ModMed EMR Software

What is ModMed EMR Software?


ModMed, also known as Modernizing Medicine® – is an all-in-one suite of specialty-specific solutions designed to improve efficiency and treatment outcomes in healthcare. Its two main electronic medical record solutions, gGastro® and EMA EMR, equip clinicians with feature-rich practice management, inventory management, revenue cycle management, analytics, and patient engagement tools. 

The platform has been built by specialty physicians and allows for easy scheduling of providers and linking of the EMR with practice management. It also provides a secure login page for customers. 

User reviews of the software (especially EMA EMR) are generally positive, with many citing its ability to integrate multiple functions into one interface.

What is ModMed EMR Best For?

ModMed EMR is best used in scenarios where medical providers need an efficient way to access patient records quickly and easily while also being able to track data related to population health and cost management.

The platform, further, is recommended for clinicians not used to working on EMR software. It is designed to be user-friendly and intuitive, making it easy for medical staff to make the transition from paper records and other dated data-entry protocols.

Mod Med EMR Cost/Pricing

The pricing figures for ModMed EMR various subscription plans are quite competitive.

Based on the user disclosures carried on various review platforms, the basic plan starts at $197* per feature/one-time, while the more comprehensive ModMed Complete plan is priced at $589* per feature/one-time. 

For those looking for a more comprehensive solution, Mod Med offers its healthcare IT suite which includes Practice Management and Scheduling implementations. This plan is priced according to the specific needs of each organization. 

* Please click on the ‘Get Pricing’ button above to get the latest default/custom plan prices.

ModMed Demo & Trial Offer

The vendor offers free demos and plan trials to help customers make an informed decision about their purchase. 

Please click the ‘Watch Demo’ button above to start screening.

How does Mod Med EMR work?

ModMed EMR is cloud-based; meaning that it works well on just about any fairly-sophisticated electronic device linked to an internet connection and equipped with browser functionality.

Before deploying the system, it’s best to become familiar with the platform and its features. ModMed provides a range of educational guides, white papers, videos, and blog posts to help you understand the system and how it works.

Once you have a good understanding of the platform, you can begin implementation. 

Pro Tip: Consider using ‘ModMed U’, an online educational tool designed to teach the fundamentals of the vendor’s EMA electronic health records system. These self-paced courses include step-by-step instructions on setting up your account and getting started. Additionally, ModMed provides tips, here, on training staff for the EMR jump and implementing their subscription which can be helpful during this process.

Who is Mod Med EMR for?

Medical professionals and settings that can make good use of ModMed EMR include:

  • Specialty physicians 
  • General practitioners
  • Medical administrators
  • Medical staff members

Specifically, the platform is recommended for customized/targeted use in:

  • Allergy Clinics/Settings
  • Dermatology Centers
  • Gastroenterology Centers
  • OBGYN Centers
  • Opthalmology Centers
  • Orthopedics Centers
  • Otolaryngology Centers
  • Pain Management Centers
  • Plastic Surgery Centers
  • Podiatry Centers
  • Urology Centers

ModMed EMR Features

ModMed EMR’s top five features – which pretty much span the length of all its specialty EMR offerings (each modified in important ways to meet the automation needs of specialty clinics, however; with differing protocols built on a common base) – are:

  • Electronic Medical Records (EMR) – EMA EMR & General Interface
    The system provides a comprehensive set of tools to manage patient records, including the ability to store and access patient data quickly and securely.
  • Practice Management
    The platform’s management tools help streamline administrative tasks, such as scheduling appointments, managing billing, and tracking inventory.
  • Revenue Cycle Management 
    ModMed's revenue cycle management tools help ensure accurate and timely payments from insurance companies and other payers.
  • Analytics 
    The in-built analytics tools provide real-time insights into patient care, allowing physicians to make informed decisions about treatment plans and strategies.
  • Patient Engagement Tools
    ModMed's patient engagement tools allow patients to easily access their medical records, schedule appointments and communicate with their healthcare providers with discretion.
What’s included

  • Practice Management Features
  • Patient Engagement Features
  • Telehealth Function
  • Revenue Cycle Management (RCM)
  • ePrescribing
  • Medical Billing
  • Appointment Scheduling
  • Reporting and Analytical Features
  • iOS and Web Platform Support
  • Third-Party Software Integration
  • Value-based Care

How is ModMed different from other EMRs?

Unlike many other EMRs, ModMed is built for practices of all sizes for a variety of specialties including Allergy, Dermatology, ENT, GI, OBGYN, Ophthalmology, Orthopedics, Pain Management, and more (as mentioned). 

Additionally, the platform offers a customer support portal (notable for its own, raving, service reviews) to help users with any questions or issues they may have. This service includes resources such as tutorials and FAQs to help users get the most out of their software.

Is ModMed EMR right for you?

ModMed EMR may be a recommended fit if you:

  • Run a specialty practice
  • Are a busy clinician/medical staffer who requires stellar process automation in narrow, custom, practice settings
  • Require a cost-effective medical software solution with great, reliable customer support

Ultimately, the best way to decide if the subscription is right for your practice is to schedule a demo. 

Alternatively, you could reach out to our friendly customer service team via the helpline number above to learn exactly how Modernizing Medicine could work for your facility.

To further ease your decision, we’ve added a brief subscription pros and cons table below for your consideration.

ModMed EMR Software Features






Patient Portal


Compliance Tracking


Practice Management Software


Patient Demographics


Lab Integration


Employee Management


Appointment Scheduling


Voice Recognition


Mobile App


Telemedicine Software


Appointment Reminders


Reporting and Analytics


Medical Billing Service

Deployment and Support






Web based
















Phone call

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What are the features of ModMed?

