMR software for your healthcare practice, make sure to schedule a demo to explore the software firsthand.

Get the Top List of Medical Software Vendors

Get the Top List of Medical Software Vendors

Get the Top List of Medical Software Vendors

Medical software vendors are in the business of helping doctors and nurses keep track of patient information. They develop medical software such as one touch EMR for medical practices like hospitals, clinics, or private offices that use them to record appointments; remind staff about schedule changes due to a shift change-over from one shift leader’s watch over another’s patients before they enter into uncharted territory while on-call; provide data analysis tools so healthcare providers can monitor trends within their organization based off certain metrics such as admissions rates by severity level among others things much more. Here is the best we could find.

Top Medical Software Vendors

OneTouch EMR

OneTouch EMR is a cloud-based electronic medical records arrangement that can be gotten to remotely through cell phones running distinctive working frameworks like iOS and Android. This option works well for small practices, especially those in the Internal Medicine profession who have patients with varying needs from general practitioners or family medicine doctors. How does this change your business? OneTouch office provides an all-in-one solution to meet every administrative need from securely storing documents such as insurance forms.


EClinicalWorks, a privately-held EHR vendor specializing in ambulatory healthcare IT solutions. Their system costs are in the middle for primary care provider markets and they don’t offer specialty content or modules – but can be good fit small size practices with 40 different specialties connecting patients’ medical records to insurance billing & claims information from 86000 providers across 50 states as well.


CureMD is the leading provider for EHRs, PM, and billing services in healthcare. With 109 thousand users across 50 states plus 33 specialties on its platform with over two dozen different functions that are all integrated into one application like practice management software or patient portal system; they were able to create an easy-to-use solution that met all your needs as a doctor while also reducing costs by 20%.



Epic is the oldest player in Health IT, having been founded in 1979. Epic serves mid to large-sized practices as well as academic facilities hospitals and children’s organizations with their EHR System for physicians’ offices that can be customized according to medical needs of any size or type-whether it’s an independent clinic struggling under chronic financial strain; A hospital seeking ways cost reduction strategies through data analysis tools designed specifically.


Allscripts is a company that specializes in the electronic health record EMR software industry. The major focus of their product, AllCME, has been on serving small to medium-sized practices with an affordable price tag and user-friendly interface for easy access from anywhere as well as improving clinical efficiency by providing direct physician communication regarding patient care history like labs values or medications prescribed during visits without having patients reschedule now.

Choose An EMR Software You Can Be Proud Of

Navigating Cyber Security Challenges in Medical Industry

Choose An EMR Software You Can Be Proud Of

OneTouch EMR is the perfect practice management software for any size of operation. It includes a dashboard that shows you how to schedule and manage your orders, patients, or coworkers’ communications with one easy interface. OneTouch EMR is a system that provides all of the functionality and productivity needs for medical doctors. It’s designed to outthink, not just follow an electronic manifest with voice commands like Siri or Alexa but rather be as responsive as if you’re interacting physically on-screen by touching your screen!

OneTouch EMR offers unprecedented usability in health care through touch screens alongside typing interfaces while also including speech recognition capabilities via Dragon Medical which allows users to complete dictation input into healthcare applications.

What Are The Benefits Of OneTouch EMR?

The OneTouch EMR is a comprehensive electronic health record EMR software that can be accessed by physicians at any time. This means they have all the information needed to give better care because it has been logged during every encounter, medication, and exam of their patient’s health history since your first visit with us—even if you were never formally seen! This also makes our records actionable so we know what needs doing next: ordering tests or x-rays; communicating about treatment options – whether surgery recommendations or pain relief prescriptions–and more easily than ever before without having paperwork fumbling through stacks upon heaps just trying to find something important enough for.

One Touch EMR is a wonderful option for any practice that needs to simplify its workflow and decrease costs. With scalable pricing, you can decide what features are important without worrying about how much money your company has available in order to have access to them all. its mobile support; it doesn’t matter if an individual wants his information on the go or not because now he’ll always be able to at least view basic demographic data through iPhone apps (iOS) And browser delivery.

What Are The Features Of One Touch EMR?

