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Tick is a reliable time management software that lets clients have the best of both worlds by timely project completion. The software works perfectly for solo individuals like freelancers to business firms so they can follow a definitive path to success.  

This time tracker enables users to switch between multiple tasks by running an exclusive timer for all tasks simultaneously.  The cherry on the top is that this valuable software is highly mobile and works on all android devices without any disruption. 

Key Features: 

Values Time: 

Take the hassle of time tracking out of your projects by using this time tracker. It values clients' time by letting them focus on their work keenly. It just takes a click to get this straightforward software into action. 

Budget Tracking: 

There is no need to worry over how much time you have left to complete a project. The real-time budget entry feature of Tick updates the project timeline every time you submit a time entry. Set a budget, and Tick will assure that you stay within your budget by continuously reporting back to you.  

Individualized Budget: 

It's a remarkable feature offered by this time tracker. Evaluate your project and divide it into separate tasks at hand to complete. This robust software can help you assign a specific timeline for each individual job for effective project management.  


Timecard is a simplistic service that allows you to get deeper insights besides tracking project time. Entering notes, getting budget feedback, and digging deeper into the projects is all possible with this timecard service.  

Time Reporting: 

It's more than just a primary reporting tool. It generates actionable insights and allows for creating and evaluating reports to make any adjustments before it's too late. Firms can use it to track the time each member worked on a particular project.  

Tick Software Pricing: 

Tick software provides a well-structured pricing package. There are a total of five monthly plans with different project limitations. The pricing packages are set accordingly to cover just a single project to a series of unlimited projects, and it is priced accordingly. Moreover, these plans are equipped with baseless integrations. For details, you can visit the solution’s official website.  

Tick Software Demo: 

Are you thinking about getting a detailed look at the services of Tick software? Request a 30-day free trial to see if Tick is compatible with your requirements.  

Tick Software Reviews: 

Tick time tracking software is backed by excellent reviews. Users say that it drives a pleasant working experience. It is an all-in-one package for creating detailed reports for project budget tracking. In addition, this time tracker comes with an expert support team that responds to queries instantly.  

Our Thoughts: 

Tick time tracking is a productive solution that lets you get the most of your time to enhance profitability. Keeping you updated on your set budget will let you know the progress rate of the projects you are working on. So what are you waiting for? Go for the free trial.  

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