Top EHR Vendors in 2023

EHR Vendors 2023


eClinicalWorks is a privately-held vendor that offers integrated healthcare IT solutions. This award-winning EHR caters to medical practices of every size and type. While offering solutions for more than 50 specialties, eClinicalWorks EMR Software offers features such as care coordination, patient engagement, financial analytics, televists, revenue cycle management, and population health. Their affordable cost aspect makes them an ideal EHR vendor for small practices.

The solution additionally connects the patient’s medical records to insurances and claims information. Their wide range of solutions serves to 236,000 providers and 472,000 healthcare professionals spanning across 50 states. The device integration of this EHR software enables users to capture structured data and trend analysis while assisting clinicians across a wide range of specialties. The users can access the components of the patient chart such as demographics, billing, appointment schedules and other outstanding items using the Patient Hub feature.

eClinicalWorks EHR software

This platform has won the admiration of its costumers for its capability of making usability and ensuring customer satisfaction. It is further acclaimed for optimal use on mobile devices such as phones and tablets.

eClinicalWorks customers have now received 19 prestigious HIMSS Davies Awards in the 18 years since their founding for excellence in implementing Electronic Health Records. Privately-held, eClinicalWorks answers to customers, not shareholders.

Two pricing options for eClinicalWorks are available for your practice. The first one is EHR Only – $449/month/provider with no additional startup cost. The other option is EHR with Practice Management -$599/month/provider.


Kareo is a web-based EHR provider that caters to independent practices. The medical billing and practice management software tackles the administrative challenges of physicians, healthcare providers, and medical companies. It offers a comprehensive set of tools for billing, electronic health records, patient engagement, marketing, and practice management. With Kareo, practices can automate their tasks using the interactive features it offers such as data tracking, scheduling, charting, appointment managing, reporting, patient portal, configurable dashboards, online payments, and e-prescribing. Kareo EHR facilitates users to schedule patients, confirm insurance, manage accounts, store patient records, and generate customized reports.

Kareo EHR Software

This award-winning platform offers an electronic prescription system that enables healthcare experts to save a lot of time. It assists them in creating a prescription for a common medical problem using the automatic prescription system. Kareo also has a built-in messenger which makes the communication among the medical experts easier. The healthcare professionals are also able to communicate with the patients through this messenger.

Kareo has won industrial recognition and awards more than any other independent practice medical office software company.

Kareo offers a variety of pricing plans and packages for both physicians and non-physicians healthcare professionals. The four primary plans include: Kareo clinical, Kareo Marketing, Kareo Billing, and Kareo managed billing. Non-physicians are given maximum advantage since prices are cut half for them.


AdvancedMD is an electronic health record EHR solution that enables clinicians to automate their workflows and help them ensure uninterruptable data transfers and accurate records. This cloud-based EHR software offers flexible scheduling, easy billing, simple charting, accurate reporting, and uncomplicated patient engagement tools. It maintains updated information and assists practitioners to ensure modern-day patient care. The tight integration option of the solution with medical billing calls for the automation of business and clinical aspects.

This all-inclusive platform offers features such as e-prescribing, telemedicine, iOS Mobile apps, and e-faxing. It is an effective EHR system that can adapt to a growing practice and any provider’s workflow. The software has been designed to enhance overall clinical quality while cutting major costs. Their free of cost EHR for small practices provide extensive implementation guidance as well as ongoing training to provide the staff with the support they need to automate the tasks of their entire system. It ensures improved patient satisfaction through its comprehensive set of tools.

AdvancedMD EHR

With AdvancedMD, users can easily tackle the administrative tasking without stressing on them and focus on the core tasks of their organization. This customizable, user-friendly and intuitive EHR solution enables users to access patient data and schedule appointments in a matter of few minutes.

AdvancedMD EHR has been declared #1 thrice in a row by Black Book ratings and also hold the 2013 North American Physician Practice Management Customer Value Enhancement Award by Frost & Sullivan.

This reliable and easy-to-learn solution offers a diverse range of pricing models and implementation packages that caters to a variety of budgetary and training requirements.