In this new integrated one of best EMR software systems for practices, Dashboard provides an overview of schedule information from one central space. Practice managers are able to view orders and lab results on a daily basis as well as see what appointments have been made by other providers in their network while they were out-of-town or busy performing surgeries at another hospital.

The calendar permits up to five users simultaneously allowing the creation of new meeting times with different physicians based on any criteria that you want; be it proximity (time), type injury/illness, etc.  

The One Touch EMR has a key feature that allows providers to communicate with other professionals in-platform, making phone calls from patient charts and faxing documents internally. It also includes an option for creating superbills that go through administrative approval before being exported as PDFs or printed out versions of these reports; this way you can get the information faster than ever.

Must-Have Features in an Effective EMR Solution

Importance of Healthcare IT Software Solutions in the Digital World

Must-Have Features in an Effective EMR Solution

EMRs are programming applications that are digitized partners of conventional paper-based clinical records contained in paper graphs. They safeguard a record of your patient’s clinical history, medications, antibody dates, specialist’s notes, and other relevant data. The OneTouch EMR is an extraordinary framework that guides the centralization of patient records, and they are required in each state of the practice. 

Here are the top-rated EMR system features that will help you maximize your clinical, administrative, and financial responsibilities. You may likewise get a demo of EMR programming prior to buying the item. The demo will help you in completely investigating the product.

Patient Charting

EMR systems enable you to produce digital charts on patients’ medical problems and diagnoses in real-time. You can also integrate all patient records into a single chart. In addition, many EMR platforms feature customized charting templates, and you can choose desirable fields based on your needs. During the demo, make sure that your software offers efficient patient charting features.

Electronic Prescribing

The procedure of electronically printing and transmitting prescriptions to pharmacies of the patient’s choice is known as e-prescribing. In addition, you can receive automated notifications about interactions with pharmacies, such as dosage levels, allergies, and prescriptions, using EMR software. 

Both patients and providers benefit from the e-prescription functionality. With a few clicks, you can obtain refills and mail prescriptions. Your patients, on the other hand, can receive drugs from the comfort of their own homes. The EMR software demo gives you an overview of this feature.

Patient Portal

The patient portal, which many users acclaim, is the most well-known aspect of an EMR system. Patients can log in and examine their data via a patient portal, such as prescription history, the number of appointments, and lab results. In addition, the patient interface provided by cloud-based EMR systems is available at all times. As a result, patients can check on their health from the convenience of their own homes.  

According to users, the patient portal is convenient; hence, it is a must-have feature in an EMR system.

Voice Acknowledgement

An electronic health record EMR software streamlines the process of patient documentation. With a couple of mouse clicks, you can enter information into the EMR framework. Most EMR frameworks additionally incorporate voice acknowledgment innovation, which permits you to enter information by just talking about it. In a moment or two, the amazing EMR programming goes voice to message! Besides, there are various strategies for entering patient information and archiving notes quicker and all the more advantageously.


To improve your productivity, most EMR software interacts with practice management systems and medical billing software. With integration, you can manage all of your duties from a single area. For example, the practice management system handles all of your administrative responsibilities. Similarly, medical billing software guarantees that all of your claims are submitted appropriately. Ensure during the demo that your software has integration capabilities.  

In a Nutshell

Undoubtedly, EMR programming is the best equipment to advance your clinical practice. Every one of your errands is finished accurately by OneTouch EMR programming, and you don’t need to stress over anything. Nonetheless, prior to making a buy, make a point to plan a demo to decide whether the item meets your prerequisites in general.

Benefits of Implementing an EMR Software

Top 7 Reasons Why Small Medical Practices Need a Telemedicine EMR Software

Benefits of Implementing an EMR Software

EMR are software applications that are digitized counterparts of traditional paper-based health records maintained in paper charts. They preserve a record of your patient’s medical history, medicines, vaccine dates, doctor’s notes, and other pertinent information. The One Touch EMR is one of the great systems that aid in the centralization of patient records, and they are required in every modern practice. 

Here are the main advantages of EMR systems for streamlining your process. You may also get a demo of EMR software before purchasing the product. The demo will assist you in thoroughly analyzing the software.

