PointClickCare Software

What Is PointClickCare? 


PointClickCare is a cloud based EHR (electronic health record) software platform designed specifically for long-term care providers, such as skilled nursing facilities, assisted living facilities, and senior living communities. It provides various modules to manage resident care, clinical documentation, medication management, and financial management. 

PointClickCare software simplifies and automates many tasks in the long-term care industry, such as assessing residents, planning care, making schedules, giving medications, and billing. The platform makes it easier for healthcare providers to talk to each other and work together. This improves the quality of care and lowers the risk of mistakes. 

What Is PointClickCare Best For? 

PointClickCare offers a fast and effortless method for administering medications and accomplishing the related paperwork. Utilize color-coded panels to categorize responsibilities according to patient and medication dispensation schedules, ensuring prompt and precise medication delivery. 

Users can effortlessly retrieve visual representations of medications, alerts about possible interactions, and informational sheets on drugs. Additionally, the automated prompts in the workflow encourage the capture of supplementary documentation, such as vital signs and updates on patient progress. 

PointClickCare Pricing 

PointClickCare pricing is flexible and, therefore, budget-friendly for medical practices of all sizes. Each practice gets its own customized pricing plans based on the size and number of users. 

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PointClickCare Integrations 

PointClickCare offers various options for exchanging data, including integration with pharmacies, labs, medical device software, and health information exchanges (HIEs). Additionally, third-party vendor interfaces and data extracts can be used with different types of software systems. 

Although PointClickCare does not provide a list of third-party integrations, click on Get Demo to consult with our customer support team. 

How Does PointClickCare Work? 

It is quite simple to get started with PointClickCare: 

  1. Log in to the system using your user credentials. 
  2. Once logged in, you'll be taken to the Home page, where you can begin adding and configuring users. 
  3. Start adding patients by entering information into the Patient Demographics tab. You can also import patient data from external sources like electronic health records (EHRs). 
  4. Set up medical records by assigning them an MRN (medical record number) and diagnostic codes. Customize which documents appear on their charts and set up tasks for staff members. 
  5. Configure settings like user roles, scheduling preferences, and organization-wide rules such as medication standards or alerts. 

Sounds complicated? Let our team guide you - click the Watch Demo button to book a live session with our customer representative. 

Who Is PointClickCare For?

PointClickCare is designed for use by healthcare providers in the long-term and post-acute care (LTPAC) industry. Various healthcare providers, including nurses, physicians, therapists, and social workers, use the software. 

Providers involved in caring for seniors and patients with complex medical needs also use PointClickCare. It is primarily used in: 

  • Skilled nursing facilities 
  • Assisted living communities 
  • Home health agencies 

PointClickCare Features 

  • Resident Care Management 
    This feature includes comprehensive documentation, care planning, assessments, medication management, wound care, and ADL tracking. Moreover, it includes tools to help staff members engage with residents and promote their well-being. Resident care also offers tools like activity calendars, messaging and communication tools, and personalized care plans. 
  • Home Health 
    PointClickCare offers a home health feature for providers and caregivers to securely access patient information in real-time. The portal provides a comprehensive view of the client’s health, including medical history, lab results, medication changes, recommended treatments, and more. It also allows care team members to collaborate on patients’ progress, potentially reducing time spent on administrative tasks. 
  • Financial Management 
    PointClickCare's financial health solution is designed to help healthcare organizations improve their financial performance by increasing accurate billing, reducing claim denials, and streamlining the collections process. The feature uses analytics and decision support tools to identify areas for improvement in a practice's billing process and offer guidance on how to make changes. As a result, it provides an accurate picture of the organization's financial health so it can make more informed decisions. 
  • Care Coordination 
    Healthcare professionals can conveniently share urgent messages, such as lab results, medical histories, on-call notifications, and questions related to patients and residents, including photos. All discussions are saved in the resident's progress notes, allowing all care team members to access and review the same information. 
  • Care Planning 
    PointClickCare's care planning tools can help staff members create personalized care plans for each resident based on their individual needs and preferences. The platform includes templates and workflows to guide the care planning process and ensure all necessary information is included. 

