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Top 8 Software Development Companies in the US (2021)

Are you looking for the best software development companies?  With each passing day, software companies continue to raise the bar. More and more businesses will hire their services as the type and quantity of services they provide expand.  Companies that specialize in software development can do wonders for your company. In this article, we’ve listed 8 of the top software development companies in the USA in 2021. So, without further ado, let’s dive into it! 

What is a Software Development company?

Hiring a reliable software development company is ideal if you operate a business and want to automate operations, improve workflow management, or increase overall efficiency.  A software development company consists of an entire team of professional tech experts and specialists that can help your business by developing software applications, online portals, or simply a website. This will enable your business to increase its sales and production rates and ease workflows, and automate internal procedures for quick and accurate results. 

Benefits of Hiring a Custom Software Development Company

Consider how your website or smartphone application will make an initial impression on your user/customer/client/consumer. You can meet the target in terms of first impressions, quality, and even conversion by employing some of the best software development companies in your area. Plus, there’s more! If your digital platform or site is capable of localization or translation based on your customization demands and actions, you may even attract people from all over the world. 

Top Software Development Companies in the USA

By working with an experienced company, you’ll be able to take advantage of various additional customized benefits. Here are eight of the best software development businesses as of 2021: 


Founded in 2015, Appinventiv is a leading worldwide custom App Development Company that assists disruptive startups, businesses, and Fortune 500 organizations in turning their ideas into reality through creative Custom Mobile Development solutions.  

They are a leading app development business that has been recognized as a Global Leader in Digital Inventions, with a skilled staff of 400+ application developers that have successfully created and produced over 1000+ Mobile applications internationally in only five years. 


Sidebench is a Los Angeles-based mobile app, UX design, and bespoke software development firm. They are a collection of digital strategists, specialist designers, and customer experience professionals who collaborate with creative businesses to create long haul strategy systems and fantastic apps for business and consumer usage. 

They want to influence the future by bringing in unique skills from a variety of sectors. They offer a wide range of skills, from building sophisticated healthcare solutions to creating immersive experiences for major consumer brands and streamlining government procedures. 

Saffron Tech 

Saffron Tech, founded in 2018, is a New Jersey and India-based firm that offers custom software development services and IT solutions to customers all over the world.  

Over the course of more than 12 years in the field of IT development, the firm has successfully created and executed1500+ IT development projects for clients in a variety of sectors. They serve a variety of sectors, including Health & Fitness, E-Commerce, Healthcare, Travel, Hospitals, Advertising & Telecom, and many more. 


IntellectSoft is a software development company located in the United States. They provide various high-quality, personalized services, including UX/UI design, IT consulting, and mobile app development. In addition, the company makes use of the Internet of Things, Artificial Intelligence, Blockchain Development, and other technologies. 

They have a lot of experience with new technologies, reengineering legacy systems, hyper-scale, and high-load applications. The company focuses on being its clients’ trusted digital transformation partner by offering high-end customized customer-centric consulting and application development services. Their structure enables them to provide a highly personalized service to each customer and stay focused on the tasks at hand while cultivating deep engineering and domain knowledge. 


Oxagile is headquartered in the United States and is consistently ranked as one of the finest custom software development companies. 

It provides top-rated technology with quick deployment to its clientele. As a result, you may increase internal communications by utilizing the Internet of Things and Big Data and advancing your business with their innovative solutions. 

Sloboda Studio 

Sloboda Studio is a company that offers bespoke web development services. They aid in the creation of new European enterprises and organizations by allowing them to express their ideas through computer code. Sloboda Studio’s expertise lies on the development of Marketplaces, Fintech, and Adtech phases. They also use Data Science in their projects. 

Their team consists of more than 60 experts, including backend and frontend designers, QA specialists, and project managers. Their area of expertise includes Ruby on Rails through which they deliver fast and easy to use apps. 


SimbirSoft was founded in 2001 by a group of four engineers who were passionate about programming. SimbirSoft grew from a tiny startup to a worldwide organization working with one of the world’s leading companies as a result of their programming enthusiasm. 

SimberSoft is a Russian-based Custom Software development firm with a branch in the United States that employs over 600 people. SimbirSoft offers complete bespoke software development and testing services to organizations in Japan, Russia, the United States, and Europe.  


Rolustech is a SugarCRM and Salesforce Partner with complete administrative capabilities. It was discovered in the year 2008. The headquarters are in London, United Kingdom. With more than 150+ staff, they’ve devoted a substantial amount of work to developing best-in-class CRM, web, and mobile solutions. 

Plus, Rolustech is a rapidly expanding global business having an administrative headquarters in Pakistan and local offices in the United States and the United Kingdom. They collaborate with numerous worldwide clients on testing and innovative activities that are expressly organized to meet the demands of a single customer. 

Final Words

Software development companies are like superheroes. They help build your IT infrastructure, develop digital designs, and help scale your business. But the truth is finding the right development partner for your business is no easy task.

That’s we’ve compiled a list of top software development companies you can rely on for your development needs. They handle everything from increasing revenue to improving production efficiency. If you’re still not sure which company’s the right fit for you, get in touch with us today for a complimentary project audit session where we understand your needs and recommend companies that suit your needs.

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