Epic EMR Software

What Is Epic Software? 


Epic software, a product of Epic Systems Corporation, is a cloud-based electronic medical record designed for healthcare systems. It facilitates seamless interdisciplinary collaboration among care teams. The software offers several features to enhance patient engagement, including revenue cycle management, patient charts, and more.

The software centralizes complex electronic medical records, enabling clinicians to deliver exceptional patient care with enhanced effectiveness and efficiency.

What Is Epic Software Best For?  

Epic EMR software is renowned for its user-friendly interface. Its intuitive design and navigation make it highly accessible and easy to use for several healthcare providers, regardless of their technical expertise. The platform's emphasis on user-friendliness greatly contributes to a positive Epic EMR software rating.

Epic Software Pricing 

Pricing depends on the needs and size of your healthcare organization. Please click Get Pricing for a custom quote. 

Epic Software Integrations

The software integrates with the following third-party applications: 

  • Iguana 
  • MyChart 
  • Avatier Identity Anywhere 
  • Ambara Health 
  • Artera 

How Does Epic Software Work? 

Here's how you can navigate the dashboard and make use of the software's features: 

  • Log in and access the dashboard 
  • Set up user accounts and assign appropriate roles and permissions  
  • Customize the software to align with your organization's specific requirements by configuring settings, templates, and preferences 
  • Establish clear documentation and communication channels to resolve any issues encountered during the initial setup phase 
  • Enter patient data to ensure the accuracy and completeness of the information 
  • Create and configure patient schedules, appointments, and encounters to manage patient workflows 
  • Implement relevant modules and features, such as electronic health records, billing, medication management, or laboratory integration 
  • Collaborate with key stakeholders, including clinicians, administrators, and IT staff, to optimize workflows 

You can also schedule a free Epic EMR demo and learn more about its functionalities.

Who Is Epic Software For?  

The software is designed for medical schools and healthcare organizations of all sizes, including independent practices and large hospital systems. The following medical specialists use the software: 

  • Oncologists 
  • Physicians 
  • Mental health professionals 

Additionally, the Epic EMR system is also used by the following: 

  • Ambulatory care 
  • Multi-specialty groups 
  • Rehab centers 
  • Transitional care 
  • Hospice care 
  • Retail clinics 

Epic Software Features 

The software offers a plethora of core EHR features; however, some noteworthy features are as follows: 

  • Revenue Cycle Management 

This functionality improves financial data management and billing systems within healthcare organizations. With the Epic EMR system, medical practices can automate revenue cycle processes to minimize paper records. Additionally, the platform offers online patient payments option to facilitate collection.

  • Schedule Appointments

Healthcare professionals can efficiently manage patient information using this feature. Medical providers can schedule and prepare for appointments, eliminating phone calls and front desk check-ins. The online check-in and automatic notifications inform users of earlier available appointments, enhancing the overall patient experience.  

  • Self-Service Portal 

Epic enhances patient engagement by providing access to medical records and personal data. It facilitates seamless communication between patients and healthcare professionals. The software fosters collaboration and empowers users to take control of their healthcare information. 

  • Reporting And Analytics 

The EMR empowers medical practitioners to leverage patient data and unlock valuable insights. It allows healthcare organizations to generate comprehensive reports on medical and patient records for improved patient care. 

Additionally, Epic provides clinicians with analytics tools to gain valuable insights from a patient’s medical history, enabling them to make informed decisions about treatments. It allows practitioners to identify trends, patterns, and outcomes, leading to data-driven strategies within the healthcare system. 

  • Charting 

This functionality is an important component of the software’s practice management capabilities. It enables healthcare providers to document and manage patient history and data. The software allows practitioners to create detailed electronic health records that accurately capture patient information, diagnoses, treatments, and outcomes.

  • Practice Management 

The practice management feature optimizes operations. Medical practitioners can handle tasks such as managing prescription refills using comprehensive practice management tools. Epic EMR software promotes patient engagement by enabling seamless communication and access to their medical data. It enables a smooth workflow as users can access patient data regardless of location. 

Learn more about Epic EHR features by watching a free Epic demo

Is Epic Software Right For You? 

If you are looking for a cloud-based EHR software to facilitate communication among care teams, then Epic might be the right choice. With its Meaningful Use  Stages 1 & 2 certification, it facilitates seamless interdisciplinary collaboration among care teams and can serve as a management software for your practice as well. 

Furthermore, Epic EMR software is ONC certified and HIPAA compliant. It protects patient data, maintains confidentiality, and upholds privacy regulations. Additionally, the EMR system is highly scalable. It is designed for healthcare organizations of all sizes, including private practices and large hospitals.

Upgrade your medical organization’s collaboration skills with Epic EHR software. Contact our customer support representatives at (661) 384-7070 if you have any software-related queries. They will answer all your concerns and help you analyze if Epic EMR is the right choice for your healthcare organization.  

Epic Software Pricing Plans 

Epic EMR pricing depends on your healthcare organization's size and requirements.

Epic EMR Software Features






Patient Portal


Compliance Tracking


Practice Management Software


Patient Demographics


Lab Integration


Employee Management


Appointment Scheduling


Voice Recognition


Mobile App


Telemedicine Software


Appointment Reminders


Reporting and Analytics


Medical Billing Service

Deployment and Support






Web based
















Phone call

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Does Epic EHR have an app?

Yes, the software has an app.

Does Epic electronic medical record software support mobile devices?

Epic EMR software supports all iOS and Android mobile devices.

How much does Epic software cost?

Epic EHR cost depends on your medical organization’s size and needs. Please click Get Pricing for a personalized pricing quote.

What are the main features of Epic software?

