Zenkit software is a productivity and coloration suite that focuses on the natural workflow of your organization. Zenkit comes as a suite that provides planning tools, notes, wiki storage, to-do lists, reminders, surveys, and secure messaging.

Zenkit software enables you to manage collaborative projects in real-time. All the data is recorded securely in a central repository. It is useful for project collaboration between colleagues, freelancers, and co-workers. It also provides an integrated, global search that lets you search anything within Zenkit. 

Key Features

To-Do Lists and Reminders

Zenkit software enables to-do lists across multiple teams. It also provides customizable reminders. 


Zenkit project management supports real-time collaboration among multiple teams spread over the globe. This helps you engage everyone and monitor task progress easily.

Workflow Management

Minitab engage project management lets you manage all your lean workflows easily. You can generate, submit, and gather ideas using web interfaces. The ideas can be weighted and scored and routed to the right people. Ideas are then evaluated and executed. The progress of each idea is easily monitored through the dashboard. 

Offline Work Support

You can use Zenkit software on the go as well as work offline, as it does not need an active internet connection. Offline support is also provided in the web interface.

Sharing support

Zenkit software makes documents, images, and file sharing a breeze and is supported by cloud-based storage. 


You need to have a subscription to select Zenkit pricing plans. The Personal Plan is free, while the Plus Plan and Business Plan cost 4 and 19 euros per user per month, respectively. To acquire the Enterprise plan, you should contact the sales team for feasibility.  


Zenkit demo can be booked within an hour and the productivity experts provide an interactive session. All you must do is register for the demo and it’s provided free of charge. 


Zenkit reviews are available on many review sites and have an average rating of 4.6 out of 5-stars. It is a popular product for collaborative project management. 

Our Thoughts

Zenkit software is full of features and comes with an affordable price tag. Its cloud-based data storage allows you to access it from anywhere, anytime and Zenkit ensures privacy through access control and encryption. Users comment on its user-friendly interface that helps schedule tasks and set reminders quickly. 

Zenkit Pricing

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Medium Organization

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Large Organization

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Zenkit reviews

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