Patagonia Health EHR Software

What is Patagonia Health? 


Patagonia Health EHR is an integrated cloud- and app-based solution for healthcare organizations across mental health, behavioral health, and substance abuse treatment services. As one of the largest software solution vendors, it includes federally certified practice management, EHR, and billing software. Patagonia EMR ensures modern-day patient care by providing client-driven and cost-effective products. Their EHR solution is easy to use and aims to streamline daily operations, increase efficiency, and improve workflows to enhance the user experience. 

The platform is not only integrated with advanced technology, but it is also ONC-ACB certified. Patagonia EHR offers top-of-the-line healthcare features, including case management, assessments, treatment plans, group notes, e-prescribing, clinical quality measures, and progress notes. The data in the system follows a golden thread, where users enter data only once and it is conveyed throughout the entire system. 

It has advanced features like making appointments, planning treatments, keeping track of patients' adherence, and writing prescriptions electronically to help healthcare providers take better care of their patients. 

What is Patagonia Health Best For? 

Patagonia Health is best known for its all-inclusive approach to EHRs and practice management. The platform is designed to streamline the workflow of healthcare providers, allowing them to easily manage patient information, appointments, billing, and more. It also has things like telemedicine, patient portals, and appointment reminders to help patients get involved and talk to each other better. 

Patagonia EHR seeks to address major barriers to EHR adoption, such as cost and usability, as well as assist customers with billing. The solution is easy to organize and learn. It streamlines operations, improves workflows, and boosts efficiency to provide better client experiences. 

With Patagonia EMR, providers can easily send automated appointment reminders and interact with their patients. Additionally, the system offers a wide range of EHR templates that can be customized to meet the needs of individual users. Overall, it is an all-in-one solution for doctors and nurses who want to improve the efficiency and care of their practice. 

Patagonia EMR Pricing 

Patagonia Health follows a subscription-based pricing model. However, the vendor does not share their pricing details publicly. 

We can provide you with a customized quote that considers your unique needs. Please reach out to us to receive a pricing list tailored to your healthcare organization's requirements. 

How does Patagonia Health work? 

You can get started with Patagonia EMR by subscribing to its software-as-a-service solution. It works on the cloud, so you don't have to install any software on your computer to use it. 

To access the software, each user's desktop or laptop must have: 

  • high-speed internet connectivity 
  • Windows (Vista, 7, or 8) 
  • a PDF viewer, such as Adobe Reader 
  • the latest version of the Mozilla Firefox browser 
  • Adobe Flash to view built-in videos 
  • and Microsoft Silverlight (if documents need to be uploaded). 

Patagonia Health also provides a wide range of interfaces for connecting to community providers, such as labs, hospitals, pharmacies, and health information exchanges. The vendor also gives users a lot of ways to learn how to use the software well, such as a detailed user guide, video tutorials, and a blog with tips and tricks. 

Who is Patagonia Health for? 

Patagonia Health software is an EHR solution designed for healthcare providers, such as doctors, nurses, and other medical practitioners. It is a cloud-based solution that lets healthcare providers get to and manage electronic patient data. 

Typical users of Patagonia Health software include: 

  • small- to medium-sized medical practices 
  • public health departments 
  • hospitals and clinics 
  • and specialty providers, such as mental and behavioral health practitioners. 

Patagonia Health Features 

Here are some of the key features that Patagonia Health EHR offers: 

  • Appointment Scheduling 
    Patagonia Health's appointment scheduling feature allows healthcare providers to easily manage their schedules and book appointments online. It provides a user-friendly interface that lets them quickly view their availability and schedule appointments for their patients. Practitioners can also send automated appointment reminders, reducing no-shows and increasing patient engagement. 
  • Claims Management 
    The claims management feature streamlines the claims submission process and helps providers get paid faster. It includes tools for creating and submitting claims electronically, checking the status of claims, and tracking payments. It also comes with a denial management system that makes it easy for providers to find and fix rejected claims quickly. 
  • E-Prescribing 
    Healthcare providers can easily and securely send prescriptions to pharmacies electronically. The application includes a drug database that helps physicians ensure prescription accuracy. It also allows for real-time drug-drug and drug-allergy checking, so users can identify potential interactions. 
  • Medical Billing 
    Patagonia EHR offers a comprehensive suite of billing features that help users manage patient billing, insurance claims, and payments. It speeds up the whole revenue cycle by automating tasks like submitting claims, keeping track of insurance claims, and posting payments. 
  • Assessment and Counseling Tools 
    The software’s assessment and counseling tools are designed to help clinicians spend more time providing quality care. It includes a wide range of tools that help users quickly and easily document patient encounters and assessments. Providers can also track patient progress, record clinical notes, and set goals. 