ModMed’s basic slew of features includes a dedicated general/specialty practice EMR service, a patient scheduling portal, RCM, and powerful ePrescribing. For the complete list of updated software features, please visit our ‘Modernizing Medicine EMR Features’ page section.

What does ModMed do?

ModMed is an EHR and practice management software (cloud/web-based, SaaS subscription) solution for medical settings – ranging from individual clinics to multi-chain hospitals. It comes highly recommended for specialty medicine centers [see our ‘Who is Modernizing Medicine EMR for?’ section for a succinct list] who require a tailor-made solution to completely automate their workflow; enabling clinicians to spend more time in actual patient treatment rather than system work.

Who founded ModMed?

Daniel Cane founded the company – located at Boca Raton Innovation Campus in Boca Raton, Florida – in 2010.

ModMed EMR Software Pricing

Small Organization

Within Budget

Medium Organization

Within Budget

Large Organization

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ModMed EMR Software reviews

Overall Rating

38 Reviews


ModMed’s solid analytics integration is our clinical productivity hack!

April 2023

Mary J. L. Scott

Heartland Jesuits Shelter, NV

As a volunteer clinician at the Heartland Jesuits Shelter-NV, we were searching for an affordable EHR with the maximum number of patient data-tracking and billing management features available. ModMed has proven to be a solid subscription for these ends. The patient analytics feature is especially good; we’ve increased our tracked revenue from subsidized patient e-payments by 12% over the last quarter – hoping for even better this time.
No major cons.

ModMed is the goods for ophthalmology practices

February 2023

Jacob D. H Jr.

Sight Sacred Clinic, WI

As a state-of-the-art eye clinic in Madison, we needed an affordable EMR service to automate our clinic; frankly because due to staff shortage are rising location overheads, we had to rely on tech to get the job done. ModMed, since we signed up in Jan 2022, hasn’t disappointed for the most part. The patient scheduling feature is the best; we’ve been able to drive a lot of our revenue during COVID with telemedicine on it.
Onboarding was a little difficult at first; it did take us a good two weeks to learn it properly (but it’s paid off, so not a lot to worry about.

Useful functions and user-friendly software

January 2023


Eye M.D. of Niceville

The customer support service of Modernizing Medicine EHR Software is great. It enables us to practice paper free. E-prescribing is HIPAA compliant.
Claim generation has been a bone of contention for our practice. We have identified errors in automatic claims generated through the system.


October 2022


ENT & Allergy

The otolaryngology module explicit to our practice is very much structured and as changes were required, they were done in an ideal way. The system is pretty cool and that is coming from one experience.
At first, the Practice Management side of the product was not comparable to our earlier system, however, after some time, the updates and changes have improved it extraordinarily. I would to thank you for the updates.

Amazing for billing patients

August 2022


Mid Atlantic Plastic Surgery

It is user-friendly software with a lot of templates for reports. You can use it on iPads too. Revenue cycle management is very useful.
There are some issues with connectivity but overall, nothing to worry about.

Wonderful rapidly growing software provider

June 2022


Dermatology Specialists

It is a user-friendly software and I especially love the practice management features. The appointment reminder option is very revolutionary. It works like a charm.
The software does not update in real-time, seldomly.

The best specialty-specific EMA

April 2022


Premier Dermatology LLC

The best EMA for specialty practice in the market. Modernizing Medicine has specifically designed its software to provide all the features that would make our day-to-day working experience ten times better and easier. It prioritizes the needs of the patients and clinicians. The platform is so easy to navigate and simple to work with. The support staff is very helpful, kind, and knowledgeable. There are different modules that integrate seamlessly with the EMA, such as patient portal, diagnostics, practice management, billing, etc. The companys pro-activity and responsiveness set them apart from any competitor on the market.
The office has to make adjustments and increase its workflow to come together in cooperation with the system’s speed.

Modernizing Medicine

March 2022


Health, Wellness and Fitness

Their software updates are regular and iron out any issues that pop up, which is great.
Creating notes can be a bit cumbersome and some more customization options are needed.

The best option for ophthalmologists

February 2022


Alan R Malouf MD

We have received excellent support from them over the years now. It is user friendly and helps transcribe notes. They have a web and app version which makes things easier.
No real issues to report at this moment.

Best option out there

November 2021


Alan E Gorenberg MD

We are able to chart with accuracy and speed that it allows us to see more patients every day. The tech support is great and they roll out updates almost every month.
It might seem intimidating because of the long learning curve

EMR Review

July 2021


Practice Manager

This software is really easy to use and due to this our staff and doctors are very satisfied with the software. We also love that we receive continuous updates from the software. The client support is also very helpful.
The program is a bit expensive but its worth the price.


April 2021


Paul Medical Center

It has the potential to become a good software for dermatology practices.
The communication channels are not defined and customer service is very poor. They do not care about small practices at all.

Best product

March 2021


21st century dermatology

EHR is incredible. They keep you informed and are continuously up to date with all modern and vital data that relates to your practice. They are putting webinars out there so many alternatives for preparing and information issues.
When an issue emerges, in some cases you cannot reach somebody specifically, and sending off a mail isnt always helpful.

Poor Customer Service

March 2021


Health, Wellness and Fitness

Their marketing is pretty good. Quite impressive.
I dont recommend this at all. It is expensive and the support line also doesnt pick up. Many of the features also dont work well.

Unsatisfactory Customer Service

February 2021


Health, Wellness and Fitness

Its just that I like the marketing material available.
It has a poor customer service as no support or assistance is provided and also it is very expensive to use this EHR

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