Top 5 Reasons for Outsourcing Your Software Development Project

Top 5 Reasons for Outsourcing Your Software Development Project

Top 5 Reasons for Outsourcing Your Software Development Project

Modern businesses cannot survive without relying on the latest technology which includes software, websites and mobile apps. They have three options for updating their internal and external systems with the latest technical functions. They could hire an in-house IT team to oversee the digital aspect of the business, hire freelancers or outsource the project to experts. From examples and industry knowledge, outsourcing software development emerges as the most practical choice. Using external resources for software development is a common practice and there are many advantages that it offers over the alternatives. 


Even if the business is successful, it does not make sense to waste financial resources when there is a low-cost alternate. Hiring an in-house team is very expensive because you have to pay salaries that are market-competitive according to your native country. There are other costs associated with hiring full-time employees such as health insurance, taxes and bonuses that add up and translate into a major investment. There are also operational costs as well because these software development companies usually provide office space, furniture and additional hardware for their employees. Therefore, the operational costs have to be taken into account too. 

The recruitment process is another expense associated with in-house hiring and the HR team has to spend many hours going through prospective candidates, shortlisting and interviewing them. In some situations, the job has to be advertised on a platform and it costs money to run them. If you are hiring an external headhunter to handle the hiring process then they must be paid a fee too. To hire the absolute best candidates for the job, there needs to be some involvement of professional recruiters and their wide talent pool.  

Stress-free Hiring

Hiring software engineers with a specific skillset or experience can be very stressful. The HR department must find candidates with the right background and also make sure their working conditions are satisfactory so do not leave before the implementation. Adding new members to the team in the middle of the project because the previous ones left is always a challenge. With software development outsourcing there is no need to stress about all these factors because the agency will be responsible for finding a reliable development company. The highly experienced team will be sent your way with no recruitment problems and they will ensure the project goes smoothly. 

Hiring freelancers for the project is also risky because they are likely to quit in the middle of the project. They might also not have the necessary skills to handle writing code and reviewing it so you will need to hire a specialist to handle each task. The HR department does not have a technical background so it is difficult for them to identify the experience and skill level of a freelancer. There is also the danger of the freelancer misusing company information or project ideas because some of them are not liable by an NDA. However, the outsourced software development firm signs a legal contract and follow all the necessary protocols when working with a client. 

Quicker Project Start

Outsourcing software development usually means it will start much faster because the onboarding is simpler. Hiring an in-house team takes a lot of time and it can push back the release date for the software. Companies have to take the hiring time into account when creating a schedule but unexpected delays may cause it to change. 

When you outsource the project, the development work can start as soon as possible and significantly reduce the time to market. Outsourcing is preferred by dynamic or highly competitive businesses. The agency is responsible for finding the right software development firm and they have the resources and experience to make the decisions as soon as possible. 

Agile Methodology Implementation

The biggest advantage of outsourcing software development is the opportunity to adopt Agile methods and implement the framework within the organization. Teams are quicker to respond to changes and their adaptivity allows them to say updated. There are ways to implement change whether it is in project requirements or development processes. Continuous improvements are made to the project at every stage because it is an iterative process where feedback comes at every turn. This allows software development firms to strengthen their goals and develop their idea into a robust solution that is even better than their expectations. 

The outsourced software development companies bring their own technical officers or project managers if the client requires them. They can collaborate with an in-house team and use Agile methodologies like Scrum to manage the project. The process is very effective and it helps companies deliver on promises and schedule time releases. Freelancers are not likely to use Scrum or Sprint methodologies and they are less likely to collaborate. Their distance from the project and core processes can affect the overall quality of their work. 

Lower Risk of Delays

Outsourcing lowers the risks associated with the quality or scheduling of the project. Freelancers are the least reliable option because they might not have the necessary expertise or the motivation to meet deadlines. The internal team can be very competent but they are limited by routine tasks and may not be able to dedicate as much time to the project as outsourced software development companies. 

Outsourcing software development mitigates risks because they comprise of professionals with special skills and technology expertise. They will always be looking at the bigger picture and have the capacity to address issues head-on. The outsourced team spends time discussing objectives with the client so they are aware of the challenges before beginning. They establish a workflow for the project that hits all the targets and achieves milestones in a seamless manner. 

Parting Words

Outsourcing IT services is a cost-efficient solution and provides timely delivery with no compromise on quality. Companies can launch their products or services much faster with the support of experienced professionals. There is no reason to say no!