Epic’s core EHR system features include revenue cycle management, charting, patient portal, reporting and analytics, and appointment scheduling. As far as EMR systems go, this particular software offers good value for your money.

What languages does Epic EHR software support?

Epic EHR by Epic Systems supports Danish, Dutch, English, Finnish, and Spanish.

What level of customer support does Epic software offer?

The software offers several customer support options: chat, email, help desk, and phone.

What other apps does Epic software integrate with?

The software integrates with several third-party applications, including Iguana, MyChart, Avatier Identity Anywhere, Ambara Health, and Artera.

Who are the typical users of Epic EMR software?

Ambulatory, rehab centers, hospice care, and retail clinics use Epic EMR. Other healthcare providers who use the software include physicians and oncologists.

Epic EMR Software Pricing

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Large Organization

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Epic EMR Software reviews

Overall Rating

92 Reviews


Go-To EMR for our clinics chain

April 2023

Rod M.

Mountainwest Clinics, IL

Subscribing to EpicCare in late 2021 was the best choice we made for our IL chain of clinics, which all work on a centralized EHR system. No service lags or missing features. Complex patient charting and billing are a breeze!
A bit expensive but totally worth it (we got a good deal recommendation through Software Finder’s reps).

Solid choice for OB-GYN centers/clinics

February 2023

Caroline B. Z.

State Maternity Clinic, OH

Epic is the top EHR choice in our book for OB-GYN patient-record taking and interdisciplinary history transfers. It delivers – whether we’re working on an emergency case or regular, out-patient, checkups; completely minimizing the need for manual entries.
Default plans are expensive; see if you can get a custom pricing arrangement for your practice (saves a TON in monthly charges).

The most comprehensive EMR - period; requires a lot in payment.

January 2023

Jeremiah P.

Healthbridges, CA

If you’ve got a decent budget and an appetite for securing the best EMR on the market, don’t look beyond EpicCare. It covers all the clinical workflow basics/bases and makes room for more!
The system can be ridiculously expensive, so smaller practices might want to look to other vendors. But if you’re a hospital chain or a specialty clinic that can afford the dollars, go for it.

Best for Hospitals

November 2022


Travel Nurse Across America

I have worked in several hospitals across America since I was a travel nurse. I have seen that most of them use EpicCare EMR and the PM systems. Out of the others I have used so far, I found EpicCare to be the easiest one. Its customizable and charting takes very little effort as well as time. The lab integration is fantastic.
We should be able to enlarge the readings so that all the information is being accessed and read at the same time on the same page.

An Amazing EPIC experience

October 2022


Providence Medford Medical Center

EpicCare is complex yet simplistic, but only in the best way. The system offers a wide number of functionalities. The good thing about Epic is that if one user is working on or reviewing a chart, it locks out anyone else from accessing it until that user has left that chart. Duplicating and merging different clients is easily done. The system, as a whole, is very well organized and easy to get acquainted with. Even the downtime procedure seems simple once learned.
Cannot think of anything I do not like about it. The system works wonders in all its roles for all fields.

Outstanding software

September 2022

James W

Practice Supervisor

We have used EPIC for years and I can safely say that it has been nothing but a blessing for us. Awesome reporting features along with other features as well.
It can get tricky sometimes in the start but overall it is great and we would highly recommend it.

High Quality Product.

September 2022


Grand Rounds

EpicCare EMR software is excellent that one can find. It is of great quality. It is easy to use. For easy charting, there are many quick and easy shortcuts. It can be integrated with systems as well.
The training and the system itself are quite overwhelming at first. Onsite training would highly be recommended by me.

On-point patient care and order tracking

September 2022

Chris G.

Hospital & Healthcare

I appreciate how flexible the EpicCare EMR is with tons of customization options, both in terms of UI and features. Additionally, it keeps track of your most recent orders, making it simple to reorder. It has easily been a real upgrade from our last EMR/EHR.
It offers an excellent search feature, but it still needs some improvements. And they update very frequently, which disrupts our normal work routine. They should collect a bunch of features and release a cumulative update package at fixed intervals.

Looking forward to using it for years

July 2022


Owensboro Health Regional Hospital

EpicCare EMR has a clean interface with well-designed menus. You can access the complete medical history of your patients with just one click. There are no major glitches or bugs that we came across.
They should introduce a chat option too in this software.

An excellent software

May 2022


Ensemble Health

My experience has been a very positive one. I recommend it to everyone because of its user-friendliness and intuitive design. Very impressive work.
Not much to say about the cons because it is so user-friendly and we love it.

It is epic

May 2022


WVU Medicine

I have had a very good experience. The interface is really simple and easier to maneuver. The doctors and administrators of the hospital have had no issues. Their jobs are easier than ever.
It was very overwhelming at first when we saw all the features.

A great EMR

May 2022


Medical Practice

EpicCare EMR software is Easy to use and understand. Everything is put together in an organized manner and EpicCare has made our work easier for us as a lot of time is saved by working on this and there is more than a single way to perform different tasks.
People who already struggle with technology find it super difficult to use and it usually takes more time than expected to load things or requires many clicks to open any required file.

Effective and easy to use

May 2022


Bostons Children Hospital

It is indeed a simple platform with an abundance of customization options and features. The schedule can be organized according to the demographics which makes the workflow speedy. You can create charts in different formats.
The difference between the doctors and administrators versions of the software is ambiguous.

Great option for healthcare

April 2022


Morning Dew Skin Specialist

It is very easy to navigate and you can organize the charts into different features. You can decide what you want to keep and discard along with what you want to change.
There are a few tiny improvements needed here and there and then it would be perfect.

It was great when I used it

April 2021


MHC Medical Products

It worked well and it was easy to input information. They designed it with the end-user in mind and it had the best interface out of all the software I have seen.
The learning curve was quite steep.

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