Is Patagonia Health Right for You? 

Patagonia Health is an integrated medical software designed to enhance the delivery of care for healthcare providers. Its cloud-based platform makes it easy for providers to access and manage patient information, streamline the care process, and improve the overall efficiency of the practice. 

Many users appreciate the platform for its user-friendly interface, reliability, and efficiency. The vendor offers a comprehensive suite of features, including counseling tools and screening options that assist clinicians in delivering high-quality patient care. Additionally, it facilitates communication between doctors and patients through automated reminders, real-time messaging, and other patient engagement features. 

Overall, Patagonia EMR stands out as a top-of-the-line electronic health record solution for healthcare organizations. It gives doctors high-tech tools that help them give high-quality care to their patients, streamline administrative tasks, and improve the revenue cycle. 

Patagonia Health Pricing 

Patagonia Health is available on a subscription-based pricing model. Please contact us for a customized pricing guide. 

Patagonia Health EHR Software Features






Patient Portal


Compliance Tracking


Practice Management Software


Patient Demographics


Lab Integration


Employee Management


Appointment Scheduling


Voice Recognition


Mobile App


Telemedicine Software


Appointment Reminders


Reporting and Analytics


Medical Billing Service


  • Ease of Use: Patagonia Health’s user-friendly interface enables healthcare professionals to access and input patient information. This makes it quick and effortless to update patient records, schedule appointments, and access important information.
  • Customizable: The software allows for customization to meet the specific needs of a practice or clinic. This includes the ability to make custom forms and templates for patient intake, medical histories, and treatment plans.
  • Comprehensive Billing Tools: It offers a range of billing tools that allow users to easily manage claims, create invoices, and track payments. These tools streamline the billing process and improve overall efficiency.
  • Data Security: Patagonia Health software uses industry-standard security measures to protect patient information and ensure compliance with regulations such as HIPAA. It ensures patient information confidentiality and is only accessible by authorized personnel.
  • Integrations: The app integrates with other systems, such as EHRs, billing tools, and lab systems. It also includes an API interface that supports additional integrations with third-party software.
  • Customer Support: Patagonia EMR offers unlimited, free customer support. You can send a message to Patagonia Health’s support team while accessing the EHR and get a prompt response.


  • Slow Performance: Patagonia Health Software may lag or perform slowly, which can make it harder to get work done.
  • Cost: The solution can be expensive, particularly for small practices or clinics. The cost of the software, along with the cost of implementation and training, may be a significant investment for some organizations.
  • Technical Support: Some users have reported difficulty getting technical support from Patagonia Health when issues arise with the software. This can be a huge problem, especially for practices or clinics that use the software a lot to run their day-to-day business.
  • Limited Functionality: Patagonia Health software may not have all the features and functions that some practices or clinics require. This can be a problem for organizations that need specialized features, like telemedicine or tools for reporting.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Does Patagonia Health offer an API?

Yes, the Patagonia Health EHR does offer API integrations.

Does the Patagonia Health EHR software support mobile devices?

Yes, Patagonia Health EHR software does work on mobile devices.

What level of user support does the Patagonia Health EHR offer?

The main support options include phone and email chat facilitation along with online resources like FAQs, videos, and guides.

Who are the typical users of the Patagonia Health EHR Software?

Patagonia Health EHR is used by large number of hospitals, clinics, nurses, and other medical staff.