Streamlined Documentation

An EMR software enhances the process of documenting patient data. With a few mouse clicks, you can enter data into the EMR system. Most EMR systems also include voice recognition technology, which allows you to enter data by simply speaking it. In seconds, the powerful EMR software turns voice to text! Furthermore, there are numerous different methods for entering patient data and documenting notes faster and more conveniently.

Enhanced Clinical Reporting

It is considerably easier to develop reports that detect and track health hazards for individuals or groups of people when patient information and medical record systems are digitized. These reports can assist clinicians in intervening early when a patient’s health is deteriorating. The reporting capabilities of an electronic health record EMR software can also enable practices to participate in Medicare payment systems like the Merit-Based Incentive Payment System (MIPS).

Streamlined Tasks 

Doctors and administrators may now obtain patient health information without having to go through stacks of paper records. Other time-saving EMR benefits include the ability to get lab test results and electronically prescribe prescriptions digitally.

Improved Care Coordination

Charts must be readily available and legible to be shared with all authorized clinicians on a patient’s care team, including specialists and technicians. An EMR system gives a steady arrangement for clearly introducing dated patient information that you can share digitally. In addition, such information is more secure than printing and transferring sensitive medical documents to authorized colleagues.

Safe and Secure

Patient privacy and HIPAA compliance are usually at the top of providers’ priority lists. As a result, the EMR is effectively implemented, and typical security elements are present in the system. In addition, most providers are fully aware of buyers’ security concerns. As a result, they have taken steps to ensure appropriate data encryption technology for both on-premise and cloud-based systems. Furthermore, a computerized medical record is frequently safer than a paper chart.

Our Two Bits

Without question, One Touch EMR software is the most effective tool to optimize your medical practice. All of your tasks are correctly done by EMR software, and you don’t have to worry about anything. However, before making a purchase, make sure to schedule a demo to determine if the product meets all of your requirements. The demo will allow you to evaluate the software in a real-time healthcare setting. Moreover, you can read EMR software reviews online to get a sense of what current users think about the software, along with its pros and cons.

Medical Software Solutions to Optimize Your Workflow

Some of The Best EHR Vendors Proven to Increase Revenue

Medical Software Solutions to Optimize Your Workflow

One Touch EMR was founded in 2011 by a software company named after the software itself. It is relatively new software and hence includes all the facilities that a modern EMR needs to have. The One Touch EMR is designed with the goal of facilitating the doctors and creating ease in their practice.  

Internal medicine, family medicine, and general practitioners can use this solution to manage their patients’ medical histories. Mobile devices with different operating systems, such as iOS and Android, can access the solution remotely.

Pricing of OneTouch EMR

The Electronic medical record (EMR) is now available for free by One Touch EMR. The starting price of One Touch EMR is $199 per month per practitioner.  

It has a different plan with different starting prices. 

  1. Free plan: This plan offers free EMR for a limited size of data. The training and set up price are none. 
  1. Silver Plan: Available at $$199 per provider per month. Although, there is a setup cost. 
  1. Gold Plan: Available at $349 per provider per month. Although, there is a setup cost. 
  1. Platinum Plan: Available for $599 per provider per month. Although, there is a setup cost. 
  1. EHR + Billing Plan: Available at $565 per provider per month. Although, there is a setup cost.  
  1. Revenue Cycle Plan: Contact a vendor for price. 

All the plans are iPad, Mac, and Android friendly as well. Each program is HIPAA compliant.

Features of OneTouch EMR 


The EMR has a design that is intuitive. The EMR is highly integrated and automatically transfers all the previous data from another EMR into its systems. The integration web of One Touch EMR is very widespread among all similar electronic health record EMR software 


Rapidly access your appointments for the day, check messages, overdue labs, and Rx refills, and quickly add new patients and appointments. The daily newsfeeds will keep you up to date on significant industry news. Before commencing your interaction, review patient charts and demographics, or rapidly go to any location in the EMR with a single click. 


Using a familiar procedure, document your interaction quickly and effortlessly. 


View your appointments by day, week, month, or year in a flash. You can see if an appointment has been confirmed, canceled, rescheduled, checked in, and more by looking at the notation on the appointment. 


All important information is presented in an easy-to-read style on the patient demographic screen. 

