Toggl plan

Toggl plan is a robust and simplistic project management solution. This software is used nationwide for it works on an intuitive timeline approach. It's a solution for small firms that simplifies work management by practicing a timeline view. With its innovative work management tools, the software streamlines all tasks.  

Toggle Plan software helps track and manage work smoothly, mitigating the need for a last-minute rush and preventing project crash down. This digital workplace is known as a best-of-all collaboration app because all the tasks assigned to a team are presented on one integrated dashboard, enhancing the transparency of the team's work.  

Toggle Plan Key Features: 

Task Card:

Task card allows users to schedule, view, and edit tasks assigned. You can even leave comments for your teammates. It is a highly customizable and flexible feature that ensures that the entire project management team is on the same page. Multiple tasks can be presented on this card simultaneously with greater visualization. 

Zoom Levels:

Go for weekly, monthly, or annual zoom levels to get a comprehensive view of your projects. The weekly view gives a prompt glance into day-to-day tasks. A monthly view is effective to get a general overview of running projects. An annual view helps get a bird’s eye view of what lies ahead and what’s going on.  

Work Timelines: 

Toggle Plan software allows for creating full-fledged timelines to help craft visual roadmaps with set milestones and marked deadlines to keep the project team on a tight leash. These timelines are easily navigable and can be shared with the entire team. This solid service by Toggle plan helps dodge all the roadblocks.  

Team Timelines: 

Toggle Plan offers a team timelines service so you can stay visually updated on who’s working and on which task. It removes the work pressure and helps coordinate with members quickly. All this helps maximize the productivity of small firms under limited billable hours.  

Toggle Plan Pricing: 

Toggle Plan offers a flexible pricing structure. There are monthly and annual subscription options, with 10% off on annual subscription, proving that it's genuinely a client-centered solution. There are two plans, one for small teams that costs $9/month and one for businesses with external stakeholders priced at $15/month.  

Toggle Plan Demo: 

Want to get an inside look into the software? Toggle plan doesn’t offer a customized demo, but you can always go for a free trial before subscribing to a paid plan. For example, Toggle Plan provides a 14-day free trial with both pricing packages. 

Toggle Plan Reviews: 

Toggle Plan enjoys excellent reviews ratings showing how it has gained users' trust in its services. In addition, Toggle Plan reviews are all praises for its work timelines and task box features.  

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Our Thoughts 

Toggle Plan software is worth a shot if you are looking for software that efficiently manages the timelines. It's an excellent pick for small-scale project management teams as it ensures no team member is overburdened. 

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