Really Simple Systems CRM Software

Really Simple is an all-in-one marketing, sales, and customer service/CRM solution for small to mid-sized businesses. The digital platform helps users manage and track leads and customers to drive business growth. Really Simple Systems CRM Software offers robust CRM functionalities to enable productivity and help teams build stronger relationships, save time, and grow their business. Organizations can easily integrate it with various custom-built CRMs and third-party solutions to simplify work and enhance functionality.

This cloud-based CRM and marketing solution allows users to send emails and build campaigns directly from the system, using data-driven insights to personalize consumer interactions. Business users can capture new leads from their website and assign them to their sales staff to follow up. The software helps small business owners and teams work smarter by tracking the opportunities, leads, and value of closed deals. Key offerings of the Really Simple Systems software include pipeline management, email integration, marketing automation, lead management, email marketing, and more. 
Further, the application includes an extensive range of self-service resources, enabling businesses to get the most from their CRM.

Really Simple Systems CRM Software

Campaign Management

Really Simple cloud-based CRM software comes with a powerful campaign management module that allows users to create multiple marketing campaigns, run them directly from the dashboard, track their success, and generate multiple segments for automated campaigns.

Marketing Automation

Really Simple Systems' all-inclusive sales, marketing, customer solution offers a robust marketing automation platform designed to help businesses generate more leads and personalize the customer journey. It triggers workflows and processes new leads by integrating the business website with its sales and campaigns components. Moreover, the software supports alerts for email drip campaigns and sales follow-ups.

Contact Management 

The app provides a birds-eye-view for prospects and customer interactions and profiling. Its contact management functionality only takes a few minutes to create a detailed profile, import all of a business’ contacts, and track all of the interactions with them. This offering also includes a summary timeline to track calls, emails, notes, and documents.

Really Simple Systems Pricing

The Really Simple Systems cost structure is based on a subscription-based model. It’s free to use for up to 2 Users and 100 Accounts.

The Really Simple Systems pricing for the vendor’s Starter plan starts at $14 per month per user (paid annually) or $18 per month per user (paid monthly). For users with more complex needs, the vendor offers various flexible packages (Professional & Enterprise), all of which offer great value against the committed currency. You can contact the company for more details.

Really Simple Systems Demo

You can evaluate Really Simple Systems’ functionalities in real-time by simply scheduling a demo (click the corresponding button above/on this page). A comprehensive Really Simple Systems Demo will let you check out the product in a more detailed manner and see how it benefits your business.

Really Simple Systems Reviews

Really Simple Systems has received great user satisfaction ratings over the years. The software is appreciated by users for its wealth of customer service and marketing features, intuitive interface, and highly responsive customer support.

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Really Simple Systems is an enterprise-grade solution that streamlines sales, marketing, and services efforts for seamless business functionality.

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