Epic is a cloud-based EHR system catering to mid and large-sized medical practices, hospitals, children’s hospitals, and academic institutes. This interoperable, easy-to-use software has been facilitating the Health IT industry since 1979. It delivers to several specialties and offers the basic EHR features including appointment management, billing management, clinical workflow, document management, insurance and claims, lab integration, medical templates, patient demographics, patient history, patient portal, referrals reporting and analytics scheduling.

With a strong focus on patient engagement, Epic offers a patient portal compatible with both iOS and Android operating systems for facilitating remote care. It allows patients to manage their health-related needs more effectively. Above all, the EHR software offers various telehealth options including video visits and post-surgical features for careful patient monitoring.

Epic EMR Systems scored the top marks for overall software suite in 2018 Best in KLAS awards; the company has received this award 8 years in a row. The software has been acclaimed for its EHR capabilities to increase patient safety and profitability.

Epic offers a diverse range of pricing plans. The pricing package for self-hosted Epic EMR software start as low as $1,200 and can top $500,000 for large clinics and hospitals. The EPIC software can also be purchased by paying an upfront price of about $1200 to $500,000 and more.

Epic Care EHR

Greenway Health

Health IT company Greenway Health has been serving the health industry for the past 30 years. It provides several electronic medical record EMR options to ensure modern-day patient care. Intergy, Prime Suite and Success EHS (Community Health Centers & FQHCs) are among the most popular EMR solutions offered by Greenway Health.

Each EMR option offers its own set of strengths. Depending on the healthcare organization’s particular needs, they can select the most appropriate solution. However, these platforms are designed to cater to larger medical practices and hospitals.

Greenway Health EHR offers solutions for around 35 specialties, and it can be deployed in the cloud or on a server. Their services and features connect providers to the appropriate insights and information while ensuring to make patient-care their prime focus. 

The main features include a robust clinical side, revenue cycle management, practice management, and patient portal. 

Greenway Health EHR

Greenway Health is a highly integrated solution that automates the provider’s daily work and empowers them towards high-performing practice. Intergy and Prime Suite also offer mobile solutions for iOS, Android and Windows devices.

Greenway Health’s Intergy, cloud-based electronic health record (EHR) and practice management solution, received 2019 Best in KLAS: Most Improved Physician Practice Product award. The company was also acclaimed for its revenue cycle management solution as it received top KLAS rating for Ambulatory Revenue Cycle Management Services among small clinics in the 2017 Ambulatory Revenue Cycle Management Services report.

Unfortunately, Greenway Health does not share their pricing plans and packages on the website. Users can request a direct quote from the vendor by clicking on the price button on their page.


AthenaHealth is offering cloud-based services for electronic health records (EHR). It provides features including e-prescribing, medical billing, revenue cycle management, appointment management, patient engagement, care coordination, and other point-of-care mobile solutions.

The EHR platform includes a homepage feature that enables users to review their daily schedules, monitor patient information, manage tasks and access incoming lab results. Healthcare providers can use the billing module with the EHR or separately. It also features a continuously updated rules engine. The tools that AthenaHealth offers for practice management include custom benchmarking, daily responsibility monitoring and proactive trend analysis.

The patient portal makes it easier for the staff to keep a check on almost everything. It enables them to review history, sign forms, pay bills, schedule appointment, and more. It can also send reminders via mobile, email or text message and can send alerts when test results are awaited in the patient portal.

AthenaHealth EHR

AthenaHealth EHR Software automates the medical documentation process with its athenaclinicals module, which is the EHR database of the suite’s full service. With this cloud-based service provider, doctors are no longer required to go through the hassle of managing a plethora of file cabinets. The records are transferred into the cloud, giving doctors quick access to the information. The best thing is that the module auto-updates and does not cost a thing.

AthenaHealth was acclaimed as a “Top Place to Work 2016” by The Boston Globe for companies with 1,000 or more employees in Boston.

AthenaHealth doesn’t share their pricing rates on their website, but as per a third-party website, their pricing rates start at $140 per month per user.

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