Is PointClickCare Right For You?

PointClickCare Cloud allows providers to ensure that they deliver value-based care in skilled nursing centers, long-term care facilities, and senior care centers. It offers an intuitive system that can detect patient patterns based on activity data and treatment plans. 

The software's system seamlessly integrates with other healthcare software for efficient data exchange, electronic prescription, and lab integration. As a result, it improves care coordination across the facility and other healthcare centers to improve patient health. 

Read PointClickCare reviews to see how it is rated among its current users and make an informed decision before you switch. 

PointClickCare Pricing 

PointClickCare pricing differs depending on your organization's type and needs. Please click the "Get Pricing" button below for a customized pricing guide.

PointClickCare Software Features






Patient Portal


Compliance Tracking


Practice Management Software


Patient Demographics


Lab Integration


Employee Management


Appointment Scheduling


Voice Recognition


Mobile App


Telemedicine Software


Appointment Reminders


Reporting and Analytics


Medical Billing Service


  • PointClickCare integrates with other systems, streamlining workflows
  • Provides robust reporting and analytics tools for long-term care facilities
  • Accessible on mobile devices to access patient information on the go


  • It can be expensive overall, particularly for smaller long-term care facilities
  • Customization options are limited - not all details can be tailored

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How much does PointClickCare Software cost?

Flexible PointClickCare pricing - Get Pricing to see what it will cost your facility.

Is PointClickCare Software cloud-based?

PointClickCare is a cloud-based healthcare management platform. 

What are the main features of PointClickCare Software?

PointClickCare offers features for resident care management, medication management, meaningful collaboration, and point-of-care documentation.

What level of support does PointClickCare Software offer?

PointClickCare offers a customer care portal for support Through the Customer Support Portal, users can perform unified searches of both help files and knowledgebase articles to find answers to their questions. It also offers PointClickCare Pulse, which provides peer support to its users

Who are the main users of PointClickCare?

PointClickCare is used by healthcare providers and nursing staff engaged in long-term acute facilities, senior living centers, and home health agencies.

PointClickCare Software Pricing

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PointClickCare Software reviews

Overall Rating

5 Reviews


Ideal Application

April 2023


Hospital & Health Care

This tool is highly recommended for use in Nursing Facilities. With just a few clicks, all patient information can be accessed in one place, which can significantly reduce search time, paper and printing costs, filing, and so on. It also provides an excellent means for connecting the pharmacy to patient records.
The most challenging aspect is the initial setup, as it requires a significant amount of time.

Point Click Care - Industry Leading Product

March 2023


Hospital & Health Care

PointClickCare is continuously improving its core product to make the transition to electronic care easier and more beneficial, resulting in an enhanced care experience.
It's important to keep in mind that add-on products can be costly. Make sure to factor in the price of all the items you want to purchase.

PCC for LTC Facilities

January 2023


Hospital & Health Care

It is crucial to ensure accurate medication administration to prevent medication errors. The software is user-friendly, even for nurses who have no prior experience using it.

The software is equipped with numerous features, including one that enables easy collaboration with the contract pharmacy of the facility. It is also user-friendly.
Frequent software slowness can hinder a nurse's ability to provide timely care, which is crucial in healthcare.

User Ease Is Refreshing

January 2023


Hospital & Health Care

This software is user-friendly. You and your staff will be able to navigate and use all the functions efficiently with minimal training and guidance.
The customer service and help functions are like a suggestion box with a hole in the bottom, but fortunately, you won't need to use them very often.


I was not involved in the selection process.

A solution has been developed to assist senior care facilities in achieving their goals.

December 2022


Medical Practice

As a medical association that consists of branches catering to different patients, we have noticed that PointClickCare is a comprehensive solution that meets all our needs across the board.
I have no doubts about recommending or using this product.

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