Labs and Orders:

You may minimize your burden, enhance efficiencies, and increase revenue while providing better patient care by connecting to your laboratories electronically. 

Patient Management:

The OneTouch EMR enables you to “connect” your patient data and visit documentation to your existing patient management system, providing for smooth data integration without the need for duplicate data entry.

Last Words:

OneTouch EMR’s simple and intuitive design makes it the perfect solution to the needs of many practitioners. The innovative and powerful features of OneTouch EMR also improve practice efficiency in a variety of medical fields. 

OneTouch EMR Software; Is It Worth Investing In?

How You Can Know Which EMR Software is Worth Investing?

OneTouch EMR Software; Is It Worth Investing In?

When considering the purchase of a medical software program, it’s important to know the benefits of the One-Touch EMR systems. For example, a OneTouch EMR can eliminate errors and duplicate billing by allowing doctors to update patient information at any time. Moreover, the software is easy to customize, which is an important factor for some practices. However, for other users, the system may not be the ideal choice.

Is OneTouch EMR Worth Using?

Buying the OneTouch EMR is a good idea if you are interested in improving your workflow. It also offers several convenient features that make it an ideal electronic medical records program. For example, it features a patient portal and e-prescriptions. It’s a shell that makes it possible for patients to enter and review data, and it is able to send reminders automatically. In addition to that, it also has a knowledge base and can be accessed offline.

Does OneTouch EMR Really Save Time?

Yes! The OneTouch EMR is cloud-based, which is convenient for both physicians and patients. It’s fully customizable, and users can create a personalized version of the system for each patient. With the ability to edit documents and store patient records, this OneTouch EMR software is a smart choice for any physician. This medical software is worth the investment.

Does OneTouch EMR Allow For Remote Use?

The software allows doctors to input patient information remotely. It also includes a patient portal. It allows users to track patient conditions. In addition to this, the program offers built-in fax capabilities. With all these features, the OneTouch EMR is an ideal choice for urgent care, pediatrics, and orthopedics. The platform also offers advanced e-prescription and laboratory management.

Is OneTouch A Cloud-Based Network?

It’s an excellent option for ambulatory healthcare providers. Its integration with a cloud-based health care network makes it easy to share patient information. It can be integrated with major health information networks.

OneTouch EMR Pricing

OneTouch EMR is not only low in its cost, but it’s also compatible with many major EMR platforms.

Is it Worth Purchasing?

This medical software is worth the price. The OneTouch EMR has a very intuitive user interface. Aside from providing a user-friendly interface, it can also facilitate the use of the company’s mobile data management system. This feature can make the EMR more flexible and can be customized to meet the practice’s needs. 


If your practice maintains health records, this software can provide valuable insights to improve patient management. The OneTouch EMR is a good choice for doctors who want to optimize their productivity. It’s also worth considering a practice with multiple locations.

Parting Thoughts

Whether electronic health records EMR software is worth the investment, it’s a good option for a health care business. It is easy to customize charts and templates, a good way to manage the data entered by patients. There are no limitations to customization. The flexibility of this software is a great advantage. This makes it the ideal choice for small businesses, SMEs, and startups. 


OneTouch EMR is an excellent option. Its user-friendly interface makes it a great option for busy doctors. As a result, it is highly beneficial for small practices.

Is EMR Software Worth an Investment?

Nextech EMR

Is EMR Software Worth an Investment?

Many medical professionals are turning to electronic medical records software for their practices. It reduces errors, time, and paperwork. A significant example is OneTouch EMR Software, which offers doctors and medical professionals many benefits.

Benefits of EMR Software

Secure Online Server

First and foremost, doctors want their patients to be comfortable while in the waiting room. The best way to do this is to make sure the patient can access their medical data at anytime from anywhere. Digital patient portal software allows this.  

A patient portal application is a secure online application that links the medical office’s database with a secure online server. When the patient clicks on the application and enters their data, it is instantly stored on the doctor’s personal computer, accessible from any internet-connected device.

Data Security

With OneTouch EMR software, the data recording process is automatic. The patient has to log on to the secure online portal, create an ID, and access their personal patient health information system. In addition, the system automatically generates a new user ID and password for the user each time you log on.  

