Meditech EMR serves a diverse variety of medical health specialty practices. It offers excellent flexibility and adaptability due to which it is the preferred vendor for health settings with specific needs such as nursing, home care, behavioral health, long term care, and critical care. It is also popular among large group practices and hospitals as it scores better than its competitors i.e Cerner and Epic on measures such as interoperability. 

Meditech Expanse software is designed not only with a focus on managing a practice. The overall goal is to connect all players such as the patient, social services, resources in the community, and more for better population health management. 

The platform can be accessed via mobile to do tasks such as viewing patient data or even managing prescriptions. Patients can also access their files, book appointments or view test results online. All these features lead to improved patient care. 

The system is embedded with analytics features to guide business and clinical decision-making tools. Meditech EMR is compatible with Windows OS and various mobile devices.

Staring Price: Not provided by the vendor.

Free Trial: Demo is available upon request.

CEHRT: 2015

Meditech Pros: Meditech EMR ensures high levels of interoperability by providing Continuity of Care Documents (CCDs) containing in-depth data about a patients' visit or stay. The company also allows consumers access to their health data through iPhone Health Records. 

Meditech Cons: Customers have complained that it isn't the easiest software to use. There are a lot of screens to go through to perform even simple tasks. 

Technical Specifications: On-premise deployment. Compatible with Windows and various mobile phone browsers. 

Meditech EHR Software

Meditech EHR Software reviews

Overall Rating

20 Reviews



Athens Bone and Joint

201-500 employees

February 2019

Very limited functions

I had a chance to use Meditech EHR in a medium-sized clinic for administration and care of orthopedic patients. Generally, it was great at providing access to data both inside and outside of the emergency clinic. It had a simple layout. Paper notes are easily scanned into the system after patient release. It is good that it does not require a separate PACS system to view images.

It was troublesome to not be able to complete my rounding from the clinic however because of no capacity to enter a progress report directly into the framework. It does not allow you to dictate or type in data directly into the system. Issuing patient discharges is a tedious and time-consuming process requiring too many steps.

Danielle Q

Southlake Regional Health Centre


January 2019

allows fast and efficient working

The system is very fast and user-friendly in comparison to Mckesson which I was previously using before I switched to Meditech. Charting takes up a lot less time as compared to before. Online scheduling, screening, and clinical history data saves a lot of time and effort.

It tends to be very slow sometimes. I trust this won't be lasting since it is new and hoping they will improve that later on. I discover my screen crashes or halts constantly. Another unsettling thing is that on the off chance that I am working on one individual's chart, I can't change to another patient without leaving my present screen.


OT Kidz

501-1,000 employees

December 2018

Great for medium to large sized healthcare organizations

Does not require too much training to get equipped. Meditech is easy to navigate. It offers customization features to set up the system according to each hospital’s needs for better work experience.

System downtime can cause inconvenience and work delays. Although, Meditech does provide regular updates to facilitate better use of the system.


SoulShine Yoga

201-500 employees

August 2018

Great for Clinical AND B/AR users

Satisfied to use this software. It connects billing (front and back end) and clinical documentation so much better than other softwares out there. Billing, coding and compliance audits are a breeze.

In comparison to EPIC, it lacks a lot of features and may come across as tedious.

Fenardz O.

Nightingale hospital


August 2018

A good EMR for hospitals. Facilitates communicative healthcare

It allows for a productive connection with other healthcare workers in an organization which means doctors and staff in all department have a communicative relationship that aids in providing a better working environment. Good integration among different departments primarily means that reporting, scheduling, labs are always in one place. The intuitive EMR enable doctors to review reports easily because the system is set up to facilitate easy access to their data at whatever point. Reduces paperwork and the possibility of data loss. easy to use with training. Highly recommended for hospitals.

It is not simple to navigate without proper training and the need for IT staff help regarding some complex issues. Their customer service can be troubling at times, as they can be slow. Meditech is quite costly.

Dr. Julian A.

North Kinangop Catholic Hospital


July 2018

Well organized and efficient

My favorite thing about Meditech is particularly how quick it is. In fact, it's ongoing programming where you can get your patient's records within moments immediately when required, it's very efficient. all through my work with Meditech EHR I discovered patient document recovery exceptionally simple and genuine time, I could refresh persistent record information and offer in a split second to either a drug specialist for medicine all continuously, its record and utilize no pausing, its averagely reasonable for fair sized offices, fusing wellbeing union has made it increasingly simpler to share wellbeing data.

Small health facilitates who need the expertise of Meditech most might find it too expensive for a service. The functionalities are great however expanding their circle of providers will open doors to a lot more possibilities


Mama Lucy hospital


July 2018

Effective management through integration

There had always been a problem regarding communication between separate divisions in our hospital, Meditech effectively resolved that. Meditech is so easy to use, it almost enables you to enjoy your work. Managing different aspects and departments is made exponentially simpler with this EHR. It is user-friendly and great for both small and large healthcare facilities.

It is a little heavy on the expensive. It works smoothly as long as you do all things right. But one tiny error sets it off balance and is really hard to fix. Small tasks require precise steps to produce results. Can be a hassle.



5001-10000 employees

March 2018

Truly awful service

When there is so much wrong with a system, it is nearly impossible to notice anything good. That is if there exist any which I hardly think so

Meditech is the worst among all the EHR software I have operated over the years. I have been using Meditech for nearly two years and I still struggle to find a single upside of suffering through the utter ordeal that is this software. Even the latest version has nothing good to offer. The system is the opposite of intuitive. Requires extensive search to locate any crucial piece of data. If any prescription is listed incompatible with the patient, scanning it won’t issue any warning regarding that. The documentation is a waste and does not look anything like something that is built with a medical setup in mind.


Prompt Care Inc

11-50 employees

October 2017

Very archaic program

I am not satisfied by the application and there has not been any proactiveness from the vendor to make things better.

Frustrating to operate. if you hit arrow key by mistake, the application wants you to start from scratch.


Medical Clinic

1 employee

October 2017

Dr from Avera Yankton SD

Terrible software. It does not have any usefule feature.

Very dangerous software, I do not like it.

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