True Cost of Switching Electronic Health Record Software

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True Cost of Switching Electronic Health Record Software

Some estimate that the Athena EMR cost from $15,000 to $70K. The price varies depending on whether providers choose an on-site or web-based system for their EHRs. Web based software requires monthly subscriptions whereas if you select an installation at your practice it will come with ongoing costs associated with data servers which need maintenance all year round.

Switching to EMR

The Medical Economics 2017 Athena EMR Report found that switching from one electronic health record system to another is not an inexpensive endeavor. In fact, 62% of respondents had done so already in their careers and experts say there are significant payoffs when you make the switch – with gains coming primarily through increased efficiencies but also productivity increases too! But moving can be costly: for new software & hardware costs or per-record transfer fees (which could add up quickly).

What makes it so expensive?

The EHR software contract 

It is important to know the fees in your Athenahealth EMR contract. If you have a high-value provider agreement, there are other costs that may be outlined under this category including maintenance or software subscriptions for example but these can also increase annually by 5%. 

Hardware and other technology costs 

Hiring an outside consultant can help practices save money on their EHRs. 

Athena billing software upgrades often require hardware updates, too; older printers and tablets might not work well with a new system while servers may struggle to support higher intensity computing needs in some modern applications. 

Consultants and other outside expertise 

You know what they say about how you should never underestimate the power of advice, especially when it’s so cheap. The cost to hire an EHR consultant early on in your journey can really help set expectations and give valuable insights- but don’t think this is all for free. 

Data transfer costs 

In the world of healthcare, there are many unseen costs that come with switching to a new Athena health pricing. For example, some providers have seen their data go over 150 thousand dollars just for migrating it from one application.

Underestimated and unanticipated expenses

The transition to a new Athena EMR system can be risky, but there are ways for practices to mitigate risk and maximize efficiency. Missed deadlines increase consulting costs or prolong downtime while integrations with other systems might take longer than expected; productivity may dip more in some cases-the possibilities are endless! 

Picking an ideal time of implementation is crucial because switching at the wrong point could mean missing out on these benefits entirely. 

Usually much higher than most practices anticipate and the costs of moving from one EHR to another can be significant. However, using an optimized system like Athena EHR reviews saves money and is relatively inexpensive. Athena Health care allows you to have features that are not available anywhere else on the healthcare market today. They offer UX design so your workflow shall be improved as well as integration between different systems.