OneTouch EMR software offers many benefits. For example, the OneTouch billing software eliminates paper billing and removes errors due to misspellings or incorrect numbers. It also reduces clerical mistakes because the system captures the correct information for each patient on the medical claim.  

You can also use the software in many other ways. For instance, the program will also store patient demographics and prescribe medication on the go when needed. As a result, electronic health records software eliminates a lot of manual tasks. 

Access an External Database

In general, electronic health record EMR software allows a physician to generate forms directly from the source data without accessing an external database. In addition, EMR software offers a centralized management system. This means there’s no need for the physician and his staff to deal with the intricacies of manually going through a stack of records as everything is digitized. 

Final Thoughts

One of the primary reasons physicians consider EMR software a valuable medical records management solution is that it gives them access to patient demographics. The software also gives the practitioner greater access to medical history data and historical information, enabling them to address health issues before they become serious.  

There are many great reasons why physicians choose these software solutions. Most medical offices are quickly finding out that patient satisfaction is the driving force behind the adoption of this software. These software solutions allow for more interactive communication between doctors and their patients, leading to more satisfied patients. By taking advantage of these best EMR software solutions, doctors can monitor patient forms more quickly and solve problems faster. 

What Makes OneTouch EMR Ideal For Your Practice?

kareo billing software

What Makes OneTouch EMR Ideal For Your Practice?

OneTouch is a medical software solution that provides remote electronic medical record management and tools to ensure an efficient workflow for physicians. Developed by doctors for doctors, this software targets hospitals looking to reduce their medical claims processing and administrative workload. OneTouch EMR does this by enabling multiple offices and practices to collaborate on patient care information and billing. Find out below what makes OneTouch ideal for medical practitioners:

OneTouch EMR Features

OneTouch is available to physicians of various specialties, including general practitioners, family practitioners, surgeons, emergency and trauma care physicians, psychiatrists and psychologists, etc. Below are some of its top-rated features:


OneTouch EMR software provides its users the ease of a virtual assistant to perform tedious administrative tasks. Administrative tasks include billing, scheduling appointments, data entry, charting, prescribing, appointment reminders, web analytics, coding, and web-page editing. This feature is beneficial for all kinds of medical practices. In addition, the OneTouch billing software supports multiple offices and multiple practice locations. This feature allows practices with multiple offices to seamlessly and efficiently communicate with each other on patient billing.

E-Payment Processing 

OneTouch EMR supports e-payment processing. It can help users organize files and collate them based on the claim amounts, dates of service, authorization, and CPT codes. This also allows the user to code reimbursement payment information to avoid making mistakes on the reimbursement claim. In addition, users can easily update the claims on the electronic medical record.

Practice Management System

The OneTouch EMR practice management system provides multiple offices with web access. This web access allows these offices to view and coordinate with one another. For example, suppose a OneTouch EMR practitioner uses a Web portal. In that case, a medical biller at one office can update the claim on the website with a simple mouse click. Similarly, multiple offices can view the same claim on the same web portal. All that is required is that the claim manager authorize them to view the same.

Software Compatibility

OneTouch is easy to install and use. It uses the Windows CE operating system, certified as safe for software. The practice management system of this top EMR software is compatible with many applications, including Microsoft Office Suites such as Word, Excel, and PowerPoint. In addition, it is also compatible with most popular web browsers, including Mozilla Firefox, Safari, and Explorer. To make the most out of it for your practice, you can request the user-friendly OneTouch EMR demo.

Daily Reporting 

This top-rated EMR software automatically calculates the billable and non-billable patient figures, as well as the balance on the account. In addition, the practice management system reports daily the number of new and closed accounts and the total number of patients seen daily. Thus, OneTouch enables a physician to monitor the ongoing status of their patients and their claims.


OneTouch EMR is an all-rounder in the world of electronic medical record solutions, with tools and features that are comprehensive, intuitive, and customizable for practitioners with specific vision and needs. While most EMR softwares require some time to get used to, OneTouch sets itself apart by being self-explanatory and highly user-friendly. So if you are looking for ease of use and flexibility around work, OneTouch is the way to go!