Patagonia Health EHR Software Pricing

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Medium Organization

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Large Organization

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Patagonia Health EHR Software reviews

Overall Rating

11 Reviews


Logical and Supportive EHR System

June 2023


Hospital & Health Care

As someone new to the world of insurance and medical billing, I found Patagonia to be a logical and easily understandable software. Despite our small health department, the functionality of Patagonia Health (referred to as a "Cadillac" EHR system) proved to be invaluable. The support team was exceptional, providing guidance and assistance that was vital to my role. The Patagonia billing consultant was an outstanding teacher and resource. I also appreciate the continuous improvements, such as displaying the remaining balance when posting payments.
Recently, I have encountered a slight issue with Patagonia Healths support. While previously I had no trouble reaching them by phone, now they can only be contacted through "support tickets." This approach is less than satisfactory, especially when trying to explain complex issues. Additionally, the level of support has felt less responsive and somewhat distant, which has been a slight disappointment after six years of using the system.

User-Friendly with a Small Request

June 2023



I find Patagonia to be extremely user-friendly, and the overall flow of the software is simple to teach to new employees.
One feature that I would greatly appreciate is the ability to copy household information to set up profiles for other family members. The check-in process can become time-consuming when multiple children from the same family have consecutive appointments, requiring the creation or update of their profiles.

Public Health Nurse Perspective

May 2023


Hospital & Health Care

From the perspective of a seasoned nurse, I initially had concerns about transitioning to an electronic health record (EHR) system. However, after getting acquainted with the software, I discovered that the documentation process became much easier and more efficient. I appreciate the systems user-friendly interface, which allows me to locate any necessary information and make comments as needed. Additionally, the reporting capabilities for inventory management, tracking, quality improvement initiatives, and accessing records have been highly beneficial. Moreover, the legibility of all documentation is a significant advantage.
One drawback I have encountered is that our specific activities in public health are not accurately represented in the "Assessment" and "Plans" features. As a result, we often have to select options that are only somewhat relevant, which can be frustrating. This limitation is observed on a daily basis and has room for improvement.

Helps you keeping your workflow seamless.

May 2022


Psychiatry Consulting Services

The prescribing software is easy to use and very efficient. This software made sure that my daily clinical work process was seamless. I would recommend it to everyone!
I wish the manual for the medical records portion was more detailed.

5 star rating for this software!

April 2022


Brenart Eye Clinic

It is easy to use and as long as you go in through the patient chart it shows in their medication list. Also, they notify you when the pharmacy requests a refill.
Nothing that bothers me so far.

Perfect scheduler!

March 2022


Invo Healthcare

I love using timesheets and my favorite feature is converting sessions. Easy to use, self-explanatory, and very reliable. Easy to find the calendar for scheduling. An impressive software.
The system freezes occasionally but all in all, it is a good software.

Smooth system

March 2021


Cedar Ridge

I like the ease of use with everything being within a click. I think that the paper work itself is easy to use and user friendly with the calendar being connected to the clients chart. So far, I have had a pleasant experience.
I dont like that you have to close out of a form to go to the Calendar.

Recommended software!

March 2021



It is by far one of the best EHR out there. It does have some great functionality and is user-friendly after a while. Clean design and great shortcut utilities.
i would recommend this program over any other.

Up to my expectations!

March 2021


Consistent Care Services

Reminder emails and ability to change frequency of them are my favorite. Tracking of Transcripts and Contracts is easy. Customer support team far exceeds any of my expectations.
I have not found anything that I would change in the software so far.

Unlimited support is available!

March 2021


Goyal MedPsych Inc.

It is cloud and app-based software which makes it highly accessible. Their clients rapidly increased due to improved functionality and it being a cost effective solution. It manages and solves billing problems like a pro! Their customer service is always on the go and provides solutions without any additional charges.
There is nothing to dislike about this software. Their team ensures quality care and gives exceptional client experience.

Great features

September 2020


Medicial biller

Its features has made our work very easy. Our productivity has increased rapidly and love how its so simple to manage.
I didnt like the customer service. Couldnt really understand them.

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Call us at

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