Why Do You Need the Best Software for Project Management?

Managing your marketing project management can be confusing without a structured process. This is where the marketing project management software for can eventually help you. The software will assist you to plan, collaborate, and track your marketing projects. Yet, you surely need the best software for this. Why? In this post, we will dive more into this.

What Can Marketing Project Management Software Do for Your Business?

Without any doubt, marketing project management stuff can be really difficult. Many people, variables, and resources you need to involve. Notwithstanding, delivery is time-sensitive and customers want to be actively engaged.

Marketing project management includes the following activities:

  • Planning campaigns
  • Managing the tasks
  • Basic management
  • Managing the workload
  • Team collaboration
  • Communicate with customers
  • Time tracking

Well, all these activities can be well-performed when you have the best marketing software project management tasks.

Who Needs Project Management Software?

The marketing project management software is a must for marketing teams of all sizes and types. This is for sure. Specifically, those that need to use this software are such as:

  • Marketing Consultant
  • Internal Marketing Team
  • Freelancer
  • Designer
  • Advertising Agency
  • Brand Management Company

Most of the above marketing teams use the software to plan, manage, and track their campaign activities. Meanwhile, some others use the tool to simply collaborate and share progress.

Why Does the Marketing Team Need This Software?

Whether you are a single marketer or work in a team, this project management software can really help you optimize your work.

Why? What features do your marketing team need? Depending on the benefits you are looking for, you can choose the best project management software for your marketing team.

Yet, when choosing the best one, there are some important features you need to watch for.  

  • Timeline

It is a good idea to plan your project schedule with team availability and vacation in mind. This feature offers a complete picture of your campaigns and team features.

  • Task Management

This feature assists you to assign tasks, manage workflows, and track campaign progress.

  • Board

With this feature, you can manage campaign ideas and recapitulations.

  • Attach Files

This feature makes it easier to share projects, specifications, and other documents between teams and stakeholders.

  • Workload Management

This one works well in preventing commands from being corrupted or overloaded. In this way, you can manage your team’s abilities effectively.

  • Time Tracking

This feature helps to bill customers based on the time the team spends on campaign activities.

  • Reports and Alerts

With this one, you can communicate project progress and important deadlines both inside and outside the team.

In addition to those features, there are also two important factors you should consider.

  • Ease of use

You should consider whether the tool makes it easier for your team to create and update project information? Otherwise, your team will waste time or, worse, stop using the tool.

  • Your spending budget

Does the tool fit your budget? From many reviews, we can find how some software tools for project management marketing are priced monthly for each user. Yet, you need to consider the budget to cover your entire team and customers.

What Are the Benefits?

Undoubtedly, every single business activity you do has to benefit your company. Speaking of marketing software for project management, there are convincing benefits you can get from using this tool.

  • Proper project plan

This tool helps you to schedule the project based on previous experience.

  • Capture ideas for your marketing campaign

With this tool you can capture, organize, and prioritize ideas for your marketing campaign.

  • Easy tracking

You can easily track the campaign tasks, track progress, and adjust schedules as needed.

  • Allocate the resource

You can plan resource availability when needed and allocate it accordingly.

  • Communication and collaboration

This tool helps you make campaign information available when you need it. In this way, assists your team members to work together on overlapping tasks.

  • Save your documents and files

With this tool, you can save all design and technical documents available to team members in one place.

  • Assists in customer relations

You can get permission and notify customers of campaign progress.

  • Time tracking

This tool will also help you to track time spent on campaign activities.

  • Overview

Makes it easier to overview your campaign design and your team’s ability to avoid congestion and tension.

In simple words, marketing project management software is definitely a must-have for your marketing team.

How to Choose the Best Software for Marketing Project Management?

Choosing the best software can help you optimize your project management marketing campaigns. On the other hand, choosing the wrong tool can make your team dislike or stop using it altogether.

Here are some steps you can take to choose the best software for your team.

  • Determine the capabilities you need based on the needs of all stakeholders

Decide how much you will spend each month on it. If you plan to use complex software, you should also consider the cost of customization and training.

  • Choose depending on your feature set and budget

Most software tools have generous free plans, while others have free trials. Use that free option to test the tools with your team and choose the one that works best for your team.

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What about Kanban Software?

The best Kanban software can help you increase visibility and facilitate team collaboration. The tool offers amazing features such as tracking, work-in-progress limits, reporting, and more to help drive continuous process improvement.

Digital Kanban tools can be the best software that offers a more convenient and cost-effective solution. Why? Because they offer various useful built-in features.

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The Kanban Software Project Management allows you to effectively visualize, organize, and manage your work. With this software, you can focus on reducing waste, automating workflows, forecasting from historical data, and delivering real value to customers.

Most importantly, this software also makes it easy to manage remote teams, monitor and analyze the workflows.

How Much Does It Cost?

The Kanban software cost starts at $5 monthly for each feature. Meanwhile, you can get the Enterprise plan for $9 monthly. The best thing is, you can try out its free version as well.  

Well, what do you think? Is it worth trying?

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